Beach Time

So I left the wife back at the apartment and went to a beach close to Nelson Bay for the last of the summer rays. Up into the sand dunes stripped off and lay down to enjoy. It wasn't long before an older guy I had seen before came over and started talking with me. He couldn't keep his eyes of my hardening cock and talked about how good the weather was for this time of year, while brushing his cock occasionally and also getting hard. Leaking a bit of pre cum.

This excited me so I brushed my cock a few times just to tease him. I knew from previous conversations that he was a top and I love to be fucked. So of course the conversation came around to what I was doing here and I told him a bit of action while away from the wife. He told me it turned him on a married guy. So to tease him a bit more I told him I wanted to catch some rays and would be interested in an hour or so.

So I drifted off thinking about cocks. About an hour latter he re emerged with his friend and asked if I'd like to go for a watch with them at the back of the sandhills. His friend had a very thick cock and low hanging balls, and they were both a bit hard. So the 3 of us disappeared into some trees up the hill which was very private. there was a branch low hanging, ideal to bend over. So they both started to play with my cock and balls, then fingering may arse. They produced a tube of lube and lubed up my arse and fingered me while the other sucked my cock. They then bent me over the branch and opened up my arse so they could get a good look. This really turned me on, two guys looking at my arse, balls and cock.

Then one of them slipped on a condom and but his cock in the entrance to my arse. I am very tight and he was good, he took his time while he slipped his cock in. The other guy got down and sucked my cock while watching his friend fuck me.

they then swapped places. this other guy had a much thicker cock and it took a while for it to get in. Hurt for a while then i loosened up and he was balls deep. Fucking me really hard. Almost wanted someone else to turn up. After a while he pulled out and they both lay on the ground and asked me to cum over them which I did. They gobbled up my cum and told me it tasted sweet.

So on the way back down to the beach they told me they had some friends coming over in the afternoon and would love a bottom to come over so they all could fuck me. I had to get back to the wife otherwise I would have taken them up on it.

Maybe next time. Would love 4-5 guys taking turns in fucking me, looking at my cock, balls and arse.

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