My PE instructor at college

I used to have a PE and fitness instructor at the Sports College I was enrolled in. He was 40 years old, buffed, good looking and I was 18, feminine tgirl fresh out of high school with big dreams of becoming fitness assistant at a gym. Mr J. wears rugby shorts to every class and without fail you can always see his bulge through his shorts. One day he asked me to help him return all the equipment to the storage room. The room is full of equipment and I had to walk past him to put the equipment away. As I walked past him to put some witches hats on the shelf I accidentally brushed my hand against his bulge. I apologised and he said 'don't worry about it'. I brushed against him again for the second time but this time I felt his cock was a bit harder then before. When i walked past him the third time, he held my hand and told me to pick a ball off the floor. So I bent down to pick up the ball which is on the ground in between his legs. As I looked up to give him the ball, he had his massive cock out and said to me - "you can't just make this hard and do nothing about it". He grabbed my face by my chin and moved it closer to his cock and he told me to open my mouth, pull my tongue out and lick his shaft, head and balls. He told me lick the lick the precum off his knob and he wiped it all over my lips. He grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed it down his cock. He moved my head up and down the length of this shaft. He pushed my head so far down his cock that I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. I loved it when he would shoot his cum deep down my throat. After wards, I became Mr J cock sucking slut. After class, he would always ask me to put away the equipment. One day he asked me to come to class wearing ladies g string. So i did. When we were in the storage room after I sucked his cock, he pushed me against the wall told me he would fuck my ass. I told him I have never been fucked in my ass before. He said to me "You are mine now” Mr J fucked for 2 years while I was doing his course. When he is really horny he would fuck me at least 6 times a day. Even though Mr J is now married with 2 kids, he still contacts me for a fuck.

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