Bed and Breakfast with extras

It was late in the afternoon when Kai and her fiance finally arrived at their destination after a long drive from Sydney and were looking forward to cleaning up and relaxing in the quiet, well appointed room of the Bed and Breakfast that had been recommended to them as the perfect place to have a romantic weekend and catch up on some sleep.

They drove around the back of the old converted pub and parked the car, the fresh country air was the first thing they noticed as they got out and collected their bags and moved towards the entrance, but as they approached the door, a rotund man in his mid 50's with a kindly face and a big smile came out and welcomed then to his place.
He asked if they had enjoyed their drive and had any problems finding the place and he puffed his way up the stairs and took them to what he said was the best room in the house, having the best view and catches the cool night breeze. After checking the room he said that dinner would be served at 7.00 and just ring if they required anything and quickly left them alone.
Kai had a good look around and then bounced up and down on the huge bed and thought what a great fucking bed this would make, plenty of room for 3 or maybe 4 and started to get horny at the idea of that. She started to think how long it had been since she had a good satisfying fuck - she had not seen her Master for a few weeks and the recent unexpected 3-sum was not as satisfying as it could have been, all it did was leave her wanting and the fiance had just returned and as usual, he was too tired so this weekend was to catch up on some heavy love-making but as she was thinking about it, the fiance was yawning and looking sleepy eyed - Fuck!!! what was it with these young guys, why is it only dirty old men who can satisfy me, give me what I need and complete me as a woman. The fiance announced he was having a shower and went into the en - suite and closed the door, Kai pouted at that, if The Master was here he would have made me come into the shower with him where we could share piss and cum together, play our dirty nasty little games with each other. The thought made her even angrier and was determined to have a erotic night of fun with or without him and already a naughty plan was taking shape in her mind, she gave a little laugh and moved her hand into her pants and started rubbing her clit while she worked out her idea.

The dinner was served and it was delicious, Phillip was Greek and a excellent cook and his wife, Elizabeth was an attentive waitress, she was a short rather plump English lady who was very friendly to them and made them most welcome. After they had eaten she invited them to the sitting room for some drinks because they were the only guests that night and it was a bit too early to go to bed.
Kai looked at her fiance who seemed to disagree and almost deliberately gave a big yawn and settled down in a big chair without saying anything and she knew that any fucking tonight would be over in a few minutes, he would climb on top of her, push his cock inside her, thrust a few times until he came and then role over and go to sleep but she was too horny to be satisfied with that and wanted some fun, naughty fucking fun and she started putting her plan into action as soon as Phillip came into the room. He sat down opposite her and started talking about the history of the house, what there was to see in the town but Kai did not hear a word of what he was saying, she pulled her top down a bit more and exposed the top of her tits and then pulled her short skirt up just a bit more to expose more of her long, beautiful thighs and she was hoping he could see the little G-string she was wearing and she wish she had thought to remove her panties and see how he would react when he saw her pussy. Almost immediately she could see that Philip had started to hesitate a bit as he talked and his eyes were moving up and down but trying to pretend he was not looking, she smiled to herself and loved this power she had over old men, they would do anything she wanted them to do and she loved it.

All this talk of history had made the fiance very sleepy and he announced it was time for bed as they had just had a long drive and the food and wine were making him tired so they were off to bed and he got up, thanked the hosts and started upstairs. Kai hesitated a bit until he started going up the stairs and she got up and walked over to Philip, lent forward exposing the deep cleavage of her breasts and whispered to Philip, "The Luvvies said to say hello and they said you give great massages" - Philip sat stunned in the chair and it took a while before he could respond, "Luvvies, I don't know any Luvvies" but Kai said she knew all about him and what he did with other people on "that" site so he broke into wide smile and said, "Yes, its all true and how nice it was to meet fellow deviants".
Kai said that the Luvvies had told her you give great massages and I want one tonight, from you, soon - Philip was in shock because it was a long time since a lovely young girl had asked him for a massage but he didn't hesitate for long, he was one of these dirty old men who would take any opportunity that came along, especially one as delicious as Kai so he said the 2nd door on the right before the dining room was the room where his massage table was and he would wait there until 10.00 for her. Kai looked at her watch and saw it was almost 9.00 so she said to Philip, "I will see you very soon" and with that, she went upstairs to take care of her fiance and finish him off before she could really enjoy her night.

