In Bloom - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Lucy Vale looked towards her boss’s office from her cubicle with a sudden sense of curiosity. Just a few moments ago she had been arguing with herself about whether or not to start calling her clients. Now, she was debating whether the moan she had heard from behind Jen Bloom’s closed door had been a figment of her imagination, or something more tangible. She stole a quick glance around the room. There were only a few people in today, finishing up on some last minute contracts before the Christmas break. Heads down, they had seemingly heard nothing other than the brisk click-clack of their fingers on the keyboard, or the tinny repertoire of a client through their headset. But Lucy’s ears were tuned to something completely different.
Then, the moan came again. A low vibration of guttural lust, faint, but clear. Lucy was sure of it now, she wasn’t imagining things. She was more than familiar with the sound – she had made it herself just a couple of hours ago, as Jason’s fingers had slid inside her. But now, someone else – incredibly, her own boss – seemed to be getting some similar attention. Brow furrowed, she looked around the room once more. Still nothing – no raised heads, no curious eyebrows, no curious whispers. Zero fucks given. And then, as her eyes drifted towards Jason's cubicle, her blood froze.
Jason’s cubicle was empty. Lucy hadn’t seen him leave it, so it was possible that he was outside having a smoke, or he was in the bathroom. On the other hand, it was also possible that he was inside Jen Bloom’s office, positioning his cock over Jen Bloom's glistening opening, ready to lower himself down inside her…
The thought gave Lucy a mixture of feelings. She was strangely jealous. Jason was not her boyfriend, per se, but she felt that they shared something which could almost be considered exclusive, something private and current that would be not be shared with anyone other than themselves. She had grown accustomed to the smell of his hair, the feel of his stubble against the inside of her thighs, the press of his cock against her opening. It was at that moment, sitting dumbly in her cubicle, her ears scanning for the sounds of sex, that she realised she wanted him, and only him. Perhaps her days of unbridled choice were nearing a close, and the old adage of settling that encroached with each maturing day was becoming a reality. She wanted him, and she wanted him to want her, and only her.
But, the jealousy was confusing - when she thought of someone else licking Jen Bloom's pussy, the only thought, was that it should be her. At the same time, the thought of Jason fucking her boss turned Lucy on. She wanted to see it, to hear it – properly – and to feel it.
She wanted to watch, maybe sitting a stool, while Jason slowly and deeply fucked Jen Bloom, while Lucy spread her own legs, found the fleshly hood of her sensitive clit with her thumb, and fucked herself with her fingers. She wanted them to watch her, sliding her fingers in and out of herself, maybe her heels still on and hovering with her feet above the floor, her mouth slightly open, nipples erect. One hand on the back of the stool, supporting her arching back, her other hand beginning to moisten with the wetness from the exploration of her fingers. She wanted to make herself cum, gasping for air, while Jen could see from beneath Jason’s thrusting torso. And then, after Jason had cum deeply inside his boss, her pussy dripping his ejaculate down onto the sheets below, Lucy would want him to come over and fuck her, as she was on that stool, her legs spread wide, his cock still semi-hard and glistening as it would enter her, his hands by his sides, his only instrument the hardening member sinking into Lucy’s lubricated opening. He would fuck her, slow at first, but then hard, the stool forced onto it’s back two legs, Jen Bloom watching and touching herself in the shadows. She would feel every inch of his cock, the sensation of it filling her, leaving a momentary void to be filled as he pulled his hips back. And then, after Jason had cum inside Lucy, Jen Bloom would slither off the bed and crawl along the carpet, like a velvet cat, towards Lucy, her pussy wet and ready for Jen’s tongue to find the trail of Jason’s ejaculate, snaking up in between the fleshly folds and tasting inside, her red-painted nails digging into the insides of Lucy’s thighs…
Lucy had kicked off her heels, and was standing, in her cubicle, her mind lost in the fantasy, when she realised that she was wet. The feelings of lust had superseded those of jealousy, and her mind seemed to teeter on the edge of logic and reason. She wanted to open Jen Bloom’s door, burst in, and demand to be fucked. She wanted to lie on Jen’s desk, while Jason fucked her like an animal, and have Jen crouch above her, her fingers spreading her pussy lips, ready to be licked, ready to be tasted. And Lucy would eat her, savouring the salty taste, savouring the feeling of Jason’s cock inside her, penetrating her deeply, his hands underneath her ass, squeezing, licking from her ankle up to her calf, the noises of fucking filling the whole office… the whole building…
The desire within her burnt strongly, almost hurting her chest. It was like fire, and she realised that it would continue to burn, to rise through her body, until she found a way to stop it. As she stood there in her cubicle, the wetness running down the inside of her leg, the nipples hard beneath the fabric of her shirt, the purpose of her existence at that moment seemed clear. Life was not a circle, it was a triangle, with three distinct points – her, Jason, and Jen Bloom. It was time, she decided, to be brave. To triangulate.
Slowly, but with purpose, Lucy Vale lifted the bottom of her blouse, tucked her thumbs beneath the top lining of her leggings, and slide them down, over her thighs, down her ankles, and over her feet. She scrunched them into a ball, and tossed them into the corner of her cubicle, next to a box of unfinished paperwork. That would have to wait.
Next, she unbuttoned her blouse, and let it fall off her shoulders. She wasn’t looking around at her co-workers any more, they had faded from the equation. She stood there for a moment, in her bra and panties, looking intently at the brown oak door that led to Jen Bloom’s office. There seemed to be no more noise, no more moaning. A quiet calm had descended over Lucy, and also perhaps the office, she thought, like the universe had picked the moment, and all was aligned. Her breathing was deep, but steady, her newly exposed skin goosebumped against the morning air. She was calm, but the fire still burned inside her – and with that driving her, she began to walk towards Jen Bloom’s office.
If she had looked around at the others in the office, she would have seen a collection of bewildered faces, mouths open, phone calls half completed. But Lucy Vale had tunnel vision, her movements precise, calculated, deliberated. Once at the door, she ran her fingers over the embossed metal of the nameplate. JEN BLOOM – MANAGING DIRECTOR. The cool metal beneath her fingertips was electricity – simply tracing the name made the fire inside her burn even brighter.
Almost in a trance, Lucy leant forward and pressed her lips against JEN BLOOM, kissing the metal. It felt heavenly. Now she just needed the real thing…

And then the door opened.

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