The 3rd date with Kai

For the hundredth time today I had to wonder the audacity of what I had planned but she was worth it and again I put my hand on my hard cock for a fast rub down that confirmed she was well worth the trouble and expense. I had booked a 5-star room with spa for one night but I would not be sleeping here as I only wanted the room as the perfect place to spend all day fucking her delicious young body - I was expecting Kai at any time and I again checked to make sure I had everything that was required to make the day as perfect as possible. Plenty of creams for massage and lubrication, her favourite shampoo and conditioner, plenty to eat and drink, a selection of mood enhancing porn DVD's, fresh towels and tissues. Yep, all appeared to be in order so all I needed was one perfectly fuckable body... I was ready to play, I had my bathrobe on and I was just about to slide my hand down to give my cock another rub when there was a knock at the door - she had arrived and I quickly opened the door and let her in. Kai bounced into the room with her large barely concealed breasts jiggling ever so delightfully so I grabbed her and put my hands around her firm ass and pulled her against me and gave her a soft, gentle lingering kiss and all the time pulling her tightly against me so she could feel my cock straining against my pants - Kai felt the hardness and wriggled her pussy against me in a teasing way and I couldn't wait to have my horny old body all over that sexy young body so I could play all of my perversions on her.

I could not wait any longer so I started undressing her, lifting her top over her head which sent her her lovely hair flying all over her face and shoulders then I quickly undid her bra and let her full ripe tits free, the cute adorable nipples were already hard so I had to have a quick squeeze and suck, yum - she tasted divine and then I dropped to my knees and pulled her pants down which revealed a tight g-string hardly covering her pussy and already a bit damp so I quickly pulled them down and started to lick her wetness, again enjoying the delicious taste of her. She moved away and turning around, bent over to remove her pants and shoes, deliberately and teasingly letting me see her firm ass and I with great difficulty, resisted the urge to ram my hard cock into her, pull on her hair and pound her until I shot my heavy load into her.

Kai was already horny and anxious to get started but I had been waiting for her for so long I needed a quick thrill so I loosened my robe and let it fall to the floor ordered her to get on her knees and suck my cock, she smiled and obediently dropped to her knees, took my cock deep into her mouth and started to noisily suck me, oooh - it felt so good and I grabbed her hair and pulled her against me - not letting her go, she was so good, taking me deep into her throat and trying to suck the cum out of me but I resisted, I just wanted to assert my authority over her, the perverted dirty old man dominating the innocent inexperienced pretty young girl to follow his commands.

After a few minutes of enjoyment, I told her to get into the spa while I grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses and followed her in - I had set up some candles and turned the light down low, giving the room a soft, sensual glow and Kai was sitting in the spa waiting for me. I had not put any water in it for what I had planned, no water was needed. I sat on the edge and spread my legs wide and told her to continue sucking my cock and balls so again she obediently knelt down and took my cock deep into her mouth began to suck noisily and fondling my balls. I enjoyed this for a while until I told her to rub her tits and hair on my cock, another sensation I loved her to do to me. She wrapped her hair around my cock and squeezed her tits together over my cock and as she moved back and forth, it felt like I was fucking a tight hairy pussy. I was getting close to cumming so I asked her to suck me again, wanting to enjoy every sensation before shooting my load onto her. She took my cock into her mouth and vigorously sucked hard until I was almost ready to blow, oh so close then I told her to stop and turn around which she quickly did, I grabbed her hair and started to rub my cock vigorously in a big handful of thick glossy hair with just the head of my cock poking out and ooohhh....I shot a big, creamy load into her hair and laughed in pleasure as I squeezed every last drop out
and it felt so good when I used some of her hair to wipe my cock clean but I was not finished yet, I held my cock for a minute or so until I long stream of warm piss started to flow, I waved my cock back and forth and the piss flowed down her hair and back, some also ran down her front so Kai used her hands to make a cup of her tits and wipe the piss back into her hair. When I had finished she turned around and stood up with her pussy level with my chest and very soon a warm stream of her piss was coming out of her and running down my front so I pulled her close to me so I could catch as much as possible with my hands and rub it into her hair as well and when she had finished, I put my hands behind her bum and pulled her closer, sucking her tits and running my hands up and down inside her bum crack, squeezing and loving their plumpness.

