Hot for The Teacher !!

This happened a long time ago, but it is something that makes me smile. I was at Uni doing teaching rounds at an inner suburban school, which meant a long train trip every day. It was just me and another student teacher who I hardly knew. When it came time to choose which teacher we would be stuck with I did not hesitate when I saw the amazingly hot woman in front of me. She was blonde with lovely long legs and you could tell underneath that jacket and tight denim jeans she had an amazing body. I almost spat out the words "I'll go in Donna's class" before they even asked. I spent 3 weeks in that class eyeing off her great ass when she'd bend over, accidentally brushing against her soft tits and flirting with her. She was at least 15 years older than me, but she was always complaining that her husband was never home or was asleep due to his shift work. On my last day there she had a lot of boxes and she asked me if I could help her load her car and help her take them home. I didn't need to be asked twice. She lived in the next suburb and offered to drop me home after we were done. I figured she was just being friendly because I had a long train trip to make every day. When we got to her place her husband was just leaving for work and left me to unload her car. Once that was done she asked me to come inside for a coffee and a quick chat before she took me home. I made myself comfortable in her kitchen whilst she went into the next room, and didn't give it another thought until she reappeared in red suspenders and a lace bra. I couldn't speak but my face said it all because she came over, straddled my lap and told me she knew I had been lusting after her the whole time I was at the school, she had caught me looking at her ass and tits too many times and now she was going to have me. A deep slow passionate kiss gave way to her ripping my shirt off and she grabbed at my cock hard. She gave me a look and said “what are you waiting for” and before I knew it I had slid her bra off and taken her nipples in my mouth, licking and playing with them. Then she unzipped my jeans and started taking my already hard cock in her mouth. She almost made me cum in about 10 seconds, but she stopped, looked up at me and said “follow” She led me to her bedroom and continued to suck on my cock for ages, teasing my balls and commanding me to eat her soft pussy. When I was ready she climbed on top and rode me hard and fast for what seemed ages until she gave out an almighty moan. Then she wanted to be fucked in the ass, so of course I did as I was told. We fucked and sucked for a few more hours until she had worn me out. She seemed mighty pleased with her efforts and said I suppose I had better keep my promise and take you home. It was amazing and taught me a lesson I still remember to this day…it’s the quiet cougars you have to watch out for. And every once in a while when I drive to the city and go past that school I smile to myself.

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