The Unexpected

My wife Jan and I were virgins when we were married at 23 and 19. Four years into our marriage, Jan had an affair with our next door neighbour Norman. She did confess to me after they had broken it off and for some time I was quite shattered. Our kids were only approaching school age and I didn't want to end the marriage. There was forgiveness but as the years passed my pain turned into curiosity. It wasn't so much that I wanted revenge, it was more that I wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman.
It is said that often what you think about comes about. Unbeknown to me my thoughts and fantasies were about to become a reality.
My wife had met a lady named Mary at our kids' school and became good friends with her. I would often arrive home from work to find her there chatting away with Jan. Her kids were the same age as ours and they got along quite well together.
Then one evening I arrived home and Mary's sister Virginia was there. I admit to being instantly attracted to her and I sensed by her smile that she was feeling the same way. I sat down and the four of us chatted away and laughed over funny stories.
Over the coming weeks, Mary and Virginia would often be there together with Jan when I'd arrive home. Then over time Virginia started coming over on her own to see Jan. They ended up coming quite good friends but I had the feeling that Virginia was there to chat with me. She started to become quite flirtatious and when Jan would leave the room she would be giving me the eye and making comments with a double entendre. On one of her visits we were sitting at the table drinking coffee and chatting. Virginia had sat herself opposite me and started playing footsies under the table. Her foot slid up the inside of my leg to my crotch and she was using it to play with my now erect cock. I don't know how I contained myself - I certainly didn't pull away.
A few days later my wife was away with the kids for the day and there was a knock at the door. I opened it and my heart leapt, it was Virginia. I couldn't remember how long it was that I felt butterflies like it.
She said "I just popped in to to see Jan".
I said "She's not here, she has gone out for the day but come in".
As she walked past me her eyes lit up and she smiled. The moment I closed the door and turned around she stretched out her arm, held the back of my head and kissed me passionately. I embraced her and for a few minutes our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I turned her around and pressed her against the door, still embraced in a kiss. She put her hand on my very erect cock and held it tightly and started caressing my balls. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I held her right breast feeling her hard nipples through her top. She then dropped her other hand and undid my belt and before I knew it my pants were around my ankles and her hand was stroking my cock. I pulled off her top and threw it to the floor, exposing the most beautiful full breasts. I broke away from the kiss and sucked on her nipples, going from left to right breast. I was in my sox and stepped out of my trousers, grabbed her hand and began to lead her upstairs. Half way up we stopped and removed more clothing while kissing passionately. By the time we reached the top of the stairs we were both naked and there was a trail of clothes being us.
As we entered the bedroom I manoeuvred her onto her back on the bed. I spread her legs and placed my mouth over her beautifully scented pussy. She was moist with desire and the taste was sweet. My tongue gently stroked from her opening up to her clit and circled the inside of her flaps. I would occasionally bring them into my mouth sliding my mouth up and down while gently sucking. My tongue would pick up her clit and suck it into my mouth. Both hands were fondling her breasts. I moved my hands away from her breasts and while licking her clit I brought a finger up to her pussy. It entered her opening with ease and immediately found her g-spot. I lightly put pressure on the rough sensuous area, then ever so softly caressed her inner delight. For the first time in my life I experienced my lover explode with desire while my tongue massaged her clit and my finger massaged her g-spot in a pulsing motion. She pulled herself away from me as she shuddered because of the sensitivity. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it like I had not experienced before. I knew that if I let her keep going I would cum, so I pulled her away and lay her on to back once more. I lay over her and entered her. I kissed her passionately again as I drove my cock in and out of her warm, soft and moist pussy. As I made passionate love to her I glanced over my shoulder and could see her legs raided in the air. My mind raced, she was wide open for me. I could feel my orgasm building. I gasped with delight as I exploded inside her.
We both lay embraced as I supported my weight over her, gently kissing her soft and sensuous lips. We rolled to our sides, still connected while sensually kissing each other.
We had a shower together and then she had to leave.
We had many adventures after that and I will add those at another time.

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