Anticipated Heaven

Friday night...we were doing our usual search for a couple to play with. We had had our eye on a sexy couple who were very close by for a few days now. We had fucked, sucked and wanked in our filthy minds plenty of times. Finally we had made contact. The night was on. We arrived at their reasonably early, after all we were planning for a marathon session. We knocked anxiously on thedoor. We were greeted by D & T. We hit it off instantly. Our fuck me eyes were fixed on their fuck me eyes. We decided to watch some porn and even hot home vids they had made. It brought the horny fire in our bellies even more hotter. The girls started going to town on each other licking and poking and prodding each others sopping pussies. This made us boys rock hard and we had to get involved. The girls began sucking and sliding their hot mouths up and down our thick shafts. We returned the favour, flicking our tongues like 2 crazed serpents on their now swollen clits. The girls were inching for our bulging meat to slide into their tight moist snatches. We all began to fuck in a steady rhythm, we were all in a sexy ensemble of a cock pounding pussy masterpiece. Moans of ecstasy drowned the room...everyone was loving it. T needed to feel both boys in her. In perfect sync they worked T's pussy and asshole like veteran pornstars. Now it was L's turn...T had to make her squirt. All 3 of us rubbed L's pussy and clit. Omg the wetness. T did it...she made L squirt...which made the boys happy. A new day has begun and I bet everyone is secretly working on their next move.

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