In Bloom - Chapter 10

In Bloom - Erotic Fiction by JimmyBlue
Chapter 10
Jen Bloom sat in her office, a pen listless between her fingers, a blank stare across her face, and her mind absolutely racing. She had returned home last night feeling a mixture of emotions: shame, liberation, fear, and power. Shame, because the professional behaviour which she had so fiercely adhered to over the last few years had all but evaporated in a wicked few hours. Liberation, because she hadn’t freed herself from those thoughts for all those years, and now she felt like a new woman – unbridled, sexy, and desirable. Fear, because she was afraid of what that liberation could mean: would she become a dedicated secret slut from now on? Uptight business woman by day, superhero sex goddess by night… the idea tickled across her mind like a trailing, suggestive finger. But, most of all, Jen Bloom felt powerful. She had opened the Pandora’s box between her legs, all of her own choosing, and fuck… it felt good.
There was a knock on the door, and Jason popped his head in, without waiting for an invitation.
‘Morning, boss!’, he said cheerily. ‘You busy?’
‘Erm.. no. I mean, yes. What is it, Jason?’
Jason stepped inside the room, a bundle of papers in his hand, and a perpetual cheeky smile across his face. ‘I’ve got last weeks sales figures here. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised’.
He put the papers on Jen’s desk, who stared at them blankly for a moment. Jason’s brow furrowed. There was something off about her today, he thought. ‘You okay, boss?’
‘What?’ Jen looked up at him. His hands were on his hips, a curious look on his face. But there was something else about him, too. Like he had already had sex before work. Jen suddenly realised how well-proportioned his upper body was.
‘I said, are you okay?’ Jason took a step forward and leaned on the desk, dark brown eyes looking deep into hers. ‘You can tell me’.
Time seemed to slow a little as Jen stared into those eyes. Her senses seemed on fire. Jason’s aftershave tickled her nostrils, the shape of his shoulders cutting a wide horizon in front of her, the definition in his triceps visible beneath his expensive linen shirt. Her eyes drifted down to the top of his pant line, and then onwards down to the barely discernible bulge resting beneath an Italian leather belt. His voice came soft, like velvet. ‘Jen?’
She swallowed.
‘I’m wet…’
The words came choked and ragged, escaping without a chance to be filtered.
‘You’re… what?’
Jen looked up at Jason’s incredulous face. She held his stare for a moment, then said again, a little more clearly:
‘I’m wet’.
‘Shit…’ Jason took a step back. For the first time since getting the job at Bloom Insurance, he was unsure of what to say next.
‘Shut the door’ Jen said softly. Jason, like a deer in headlights, didn't move.
'I -'
'Close the door, and lock it. Now'.
Jason, gulping like a fish out of water, closed and locked the door. He paused for a moment before turning around to face her. She noticed that the bulge in his pants had become a little bigger.
Jason couldn’t believe it. Did his sexy boss just tell him she was wet? Holy fuck.. maybe the fantasy that had perpetuated his dreams, his long, masturbatory shower sessions, was about to be reality. Did she want him? He felt his dick harden.
‘Jen… I - ‘
‘Did you fuck someone today?’. Her voice now was level, calm.
'Did you fuck someone. This morning. It seems like you did'
Jason's thoughts flashed back to the car with Lucy. ‘Uh.. yeah… yeah, I did’
‘Who did you fuck?’ Jen's hands went up to the top of her blouse and found a button.
‘Um.. my.. my..’ Jason’s words caught in his throat as he watched Jen’s fingers begin to unbutton herself.
‘Your what? Your lover?’ Jen was down to the third button, and Jason could see the deep crease of her cleavage. 'Your fuck-buddy?'
Jason swallowed hard. ‘Yes’.
‘What’s your lover’s name?’. Jen’s blouse was open now and her bra exposed. She began to trail a finger down her collarbone, towards the top of her breasts. Her eyes closing.
‘Lu… Lucy’
Jen’s finger stopped, and her eyes snapped open. ‘Lucy? Lucy Vale?’
Jason nodded, almost sheepishly. His cock was pressing against his pants.
‘Interesting… ‘. Jen closed her eyes again, a delicious image of Jason’s hard cock slipping deeply between the folds of Lucy Vale’s perfect, velvet pussy. She moaned at the thought.
‘I want to play a game with you, Jason’ Jen said, her nipples erect between her fingers. She heard Jason moving forward slowly, but opened her eyes and glared at him. ‘Don’t come any closer..’
Jason stopped, his palms out apologetically. Jen smiled and closed her eyes again.
‘I’m going to play with myself, make myself cum. And I want you to watch me’
She opened her eyes again. ‘Would you like that?’
‘Y..yes, Jen. Shit, I would love it’
Jen smiled at him, exposing a second breast and teasing the nipple.
‘There’s only one rule..’
Jen lifted her breast, leant down, and teased the exposed nipple with the tip of her tongue. She looked back at Jason, locking her eyes with his. ‘You cannot touch me’.
She leant back in her chair, unfastening her hair clip, and let her blonde hair fall down around her shoulders, over her breasts. ‘You can touch yourself though..’
Jason’s hands flew down to his pants, an overwhelming look of lust across his face, consuming him. He ripped his belt off, unbuttoned himself, and released his straining dick, big and thick. It sprang out like a cuckoo clock. One which Jen wanted inside her.
‘Mmm..’ her hands began to squeeze and mould her breasts, feeling the warm flesh beneath her palms, her nipples sensitive and erect. Jason’s hand went to his own flesh and wrapped the palm around his giant member, slowly walking forward. By the time he had reached the desk, Jen had spread her thighs, reaching inside to find her wettening entrance.
Jason let go of himself for a second, his cock red and pulsing, and clambered up onto Jen’s desk. The sales papers went flying. He stood before her, like a mythological god from Ancient times, and began to stroke himself. He seemed unfazed by the ceiling fan whirling inches above his head – concentrating only on the erotic display before him.
Jen’s finger slowly slipped inside her pussy, the wetness sucking at her digit, eliciting a small cry of pleasure from her lips. Jason continue to jerk off above her, panting slightly as an orgasm began to build within his loins. His hips pulsed back and forward, fucking himself, watching Jen slip a second finger inside herself.
‘I’m going to cum for you Jen.. let me cum for you…’
‘Mmmm fuck.. cum for me Jason… cum on your boss..’
‘Oh shitttttt..’
Jen felt the thick, hot ropes of cum splash down on her from above, Jason’s animalistic cry accompanying a shaking orgasm which emptied his balls and gifted Jen with his erotic offering. The semen laced her breasts and crept down her tummy, warm and sticky. Jen’s two fingers pumped her opening deeply, and she spread her legs wide, cumming hard as Jason fell to his knees on her desk.
‘Mmmmm oh goddd.. Jason… I’m cummmming..’
Jen’s own orgasm rose through her like a wave, trembling down her thighs and through the tips of her toes, her heeled feet shaking in pleasure. She breathed airless breaths as the electricity of her climax reached its zenith, then settled within the centre of her core. She looked up at Jason who was on his haunches, breathing heavily, a smile on his face.
‘Boss… I never knew…’
Jen chuckled, stretched, and proceeded to taste her own fingers as Jason watched, mesmerised.
‘You look amazing… my cum on you… your legs spread…’
Jen paused mid suck and looked into his eyes.
‘So… want to fuck me now?’

Outside, in her own cubicle, Lucy Vale sat looking at her list of callers. She did not feel like selling today..
And then, maybe from inside Jen Bloom's office, she heard a moan.

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