My first black man my first BBC

It is said every woman has a black man fantasy and every woman would like that extra inch... if only to see how far she can go....

How true that is for women, I guess they only know. I can tell you this however, It was a fantasy of mine once.... this is the story of how I realised that fantasy...

This was 30 years ago. In those days there were what they called Blue Movie venues around town, most of them in the Cross. They showed 16mm film movies often silent ones, some of them showed VHS movies.. It was standing room only in those places.

In any case it was early summer late spring, I can’t remember exactly but I went to one of those venues in the cross and was standing there watching the reels. We were packed like sardines. I was sure I was not the only one with a hard on. That was confirmed when this guy behind me suddenly got pressed against me as someone went past him.

Sorry, he said. That’s alright I said as I turned around to look at him…. I couldn’t help but look down. He noticed my little perv and smiled. I quickly turned around towards the screen and said nothing. The next thing, I felt his fingers touching mine… I didn’t move my hand away. He took my hand and put it on his cock… it was as hard as a steel rod. I felt for the shape and length of it… thick enough, long enough…

As I was doing that he was feeling my ass and tracing my knickers with his fingers. I was wearing a silky pair and he was enjoying rubbing my track pants on them… Then I felt another hand touching my ass… I looked to my left and this big guy was smiling at me. I felt for his dick and it too was hard….

I figured, what the hell, he saw my ass being felt up, and he felt free to join in so I thought , why not, I want to feel his cock up too.

The first guy grabbed me by the arm and made me half turn… he signalled with his head, let’s go. With that, he turned around and started walking out. I followed him.

We’re staying at that hotel around by the fountain he said….That’s when I noticed the second guy following us. Want to join us, he asked. Sure…. What else could I say…

On the way to the hotel, I asked about their accents, sailors from the USS Missouri. They were visiting Sydney with their ship.

We walked into the room and I was offered drinks or a Jay, as they called it. I ended up having both…. Chit chat about nothing much followed whilst we were having the jay and then they got up and pulled their pants down. Two beautiful cocks sprung out about 7” to 8” each. Come here, they beckoned, lose the pants. I did as told and walked in my pink knickers to where they were sitting on a two-seater lounge. I remember as though I was hearing it now… One of the guys started laughing and yelled out. “God damn, this bitch is hot!”

Soon I was sniffing uppers , as they referred to amyl, and sucking those cocks on my knees and having a great time. One of them got up and came back with a bottle of baby oil and poured loads of it all over my knickers and started to rub my cheeks making everything wet with the oil.

He soon found his way between my cheeks with his fingers. he pulled my knickers aside and stuck two fingers in my hole. He proceeded to finger fuck my hole and making me loose. I felt him use some force to open me up and then felt the oil being squirted into my hole...

This pussy is wet and ready, boy, he told the guy whose cock I had in my mouth. With that, he pilled his cock from my grip, stood up and got behind me. The other guy took his place on the couch pulled my head to his cock, filling my mouth with an almost hard cock. I began to suck him and it took seconds before he was as hard as I'd felt him in the blue movie venue.

The other guy put a bottle of amyl up to my face and told me to take a few big snorts. I did as told. It took a couple of seconds for the amyl to hit and I felt his cock at my hole. I moaned and jutted my butt up to invite him in.

He was inside me in one thrust and that made me moan hard. The moan was muffled by the cock inside my mouth, however. He stayed still for a few moments before he began to fuck me. Slowly at first and them a little faster. He fucked me for just for a couple of minutes, then he pulled out.

That's a sweet pussy, man. Come over and fuck this bitch, she loves it. The other guy got behind me and entered me in the same fashion as the first but this time my moan was one of pleasure. He was fucking me like he wanted to hurt me, single hard strokes, the full length of his cock. Each time a moan escaped my throat.

They were taking turns to fuck me and getting sucked when I heard the door being opened. I had a hold of a cock and never let go as I looked around. The guy fucking me never missed a stroke.

There, standing at the door was this thick set black guy, just under 6’ tall. The thing that struck me were his massive arms.

Whoa!. That looks like fun, he said. Don’t stop on my account. I’m going to take a shower. I noticed that he looked sweaty, he’d been for a run or the gym or something.

The guys doing me took him at his word and kept at me. I was glad they did because I was having a great time.

I guess the guy in the shower had been in there about ten minutes or so. By the time he came back out we’d stopped for a rest…. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. Sam, his name was, went to the bar and got a beer then came back to sit on the single seater I was sitting on when I first arrived. You guys, finished, he asked. Oh no, just waiting for the man, one of the guys said. Hey Miguelita, why don’t you go say hello to our friend Sam? the other guy said, he’s got a surprise for you. They all laughed.

I walked over to Sam and he opened his towel. I’d never seen a cock that big. It was 9” if it was one but the most impressive thing was how thick it was. He grabbed my head and pushed it down to his cock. It wasn’t fully erect so I started sucking it, licking it and playing with it with my hands. It was a most impressive cock.

As I was doing that one of the guys got behind me and started fucking me again. Grease that ass up, boys, I want it wet like a pussy so I can fit Henry in, Sam said. The boys fucked me hard, there were slapping sounds loud enough to be heard down the hallway, I thought.

After a while both of them came inside me and I was dripping cum. She’s ready, man, tear that ass up. With that Sam got up, got behind me and just about lifted me onto the couch on my knees. He grabbed my hips and pulled them up to his height and then I felt his huge mushroom push and then slip in with all that cum acting as his lube. It took my breath away. Fuck! Was all I could say.

He slid in slowly until he was all in and hitting parts that had never been hit before. He stayed there for a little while before he started stroking back and forth. It didn’t take long for him to start fucking me with more force and making me moan so loud I almost cried. Every now and then he’d hit deep inside me and I couldn’t help but scream out. He’d then fuck me not as deep and it was heaven, a very painful heaven.

I’d been dripping cum all through him fucking me but all of a sudden I started to orgasm. I shuddered uncontrollably, and was whimpering as I kept on having an orgasm that just wouldn’t stop…. He stayed deep inside me whilst all this was going on. When I finished, I wanted him to pull out, I was in pain but he held me there and himself inside me. Quick short little strokes followed and soon he was cumming. When he started to, he fucked me hard and I was in absolute agony…. And so I remained for the next couple of days….

That was my first black man and my first cock that was over 8”, and that thick.

Alas they were in port for only three days and never saw them again. I’ve often thought about going to The Castro in San Francisco walking into a sauna and offering my pussy to any black man with a big cock I saw… Such sweet memories.

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