Afternoon of fun

My master had been fucking me now for a month very regularly min three times a week he called it taining i did not care i was getting cock in me..
This saturday afternoon in question i arrived at his place as i entered he said u clean inside
Yes i said always
Good slut...go to lounge
As i entered another guy was there hello i said hello back
There was porn on as usual there was intro and small talk
Master was strocking his cock he looked at me and said well u know what to do so i got up and stripped then was between his knees
Sucking our new friend was watching and looking at me
Hes got a plug in
Master said have u turn around he pulled it out then proceeded to put it back in fast i moaned he pulled out again and then pushed it in i moaned louder put your cock in his mouth to keep him quiet
Our new friend pulled out his cock and put it in my mouth he was longer and thicker than master but i took it all as master worked my hole

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