The 4th Date with Kai

NB. For those that may be interested and curious. All the people and places in these adventures with Kai are real with names changed to protect the um..guilty and/or innocent although none of the experiences ever happened unfortunately.
Kai is exactly as described but due to her culture (Indian/Malaysian), upbringing and social expectations she could never do any the things described in the stories for real, plus her fiance (I never knew his name) was not really into any of the kinks that she was. she found me and asked if I would put her fantasies into a story and she would read them and "get off" while pretending it was really happening. Everything in the stories were inspired by her and what she wanted to do, I just wrote the words. She is a sweet, little Princess and who would ever know by looking at her what was running around in her head. (I never met her but I made sure beforehand that she was real, I might be old but not stupid). At first her fiance was ok with her contacting me as I was no threat to him - the qualifications necessary were over 50 and married. But, alas - like all good things, it suddenly came to an end, I don't know why but I suspect the fiance became annoyed as the stories progressed he was made to look the fool (on her request) so he put a stop to it. That was over 18mths ago but I have left the door open in case she returns and the adventures can continue...


I had started getting excited even before I knocked on Kai's door as every time I had been here it had been an incredible sexual adventure and each time I came was even better that the previous and when she opened the door almost immediately, I could tell she had been anxiously waiting for me to arrive as well. I gave her sweet soft lips a kiss and pulled her towards me, running my hands over her body and letting her feel my hard cock against her. She was dressed only in a loose robe with her hair hanging wild and free and I could feel she was already wet and very keen to get started.

She quickly led me into her bedroom and closed the door - we were alone in her darkened room, our own private fantasy world of sexual and erotic delights, lit only by some candles and the heady aroma of burning incense, the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy each others body. Before I could make any moves on her she stepped back and undid her robe, letting it drop to the floor and revealing her beautiful young body, so ripe and inviting, large round breasts and pert dark nipples, a flat tummy and smooth perfect pussy crowned with long hair that flowed down her back. She then said because I had been so good to her, patient and understanding and writing all the stories that gave her an incredible sexual high, it was time for her to repay me by having me lay back and just let her do all the work. "I want to fuck you and give you as much pleasure as I can without you having to take care of me - this time its all about you." I told her I was very happy with that and I was going to let her serve me and do my bidding, she would be my slave girl and I was the Master. she bowed and said "Yes Master, I am here to serve you and do what you ask of me, you can use my body in anyway you wish." I stood there and ordered her to undress me which she did without hesitation and then she told me to wait and quickly went into the en suite and returned with a basin full of sweet smelling water she must have already prepared. She used sponge to wipe me all over - it was lovely as it was a hot day and the sponge was very cooling and relaxing. I loved the way she paid attention to my cock and balls but then she suddenly dropped to her knees and I fully expected her to start sucking my cock but she had produced a pair of scissors and started to expertly trim my pubic hairs which I admit had grown a bit bushy and I loved the way she had taken the role of slave-girl to the utmost. When she had finished I ran my hands over her hair and said "Thank you" but she told me not to thank her as it was her duty to take care of my needs.

I laid back on the bed and waited for her next move which came in the form of a bottle of exotic smelling massage oil which she started started to rub on my chest and slowly moved all over my front, expertly massaging my knotted muscles and wobbly belly - The closeness of her made me hard and her breasts were so close I wanted to reach out, play with them and suck her lovely nipples while the other hand was fingering her pussy but, I was the Master and it was for her to pleasure me so I just lay back and enjoyed it. She then asked me to turnover and as I did, she positioned herself across my body and straddled my ass. Kai started massaging the oil all over my back and as she was doing this, she was rubbing her pussy against me and taking her pleasure from that. I watched her in the dressing table mirror, admiring her profile and through her hair, I could see the delightful way her boobs bounced up and down as she expertly rubbed my back.

When she had finished, I turned over with her still across me and took in the sight of her delicious body on top of me and I wanted to reach up to grab her hair to pull her down to kiss her but I left my arms at my side and let her pleasure me. she moved down me and positioned my cock between her tits and started to rub up and down, the oil made it very slippery and I could see my knob peeking in and out as she moved up and down, she squeezed them tight and pressed her nipples into the shaft of my cock and stimulated them to hardness. She stopped after a while and took some of her hair and wrapped it around the my cock and squeezed her tits together again the feeling was fantastic, like fucking a hairy pussy and she rubbed herself up and down, my cock hidden in her hair and I wanted to cum right then, shoot my load into her fragrant hair but I resisted cumming to early, I was really enjoying this and it felt fantastic..

After she had titty-fucked me for a while, she changed position and started to suck my cock, taking me deep into her mouth, bobbing her head and sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, her lips squeezing me tight and sucking hard on my knob and I wanted to grab her head and hold her tight against me but before I could do that, she swung her body around and gently lowered her pussy on my face so I could suck and lick her, maybe the Master should not be licking and sucking her and giving her pleasure but she knew how much I loved doing that so it was ok. She buried her pussy in my face and my tongue was soon deep inside her, moving all around her and tasting her flowing juices, I gently nibbled on her clit which was hard and erect, I sucked her pussy lips and my tongue tickled around her ass making her wriggle and squirm in pleasure and I could feel she was getting ready to have an orgasms so I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her ever tightly down on me, quickly sucking her pussy and pushing hard against her clit with my tongue until a felt her shake and shudder but I just kept sucking her hard and holding her tight until she relaxed and let out a big sigh but despite been finished she continued sucking my cock and wanking me with her hands.

I told her I wanted to cum soon so she quickly moved down and positioned herself so my cock disappeared into her tight, wet pussy and she started to move slowly up and down with her back towards me so I cold play with her firm bum-cheeks but I ordered her to turn around so I could see her face and she obediently turned around without saying anything. She positioned herself on my cock and again I slipped into her tight pussy and I watched in pleasure as she rode me up and down, fingering her clit and rubbing her tits as she bounced me up and down. Kai's beautiful breasts bounced up and down as she fucked me and I so much loved watching them but it was my pleasure and it was up to me to decide how I would cum so I told her to stop and I told her I wanted to wank on her face so she stopped and obeyed me by getting on her knees on the floor and waiting for me like a good slave-girl. I slowly got up and stood in front of her and told her to suck me until I was hard again, she took my cock in her hand and started to suck hard until I grabbed her head and started fucking her, thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth until I was ready to blow my cum and I quickly grabbed a handful of hair so she could not move away and with the other hand, started wanking as fast I could, my cock still slippery from the oil and her mouth until suddenly I shot my load of cum into her face, I ordered her to open her mouth so I could spurt into her mouth and the next spurt landed on her tongue and I kept pumping until cum was in her eyes, running down her cheek and dripping from her chin. I fell back on the bed with my now limp cock still in my hand, totally exhausted and totally satisfied. Kai had got up and went into the en suite, I expected her to be washing her face but she quickly returned with the dish and started to wash my cock, the cum was still on her face and in her hair, making her look incredibly sexy but I told her to wash her face before it dries on her. Kai giggled at that and washed her face clean and then cuddled into my arms.

We were both sexually satisfied by our very enjoyable fucking and lay there in bed, relaxing and catching our breath, well...I was - I am elderly so I was completely worn out but I expect the sexy Kai was more than ready to do that all again but I will leave that for her fiance to take care of, I had my fantasy for the day so the next one was his but I was more than happy and looking forward to our next encounter.

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