Tied up to watch

Fantasies are funny things, when should they be left a fantasy and when should you play it out. I never expected one of my dirtier ones would actually happen, but there I was, living out the fantasy, so aroused so turned on and I couldn’t do a thing about it.

You called to tell me that you were going out to have drinks with the girls and then coming back to my place to play. What person could argue with that logic? You were saying you were going to get dressed up extra sexily for the night and when you got to mine I would have something to ‘unwrap’

When you got to my door I realised you weren’t kidding, standing there in a top that was nice and tight and had a zipper that ran down the front. A short tight little skirt that could be unbuttoned from the side (already you had a fair few of them undone). Sticking out from beneath the hem of your skirt I could see the top of the stocking you were wearing… this meant that you also had on a garter belt that was attached. Already I am hard with wanting, and to top it off, I see that you’re wearing the Cum Fuck Me boots I brought you last Valentine’s Day.

I can’t believe how aroused you were. You virtually attacked me, your hands and lips were all over me. I could taste the alcohol on you. Thinking back to the text message you had sent me saying you had a sexy surprise for me, (you’re right… you’re sexy as hell at the moment)

I know I was hoping you were bringing me back one of your girlfriends but hey… “What the hell, right?” might have felt a little disappointed but that’s going as you’re going to be hot enough to handle tonight.

As you gently push me into the living room, our hands all over one another. I slide one of my hands down between your legs and feel your pussy. “God, you’re wet as hell!” I say, stating the obvious. You push me into the chair and tell me that you have been shopping on your way home. Dragging a silk length of rope from your bag, you tie my hands to the armrests and feet to chair legs… Now I am horny as hell thinking I love this surprise.

You have that naughty gleam in your eyes tonight, the one that bodes well for play. “Tonight I just feel so dirty, I want to do something different” you tell me. “Tonight, I want to try kinky”you start to tease me a little by lifting your skirt and showing the stockings and stuff. Teasing me more, you wiggle out of them little lacy knickers, walking closer you lean down and stuff them into my mouth and removing one of your stocking you use it to tie around my head holding the knickers in place. You face away from me and bend down to remove the other… showing me your gleaming wet pussy.

Talking to me, as you walk over and sit in a chair across from me you tell me that tonight I am in for the show I have always wanted. . God I think of how my cock is throbbing against my boxers. Expecting that you are going to sit there and masturbate in front of me. Then I start to hear what it is your saying, “…all of those fantasies turn me on, but that last one… Oh my god. I have not stopped thinking about it. Having you tied up so you could watch but not play.”

My mind races to the one she is talking about… oh god I hope so. I am watching you... that smile… your fingers are travelling down over your waist and dipping into your wetness... you reach into the bag and pull out another pair of panties, black lace like the ones in my mouth. You slide them on saying about how you like a new lover to remove them from you. Telling me about your night with the girls and how they were all talking about sex and the naughty things they had done.

You get up and walk behind me whispering in my ear. Knowing I am tied and can’t do anything. You tell me about this guy. “He started flirting with me; he is a little younger and so hot.” You tell me about how you flirted back; loving the attention he was giving you. You tell me how that was when you remembered the fantasy we had spoken of. You were going to call me and tell me what was happening... to tease me and make me horny.

I can’t believe she is telling me this, the feel of her lips on my ears sending goose flesh up my spine. Continuing you told me how you kissed on the dance floor and then went into the toilets to play. He made you so wet by sucking on your nipples. My mind was going crazy with wanting to fuck you. Thinking of you horny and in the toilets with him. Being slutty as hell, moaning for all to hear. picturing you on your knees and sucking his cock.

I should be angry and as jealous as hell but I’m not... I am too turned on to be any of that.

You’re telling me how his cock was the perfect size, not too long but nice and thick. How you were thinking of fucking him right there in the toilets. Letting him bend you over and just do you. Then you thought no, you would bring him home to fuck you in front of me... “Would I like that?” you ask… I nod. Kissing me you are whispering that I am going to watch. How I will see you being filled and wondering if you could deep throat him. My cock was throbbing with need.

It wasn’t about being humiliated it’s about watching her being fucked and knowing that I am there still in some small way. Watching. Hard, and enjoying it. About being teased and wanting something but not being able to have it. This is about eroticism.

Her phone rings. She smiles and says”Yes he is here and ready” applying another coat of that blowjob red lipstick. Your eyes seek mine and coming close you whisper “To be honest lover, I feel sexy, powerful and in control. I am going to get fucked and you get to watch… you are going to be so horny, so frustrated… this fella is a little rough with the kisses and using his fingers but I think he is going to really fuck me well.” “You know how you like to hear me cum; hopefully you will hear a lot of that tonight. You are the best fuck I have ever had but this is the horniest thing I have ever done. Almost like being a porn star”

There is a knock on the door and you giggle as you walk down the hall. As you enter back into the room you are followed by a tall, very good looking youngish guy. “John, this is Michael” he can’t speak to you as, as you can see he is gagged and tied. Looking straight at me you speak softly and tell me. “Be careful what you wish for Lover, you may just get it”

John, standing behind you, starts to kiss your neck, behind your ears and travelling lower. The whole time he is talking dirty to you, I know because I can see your smile and the way your nipples have hardened against your shirt. I know this should be wrong, but it’s so hot so I can’t understand how it can be wrong. I know your enjoying how frustrated your making me an so horny. Teasing me as you glance my way here and there.

His hands are on your waist, sliding up under your top, searching and finding your nipples. He is flicking them and pinching them and I can hear and see the little moans of pleasure. Your ass wiggles back into him further and further, feeling his hard length against your clothes.

Watching is the hottest thing I think I have seen. Love when you’re in a dirty mood. He slowly pulls your skirt up, his hands reaching around to the side as one hand undoes the buttons, whilst the other starts on your top. First it’s your skirt than hits the floor; almost unbuttoned his spare hand eases the shirt off your shoulders. The feel of it easing over your skin causes goose flesh as it too hits the ground. Your hand reaches for his cock. you turn into him.

His lips find yours and I watch you kiss and explore him and he you. He is telling you how hot you are and how much he wants to fuck you. His hands undoing your bra and releasing your breast to take into his mouth... lower still as you’re moaning he slides your lacy knickers down as his tongue touches that sweet pussy. Standing he teases your tongue with your taste.

His thumb electric on your clit as his fingers slide into your pussy. The fingers on your nipple are driving you crazy. You drop to your knees and you start licking and playing with his cock.

I’m thinking of how I am going to play with you later but also savouring the view. You glance over and look straight into my eyes as you take the length of him into your mouth… you get lost in what you’re doing and with every lift and lower you are taking more and more of him. His hands grab your head so that he can fuck your mouth. This is so dirty yet so hot... I can’t believe how turned on I am. There is something insanely erotic watching a cock disappears down your partner’s throat. But it is happening… and that’s my partner… Fuck its hot.

Standing back up you bend over. Your hands reaching the arm of the chair I am tied to... four face close to mine... he stands behind you and slides his length into your pussy. You moan and your eyes roll in ecstasy. he starts riding you. Pounding your pussy. I can see he is not far from cumming and your orgasm is building. Your moans are amazing. I can feel them, you are so close. Suddenly he grips your hips and slams home into you releasing his load. You’re close enough to my lips that you let your tongue flick out and lick my lips as you to spasm in orgasm…

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