Lucky Friday

I always admire this muscular body profile shots of this AMM trial member.
His profile pictures boast of a great chest and biceps that is complimented by a powerful muscular legs with a nice bulge on his crotch. This person has a nice friendly smile on his face pictures and his profile stated that members should not hesitate to contact him as he replies to all messages in his inbox.

I had always wish to give him my signature full body oil nude pampering massage and so I decided to give it a try and sent hims message a few times about a free massage offer. And even on one night that I was particular horny, I sent another message which just simply says, "Id like to suck that handsome cock".

True enough, the next day as I checked my inbox, I received a reply from Jack (not his true name) which says "I'm listening...". It feels good when someone spend time to courteously reply to our messages here in Adultmatchmaker rather being continuously ignored or worse blocked straight away.

One night, I received another message from Jack that although unorthodox for him, he was politely requesting if it is possible for me to send a message to a young hot chick from the site on his behalf as he just a trial member. This is to give his KIK username so that she could contact and chat with him. I searched the profile name of the female member that Jack was so keen to meet and chat and used my last message for the day out of goodwill. The girl had a pretty angelic face and she was offline.

The next day, I was eager to know whether Jack and the hot girl was able to hook up . When I saw Jack online again, I asked him about "Sandy" (not her real name). "No I haven't heard from her yet". Anyway, I just casually repeated again my full body oil relaxation nude massage offer to Jack ....and this time, included that it comes with happy ending. I tried to invite him for a chat as I ran out of messages for the day. Having just finished worked, Jack replied that he may consider my massage offer that evening and he can be at my place in 20 minutes!

When I asked him whether he is comfortable being massaged totally nude, Jack was cool about it, as "no one will know anyway, what will transpire under the massage table". Jack asked whether its ok to come to my place still in his dirty work clothes and I replied it is absolutely fine. He could have a quick shower at the other room before massage.

After the shower, Jack proceeded to the massage room and took off the towel and lay naked on the massage table face down. His muscular sexy body was a sight to behold and I started with the usual stretching and pour liberal oil and started massaging his back and shoulders. Jack seem very comfortable and so I continued my routine nude oil massage with long strokes working on his lower back and his bum area. I gently run my oily fingers to his crack and ass hole and slipped my hand to his inner thighs going out towards his inguinal area back and forth.

Jack whispered and commented that it felt good. While doing this massage technique which is like a Lomi-lomi style of continuous stroke on this sensitive erotic zone, my hands had bumped into his cock from below and I felt that his cock was fully erect with its knob throbbing. I did the same stroke on the opposite inner thighs and inguinal area passed my hand again to feel his thick throbbing cock slippery with oil. I sense that Jack was enjoying the sensual touch on his cock that he was lifting his bum upward to give way to my hand so that I could properly fondle his cock from behind....I put a lube on my hand and massaged the shaft of his cock from behind, while gently caressing his balls. I heard him moan softly.

At that time, my cock was so hard and I took off my tracksuit so that I could move freely around. I gently pressed my hard ccock his ass cheeks to massage bum on both sides. Jack seem to be in a bliss, and this time I gently used the tip of my finger to rub around his asshole, the followed it by using the tip of my tongue and slowly rim it. Jack's facial expression was that of ultimate pleasure. Jacked mentioned, "I was sort of expecting you to do it." I spend some time using my tongue to lick around his asshole and then repeatedly gently "tongue fucking" his hole. Jack was enjoying this so much that he was in bliss and moaning and he lifted his bum up for me to have more better access to his hole while I gently massage the shaft of his cock from behind. I felt some precum oozing from the tip of his cock.

And then I motioned Jack to turn over for the most important massage of all...I poured lots of oil on his chest, abdomen and inner thighs. I did the same sensual strokes on lower abdomen, inner thighs and groin while gently avoiding his hard throbbing cock with anticipation. And then came the most important massage of all, his hard erect penis....

Using both hands, one not he shaft and the other on the knob, in a swirling motion it was my most anticipated moment. Looking at his very sexy muscular body with pretty handsome cock! Jack's cock was so thickly hard when I finally swallowed it deep in my warm mouth. Jack had spread his thighs outward and almost fucking my mouth in a thrusting motion. I sensed his legs stiffening up while his hands were pulling up of the bed when I felt his warm cum shoot at the back of my throat. He was in ecstatic moment and I can feel his throbbing cock still spewing the last bits of his bittersweet cum which I licked gently from the tip of his cock.

This was followed by full body scrub at the shower. Jack was like a baby being pampered and cleansed of excess oil used in the massage.

He left my place in a very happy and peaceful state, and was very grateful. The most rewarding feeling I had after giving my best sensual oil massage ...

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