The house was quiet and dark as Kai silently made her way down the stairs, leaving the loud snoring of her fiance behind and getting more excited as she approached the door to the massage room and went in - Philip was sitting on a chair drinking a glass of wine, he was dressed in a long white robe and had a big smile on his face. he said "I really did not think you would come but I was hoping" and Kai replied that the Luvvies said you would give me the best time of my life and here I am and then she undid her robe and let Phillip stare at her firm young body as she move around to let him see all of her. He told her to get on the table and relax - Kai lay face down and waited in excited anticipation as Philip picked up a large candle and lit it. "This may be a bit hot at first but you will soon get used to it" he said and then he started to drip the warm aromatic wax onto her skin, Kai jumped a bit but the wax quickly cooled and felt soothing on her skin, Philip then started to rub the oil wax into her skin and his skillful hands massaged all over her body which relaxed and soothed her but excited her at the same time. After a while his hands started to linger on her intimate parts, a light touch at first but soon his fingers were probing and rubbing her. Kai moved her legs apart and Philip slid his fingers into her tight pussy and rubbed her clit - his light touch and probing was turning her on and her pussy was getting hot with desire. Philip continued his touching, his fingers gently rubbing oil around her pussy and ass, over her cheeks and down to her feet, she felt him move her legs wider and then felt his tongue on her, licking and tickling her and she softly moaned in pleasure. He then asked her to turn over and when she did so, she saw he was now naked and displaying an impressive hard cock which he was gently rubbing with the massage oil. Kai laid back as he again dripped wax on her, on her breasts and down to her pussy and started to massage her, rubbing her tits and gently squeezing her hard nipples before moving down to her pussy and again rubbing it and sliding his fingers deep inside her. Kai was so relaxed and the massage was making her feel so sexy and the fingers in her pussy was making her hot with desire. Philip was moving up and down her body and when he came within reach she grabbed his cock and started rubbing it, he stopped and let her play with him for a few minutes before he moved around to her head and moved her into position so she could suck his cock, he deep throated her and held onto her hair while her lips sucked and slurped all over him. Suddenly she felt a warming sensation in her pussy and felt another tongue and fingers playing with her so she had a quick look down and saw it was a naked Elisabeth who was deep inside her pussy, it was a sensational feeling and she increased her sucking of Philip until he had to back off, holding his cock so he didn't cum. Kai wanted a cock inside her so she got down off the table and was about to bend over when Elizabeth quickly got on the table and spread her legs and told her to "suck my pussy" and Kai sensing she was been dominated and loving it, quickly moved into position and lower her head onto Elizabeth's pussy and started licking and sucking on her clit. She felt Philip move behind her and slide his cock inside her and soon they were all moving in rhythm with each other, fucking and sucking and all moaning in pleasure until she felt Philip shooting a big load of cum inside her and then feeling the cum dripping down her leg made her have a massive orgasm and Elizabeth not wanting to be left out, very quickly had a shuddering orgasm.

The satisfied three sat down and rested for a few minutes, the older couple panting and looking dazed, Kai was just sitting relaxed and pleased with how the evening worked out - She quickly excused herself and thanked the exhausted couple and quickly went to her room, her fiance was still snoring loudly so she slipped into the shower and as she was about to turn the water on, she remembered the fantastic times she had in the shower with her Master and how she wished he was here to play with her and share kinky activities and with that lovely thought, she started to pee down her leg and bent over to mix the pee with Philips old man cum, the aroma of piss and cum reminded her of her Master and she started to rub her clit hard and fast and very quickly had a shuddering orgasm. Kai was now fully satisfied and enjoyed the long hot shower and quickly slid into the comfortable bed and was asleep within minutes.

The next morning they were both up and dressed early but Kai was a bit slow and tired looking so her fiance was a bit puzzled as they had gone to bed early and he had a good sleep so he thought she did as well. They went down to breakfast where Philip and Elizabeth were preparing breakfast, both looking rather tired but still able to present a wonderful breakfast. No mention was made about the night before and Kai started to think it may have been a dream but Philip suddenly whispered to her "That Mr Luvvies is such a lucky guy, give him my regards when you see him next" and quickly moved away with the dirty dishes. Kai fiance saw him whispering and wanted to know what he said. Kai smiled and said that he had told her that her fiance was a lucky guy to have a beautiful girl such as me. The fiance scoffed and said he was most likely a dirty old man and he didn't like the way he was looking down her cleavage. "Old men, just have one thing on their mind but don't know how to please a woman, they are a waste of space." - Kai replied - "Yes, your probably right, dirty old men with dirty old minds, all talk and no action and would be a very disappointing fuck, not like you my love"....

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