The 2nd date with Kai

It was with a thrill of delicious expectation that I loudly knocked on the door - the first time I came here I was nervous about what and who to expect when the door opened but this time I knew what to expect and I could feel my cock getting harder as I remembered the fun we had the first time I was here, ramming my cock into Kai's tight pussy and feeling my balls slapping against her firm round ass, hearing her moan in pleasure as I tugged her long silky hair in rhythm with my thrusting cock and the sight of my cum glistening in her lustrous hair.

Kai opened the door and gave me a light kiss and cute smile of welcome, her negligee barely covered her firm, young body, her lovely long hair was shining with glowing health and careful grooming, she must have just washed it and I could almost taste the fragrance of her shampoo but I was a little disappointed I did not get the chance to help her wash it or comb our cum all the way through it. Alex, her fiance gave me a big smile of welcome and handed me a cold drink while Kai was telling me they had not had any sex for a while because they were saving it until I could join them so she was so horny and aching for cock that she had already had a quick, early shower in preparation for me and she could not stop herself from fingering her pussy and was so ready for us to use her body for our pleasures and hers of course.

Kai took my hand and led me into the bedroom which was dimly lit with aromatic candles and exotic incense, the perfect place for erotic pleasures, the fiance closed the door and shut out the real world and prepared for the fantasy world, he sat on a chair and pulled out his big hard cock, glistening with pre-cum and started to rub himself slowly while he waited for us to get started. Kai quickly pulled her negligee off and showed off her splendid body, large firm breasts with big nipples standing out proudly, waiting to be sucked and have my cock tickling and teasing them but she told me to wait a bit while she prepared herself and took a bottle of sweet smelling oil and started to rub it all over her body, rubbing it into her tits, under her arms and between her legs and she turned around and rubbed the oil into her firm booty and bent over so I could see all of her - I quickly stripped off and rubbed my cock in anticipation.

She lay back on the bed, her long silky hair fanned out beneath her like a soft pillow, she opened wide her legs and I could see her cute pussy, smooth and slightly wet with anticipation and I fell on her and buried my face into her, my tongue going deep inside her and deliciously exploring her, nibbling on her hard clit and sucking her pussy lips, I ran my tongue all over her, inside and out, drinking her juices as they flowed, tickling with my tongue her cute little ass and making her squirm in pleasure. I put a finger inside her and gently moved it around, in and out and all around and all the while, sucking on her clit, trying to make it bigger if that was possible but she was getting so close to a shuddering organism I backed off wanting to delay that for as long as possible and tease and play with her some more. My cock was aching for attention, I wanted to slide into her tight wet pussy and pound her until I spurted hot cum inside her but that would be such a waste, I wanted my cum on her not inside her and it was much to early, I wanted to fuck every part of her body and rub my cum into her hair and have her suck my cock clean but that would come later.

It was time to move around, try every playful position, Kai said she wanted me to fuck her tits with my cock, squeeze it between her deep cleavage and to rub my cock and balls all over her hair and I watched as she pulled her glorious hair into a long round ponytail and put it between her full ripe breasts and told me to come and fuck them, so I moved up and nestled my cock on the soft bed of silky hair, her breasts held tight as she squeezed them together and held me there, I moved up and down the silky smooth burrow, loving every minute of it and thinking it does not get any better than this but it does... I then felt the bed move as her fiance moved onto the bed, he was naked and holding a big hard cock, he buried his face between her legs and started sucking and licking her as I had been doing, Kai was moaning and moving in total pleasure and ecstasy, loving all the attention she was getting. I wanted so badly to shoot my load then and there but that would spoil it, I didn't want to finish our playing too soon and we all had to cum together to make the occasion just perfect, I moved off her and said I wanted her suck my cock, gently so I don't cum and position herself so I could watch her fiance fuck her hard from behind, doggy style just as he likes to do her.

I moved over and lay on my back, my cock still hard and Kai moved down, letting her long hair trail down my front until she reached my cock and started to suck me, her beautiful hair spread all over me, hiding her face but I could feel her lips sucking hard on me and her hands playing with my balls - her fiance seeing her in a dream position moved behind her and slid his hard cock deep inside her and started to pound her, I could hear his balls slapping against her ass and then he grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him as he settled down into slow movement, moving her head up and down on my cock while his thrusting moved her back and forth - it was just perfect, we were as one... Kai could not stop herself from having a shattering orgasm, she shook with pleasure and stopped sucking me and slowly moved over and lay on her front, she spread her long soft hair down her back and said "You guys know what I want, do it to me" so we moved either side of her and started to pump our cocks until two creamy loads spurted out and mixed all over her hair, we squeezed and sprayed cum all over her until we were spent and lay down beside her - totally exhausted.

"Hey you guys have not finished yet" Kai said, but I was anxious to be the one so I took her comb and straddled her back - my now soft cock nestled in her bum-crack and gently started to comb her hair, long strokes to mix the cum into much of it as possible. It shone with wet creamy stickiness and was becoming stiff but i still kept combing, my cock felt so good nestled in her crack and I could feel myself getting harder, it felt so good there but I had to look after Kai's needs, she was loving the cum been spread though her hair it even though I was pulling a bit and when I could comb no more she sat up and wrapped it into a stiff ponytail and smelt it, and then ran her tongue over the drying cum "Yummm...thanks guys - you did real good"

Oh yes I thought....I want to do a lot more with that hair and not just with cum - her fantasy is my fantasy and cannot wait to try that out.....

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