It was time to wash her long, beautiful hair so I told her to sit in front of me while I poured a glass of wine for us both and when she had settled I poured some of the cold wine over her hair, just another ingredient to add to the mix, she giggled as the wine and piss mixture cascaded down her tits and tummy and into her pussy and she rubbed it all over herself. I then opened the bottle of shampoo and squirted almost half the bottle over her hair and body and started to rub it in, very soon it was a soapy mixture that was covered her hair and flowed all over her body helped along by my hands groping all over her slippery body, loving how she felt as I rubbed her tits and fingered her pussy and ass. It was such a turnon and she felt so good I started to get hard again so I lifted her on my lap and slide my cock inside her hot soapy slippery pussy and just let her wriggle about while I played and squeezed her tits with one hand and fingered her clit with the other. she was going wild, rubbing the soap all over herself, rubbing it into her hair and all the while riding my cock as hard as she could until she had a massive orgasm, shaking and shuddering and I could feel the pussy juice flowing over my fingers as I rubbed her clit.

We sat on the bottom of the spa, totally spent and exhausted, covered in shampoo, cum, piss and wine - feeling very relaxed but it was time to wash ourselves, so I turned the shower on and the hot water sprayed all over us and I continued to rinse her hair until the suds had gone and she was silky soft and squeaky clean. Time for the conditioner and I squirted some all over her hair and down her body, the herbal essence filled the room and I combed it through her hair and continued rubbing it down her body, holding her breasts, loving the way the nipples responded to my touch, then down her firm tummy and into her pussy, fingering her clit and ass which made her giggle with delight. After we had rinsed all the conditioner off it was time to dry off, lay on the bed and have something to eat - food and sex is the perfect combination so Kai wrapped her hair in a towel and settled on the bed and I lay down beside her and enjoyed the small picnic on the bed. To add to the erotic scene I turned on the porn DVD's - a bit of inspiration is always welcome so very soon we were listening and watching the moans of pleasure and grunts of delight coming from the screen. I was watching her to see what would turn her on and it didn't take too long before her hand slid down to her pussy and started to gently rub her clit, very slowly I could see her hips moving in rhythm to her finger and looked at the screen to see what was exciting her. A young lady was laying on the bed with her legs folded back and exposing her pussy and ass and oh so very surprising, it was another lady who was sucking and licking her and I felt a thrill of pleasure that my perverse ideas were starting to take hold with Kai and I could see all the delicious possibilities with her and another young lady who also appreciated perverted, dirty old men. So wanting to take advantage of the situation, I asked Kai if she could get into that position, "Easy, she said" and quickly moved her athletic body into the same position, holding her legs back with her arms and I quickly took advantage of the situation and buried my face into her pussy - I put my tongue deep inside her and tickled her clit, sucked and licked all around her pussy lips. I licked her all over, my tongue tasting her delicious wetness, my finger sliding up and down and in and out - she was writhing in pleasure so I knew she would not be long in having another massive orgasm and with that, she clamped my head in her legs and held me tightly with her hands so I could feel her shaking as her orgasm overwhelmed her and she sank back into the bed, totally exhausted and I was not much better. I barely had the strength to climb onto the bed and collapse next to her. we lay there for a while, totally wasted and sexually satisfied. I kept thinking in my mind, the cause of such a complete orgasm and wondered what fantasy had been going through her head as I was tasting her juices - I had a very good idea and started planning the next step in the complete seduction and perversion of the sweet and innocent Kai and I could not wait for it to happen.

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