Our First Date

In the few seconds before knocking on the door I again asked myself "What the fuck am I doing here and is this a good idea?", I had no idea what to expect when the door opened, a lovely lady called Kia or a big fat guy covered in tattoos wanting to know what the fuck I wanted - I had heard many times of people arranging to meet up and when they go to the address, the person who opens the door has no idea what I wanted or they were totally different to what was expected, people who looked nothing like the photos on their profile which were taken maybe 20 years earlier.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door and waited with both trepidation and excited expectations and when the door open my heart pounded and I felt a definite stirring in my cock (a good sign) as Kia stood there, just as beautiful as in her pictures, even lovelier if that was possible, big beautiful eyes and long silky hair and a body to dream about. She invited me in and introduced me to Alex who was her fiance and seemed very pleased to see me so he asked me to sit down and have a cold drink. We chatted for a few minutes and then Kia said she had been at uni all day and hadn't time to wash her hair and so she excused herself. Alex and I talked for a while but I found it hard to concentrate because I could hear the sound of the shower through the open bathroom door and I could smell the exotic soap she was using. I heard the shower stop and glimpsed Kia going into the bedroom followed a few minutes later by the hum of a hair-dryer. It was difficult to carry on a conversation as we both knew what was going to happen in the next few hours so he suggested we go into the bedroom and watch her comb her hair, something he loved to do and she loved to be watched.

Kia was sitting on the bed dressed in a negligee that barely concealed her large perfectly formed breasts with dark full nipples and a beautiful firm body and as we came in she turned her back and handed me a hairbrush and so I began to brush her long silky hair that cascaded down her back like a glossy waterfall. I brushed in long slow stokes and breathed in the lovely fragrance that filled the room and without even thinking I pressed up against her back, my hard cock gently touching her through my pants - she must have felt me because she leaned back on me and let out a little moan.

She said that was enough, turned around and sat on the edge of the bed and then she looked at me with her big eyes and wide inviting mouth and started to undo my pants which quickly fell to the floor and Kia took my hard cock into her month and slowly moved her head back and forth, gently sucking me - it felt so good, better than I could ever have imagined and I gently placed my hand on her head and ran my hands though her hair and kept in time with her sucking - we did this for a few minutes but it felt like hours, it was so good and I had to concentrate so I didn't cum too soon and waste what she was wanting for later use.

After a little while Kia gave me one hard suck and let me go, she then undid her negligee and let it fall down so I could see her lovely creamy smooth body that was firm and inviting and whispered to me "Fuck me, I need your cock deep inside me" and turned around and got on her hands and knees and let me enjoy the sight of her perfectly round ass before I gently and slowly slid my cock deep inside her tight, wet pussy until she let out a gentle moan of pleasure. I slowly rocked back and forth, deep in concentration, enjoying every movement and feel, sliding my cock in and out of her, teasing her and satisfying her. I lent forward and took hold of her wondrous hair and pulled her head back so her body was hard against me and my cock was deep inside her, far as it would go.

We were both moaning softly but I could also hear another moan and I looked over to see the fiance leaning back on a chair with his pants down and he was rubbing his cock while he was watching us, this was obviously what he wanted to see and was enjoying every moment. I wanted more so I said I wanted to taste her wetness and she turned over and open her legs for me, she had the sweetest little pussy I had seen in a long time, perfectly formed and very neat and smooth and I couldn't wait to taste her, I knelt down and started to run my tongue over her lips and tingle with her hard clit, she tasted better than I could have imaged, I just could not stop licking and sucking her all over and taking in her sweet pussy juices, Kia was moaning in total pleasure and I could feel her building up to a climax, she held my head hard against her and my tongue was deep inside her when I felt her tremble as she had shattering orgasm and I lapped up her cum juices as they flowed..

I now wanted to taste her lovely firm breasts, to suck and run my tongue around her hard, erect nipples so I moved up and felt and tasted those perfect mounds that felt so good - I could not wait any longer, I wanted to cum so bad, I had been holding it back but I still wanted more time to enjoy her but I just had to slide my cock inside her but Kia said "I want you to cum my way, on my breasts and in my hair" so I backed off a little while she gathered up her beautiful long hair and put it in between her breasts and told me to titty-fuck her hair.

I moved up and put my cock into the deep pile of hair and Kia push her firm breasts together and the sensation was more than I could have imagined, the silky smooth hair rubbed against my cock and the feeling was better than I had ever had before, I could not wait anymore and I shook as I let out a big creamy load into her dark hair and I almost collapsed from the incredible sensation and held myself above her for as long as possible but before I could move away, Kia used her hair to wipe me clean, not wanting to waste a drop and then I noticed more creamy cum, the fiance had moved over and sent his hot load onto her hair as well, Kia giggled as she mixed the cum all through her hair.

I lay back, totally exhausted and completely satisfied and wondered if it could get any better than what I had just experienced so I told Kia that was the best I had ever had, she looked at me with her beautiful big brown eyes and said "Next time will be even better, I can promise you that"......

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