Afternoon at the spa

This story happened to me when I went to a gat spa recently on a visit to Sydney.
After driving up from Canberra, I went straight to the spa to see what action I could find. After entering and stripping down, I went into the spa to relax my tired muscles after the long drive.
After feeling nice and relaxed I got out of the spa and headed upstairs to have a cruise around and see what action I could find. Not a lot was happening after walking around for about 10 minutes so I headed for the suckatorium. After going into a few of the booths It seemed there were no cocks waiting to be sucked, but a lot of guys waiting to suck a cock. So I headed upstairs to stick my cock through the glory hole. Next thing I know I had my cock in a guys mouth being softly sucked, after a few minutes he left and another guy replaced him. e immediately engulfed my whole cock with his mouth and was deep throating my cock for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel the pressure building in my balls until I exploded cum into his mouth, but he didn't miss a beat and just kept on deep throating my cock. After a few minutes I felt another guy behind me kissing me all over my back and working his way down to my ass until he was licking my ass. He started working his tongue into my ass, then he stood up and start rubbing his cock against my ass, until he had worked it into my arse and slowly started to fuck me. Meanwhile, the other guy was still sucking my cock with increased speed and still taking the whole length of my cock into his mouth. Both of the guys were getting faster and faster and My body was starting to tense up again as I could feel another orgasm building up. Then I let it go and the guy sucking my cock enjoyed a second load down his throat, at the same time the guy fucking my ass filled it up with his cum. This time the guy sucking my cock started slowing down and was licking all of the cum off my cock and he left, and the guy fucking my arse pulled out and left.
I just stood there to catch my breath after an amazing experience watching the porn on the tv screen in front of me.
Next thing I knew, I had another guy starting to suck my cock and it was nice and soft at first, ever increasing in tempo. The next thing I know I feel a nice pair of tits rubbing against my back and then they slowly moved down my back towards my ass. The next thing I know, I feel a cock sliding in my ass, and I'm getting fucked again, then I feel the tits again and realise that a T girl is fucking me while I'm getting my cocked sucked, that instantly makes me cum again, this time he lets it go all over his chest. The T girl doesn't stop and she starts fucking me harder and harder until she unleashes a massive load into my ass. She doesn't stop and keeps fucking my arse. I can feel her cock getting harder again as she fucks me after she came, and her cum is acting as lube and making it very sensitive. She started wanking my cock while she was fucking my arse. I was moaning very loudly as she was getting faster and faster. I looked down and I could see a few guys watching from the booth below getting fucked, which turned me one even more. She was going faster and faster and then all of a sudden I started cuming all over the guys through the hole in the glory hole and it landed all over their faces, while I was cuming my arse was tightening around her cock and the she let go of another load, then she pulled out, kissed me and left.
I then felt a couple of guys licking my ass as they licked all the c0um out of my ass.
I then went downstairs and had to have a much needed shower after such an amazing but exhausting and messy experience.
I hope I can have another experience like that, the next time I go there. Think about that afternoon frequently with a big smile and a very hard cock.

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