A Few of My Favourite Things

Hmmm well I have lots of favourites.
My husband is my favourite lover, his kisses intoxicate me.
His touch is soft and gentle to arouse and make me want more, then he gives me more. Mmmmm yum.
I love kissing his generous lips as another licks my pussy then slides his delicious cock into me. I LOVE being pleasured. I adore taking my mans cock in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, teasing it a little before I take it all the way down my throat.
I love it when my favourite man pushes his hard cock into me as he watches me sucking another man's cock. He loves watching me pleasure another as he knows how good it feels when he sees me licking the underside of a cock, or around the top or deep in my mouth, I savour it . It is to me as good as chocolate without the calories. And I adore Chocolate.
I delight in the way my favourite ever so softly touches my back, which is a magical arousal evidenced as my nipples harden immediately and I am his. I'm always happy to be his in private, in public, being offered to another.
I gladly pleasure another as I always feel adoration from him as I give to others.

Kissing, touching, licking, sucking and fucking, these are just a few of my favourite things.

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