Curious visitor

Arthur (not his real name) is a young 24 year old straight guy with a toned, sexy, fit bod that I included among my hotlist here in AMM. While I was looking at his public pics on display, I noticed that he briefly had a glance at my profile too.

With my last remaining message for the day, I messaged him whether he might be interested in having a relaxing oil nude massage. And then we began to chat. He asked, "can I see some pics of you?"...I felt a bit excited that Arthur may be actually a bicurious young bloke. I opened my private gallery for hinm so that he could see some of my face as well as nude photos.

He messaged me back saying, "Im not really interested in massage. I am just very horny and I want you to rim my ass!". It was a bit straightforward, with no beating around the bush . ""I might come today but not sure yet because I'm a bit busy now. But if I finish early, I will come today". I replied ok.

He further added "I want to be clear before we meet, I am not gay and and will not let you do anything to me, " like have sex or something like that, but just a bit of oil massage and anal licking. I told him Im ok with that, whatever he is comfortable. He asked whether I live by myself. "I don't like if there is another person there, so if there is someone there, tell me now. Sorry to talk like this but I just wanna be clear before we meet". He further added "I am actually a kind, nice guy". I assured him that I am very discrete as well so there should be no problem.

Having opened my private gallery to Arthur, I asked whether I could see his face pic as well. He said " I can't send now, when we meet you will see me. I am not ugly, don't worry. LOL".

I replied "Id like to be straightforward too. Will you let me suck you?". "Yeah, if you wanna suck me its fine," he said. "Lick my ass and suck me, and I like to cum twice, so the first time I cum quick and then you can give me massage and again start sucking me for my second cum". Wow, I thought this sound hot!.

I then asked Arthur, "has any gay guy suck you before?" and " Do you like me to be nude when I massage and suck you?". Arthur casually replied back. "No I had never had a gay man massage or suck me before". "I don't mind whether you are nude or not...but send me your cock pic". I forgot that being a trial member Arthur did not have any access to my nude pictures. I told him that I don't have any nude or cock pic on my phone. "Send me the pic and I can come over now. Hurry up if you want".

And so I sent a semi-hard pic of my cock on his phone. And then Arthur texted back on my phone. "I can be there around 7 pm if it's ok?" "If yes send me your address and please like Ive said, no sex just lick my ass and massage me after".
I texted back my address with much anticipation.

Arthur replied back "Hey I don't need much massage ok? Just lick my ass a lot and suck my balls and maybe massage my bum, ok?" I replied, ok.

At 7 pm, I heard gentle knocking at my door. When I opened, I was greeted by a charming, handsome, polite guy. I motioned Arthur to the room where I do my massage. He seem relaxed with me. When he undressed, I saw his very toned sexy body with nice abs. He was not wearing undies and he was already very hard.

He laid face down on the bed and I couldnt help but get turned on by his nicely shaped muscular ass with soft skin. I started to pour liberal oil on his back and bum and gave him a very sensual massage, with my hand sliding from his inner thigh towards his groin, and gently touching his balls.

I can feel the base of his cock very hard while I was doing this. And then I gently massage around his anal verge using my finger, then spread his ass cheeks and started licking his ass as he asked earlier. He was moaning softly, and lifted his bum towards my face. I felt his ass became tense...Arthur told me," I just blew my load!". I saw his creamy huge load on my bed sheet.

I quickly asked him to turn over. His cock was still hard. I began sucking it gently with my tongue in a swirling motion as I go up and down the shaft of his thick cock with my mouth. I was looking at the expression of his face in ecstasy while I continue to polish his knob. And just like he promised, he squirted another warm load in my mouth in just 15 minutes. I swallowed all of it and gently cleaned the remaining cum from the tip of his cock with my tongue. Arthur seemed very happy....

When he rose up from the bed, I couldnt help be continued to be amazed by his sexy toned body with chiselled abs. Hence I asked him, can I hug your sexy bod? "Yeah sure", Arthur replied. I embraced and hugged his sexy body and pressed my hard cock to his now semi erect cut beautifully shaped cock. Arthur did not move back.

The very straightforward manner that Arthur chatted with me earlier seem to be not congruent with his kind demeanor and nice person he actually is in person. I told him "you are very nice and sexy guy , thanks for the visit". "You are welcome"...and with a cheeky smile, he said good bye. I know it is just a one off thing for this bloke but I was happy I did my best for his first guy experience.

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