I was just sitting here visualizing what I would like to do with you if you were here. I picture you laying stretched out on the floor in just your red panties and bra waiting for the sensual massage that I had promised you. Your body tingles as you feel my fingers move over your shoulders and neck, gently caressing and teasing your smooth skin. You feel the clasp on your bra loosen and then feel your bra slowly pulled forward and off you. My fingers moving from your stretch out arms along your shoulders and down the middle of your back working their magic on you as your body enjoys this perfect bliss. As my hands move down to your waist you feel my finger gasp either side of your panties and ever so slowly you feel them slide down your thighs, across your calves and off your body leaving you now totally naked before me.
My fingers now caress your feet and ankles before slowing working their way up over your calves, your body is now tingling and feeling so relaxed. As I rub the back of your thighs you feel my lips gently kiss and caress your bare buttocks sending jolts of pleasure following throughout your body and you hear a moan escape your lips.

Suddenly you smell the aroma of fresh fruit and feel their softness as I slowly cover you with lots of different types of fruits and berries Not wanting to get any on my clothing I would stand in front of you and slowly remove my clothes one item at a time as you look up and watch me intently until I’m totally naked. Your glaze never leaving my firm body, and you can tell that the sight of you lying there has aroused me and you smile a wicked smile knowing what is to come. I would then take my time to slowly lick & suck my way along your body. Starting with your ankles you feel my lips and tongue slowly suck and lick along the backs of your exposed smooth legs, tasting the fruit as I work my way over your calves to your buttocks sending an arousing sensation throughout your body. You feel my gentle lips caress your buttocks and feel my tongue slide between your buttocks, the tip of my tongue flicking and probing your anus as it searches out the exotic fruits from within you. I remove my tongue and kiss the small of your back, you feel my naked body slide against you as my lips move up along your back. You feel my excitement for you as my hardening penis brushes against you, causing your heart to beat rapidly. I roll you over and look into your eyes that sparkle before me, then gentle touch your face as I let my lips sample the delicious taste of ripe kiwi fruit from you.

I gently kiss your cheek and neck taking in the delicious flavour that have become you. I move to your luscious lips sliding my tongue into your mouth searching for that delicious nectar. With my passion rising I know that there is so much more of you to explore, going down to your smooth breasts I delight in magnificent strawberries, sucking, nibbling, licking, oh you are the desert that I’ve be craving and I wasn't going to waste a moment of you. Your nipples spring to attention with the feasting they are receiving, a moan leaves your lips, pleasure fills your senses as I slide my way down your body.
I now gazed upon the prize of your sweet sex covered in blueberries, oh how I long for those berries, my tongue at first gently working its way around your inner thighs taking in as much of you as I can. I feel your fingers gasp my very erect penis and bring it to your lips where you start to lick and suck the fruit from my loins. With that my tongue slips deeply between your love lips, exploring and searching for every last one of the blueberries within you, caressing the inner walls, savoring you, desiring you.
My lips move to your clit to gently caress your love bud as my finger search for your G-spot. Your body starts to thrush about and you’re now moaning uncontrollably when I make contact with your G-spot. I feel your body tense, then all of a sudden you cried out as pleasure overwhelms your body, the erotic and sensual caresses has you withering. I feel the juices of your orgasm flow onto my mouth and tongue as I lap up this amazing time with you, my passion has become lust for you.

The feel of your pleasure and the way you are pumping and devouring my cock has taken me over the edge, my eyes roll back I call out your name, then you feel my sperm explode from my throbbing cock that convulses in your grasp.

As our orgasms subside I rolled off of you, our hearts still pounding, we make eye contact and just smiled knowing what is to follow…………………

The next time you’re eating fruit I hope this comes to mind…………

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