Wet Again !

Collared and under the control - living by the rules set, under `The Code of Behaviour` - as written by my Owner - agreed and signed by me. Of course , submission to a Higher Power, is something that cannot be turned on and off like a tap. i believe Sir, i was registered - both with the local council as His bitch and with the Slave Authority. For attached to my collar was a silver tag with a long number written as a `bar code`. Plus the plastic council tag. i was made sometimes to wear a diaper, when away from home. i think He enjoyed my humiliation when i wet myself, as i was plied with drinks at a party. At different times without warning, He would produce a pacifier from His pocket - if i was to act like a child - then i would be treated as one ! Instructed to suck hard on it (pretend it was `His lollipop`) - if He could easily pull the pacifier from my mouth, He wouldst know i was not concentrating on my practise..A gentle yet firm type of gag - to keep me quiet, stop me from speaking.

Correction took many forms - re : every outing He would tell me where we were going and how i was expected to behave. i always was excited to be seen in public with Him. Soon forgetting His instructions, as i chatted to those around me. ZIP !! . Quickly i was brought to heel, for the `worm` He had implanted into my `honey-pouch`, before we had left the house - was suddenly activated - (He had the remote in His pocket). Now it was wriggling, twisting, turning, jiggling inside of me ! Whimpers brought His Smiles - (as He continued to talk with His friends or associates). It is so so hard Sir, to sit still on a chair at a table, in public - when there is a fidgeting, wriggling thing inside my sensitive honey-pouch - fast bringing me to a climax and i know without a doubt - it wilt be a `fit` of high strength and there is not a thing i can do to stop it ! i know i must have good manners, i know i should make polite conversation, i know i must sit quietly as others speak or not to me - - but how can i do this when i am getting dizzy and everything around me is spinning faster and faster ?? The world goes dark and i come, wave over wave after wave, each climax longer and stronger than the one before ! i am `fitting` on a grand scale ! i have wet myself, again !

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