Afternoon of fun 2

As i was sucking our new friend master lubed up and slide in with one stroke all the way to his balls they got into a rythum and was balls deep at each end master blew his load and they swapped ends i sucked masters cum and lube covered cock as our new friend entered me oh my god ue was thicker and longer in me he slowly went in master said fuck him fuck him hard
Teach the slut so he sped up harder he said as my mouth was full he held my hips and pumped hard pushing me onto masters cock more soonour new friend blew his load
Master said suck him bitch and stay there we not done with u they had a hrief rest both were still hard cum dripping from my hole master went in for a nother go i was on my back legs up my ass made squissy sounds as master ploughed me he added his second load after ten minuets of pounding

The new friend said ride me so i rolled over and cum dripped out as i lowered my hole onto him there cum was enough lube i bounced on him as i sucked master the new friend was so deep in me he held me down and pushed deep then added his load
I was told to scoop out what i can a lick it up my hole was sore but happy

Be here tommorrow master said your hole is loose i want it tight be gone slut

This was one of many times they banged me loved every time

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