I love Oral

I have long had a desire to have someone piss into my mouth. I had first tasted my own many years ago when I was into alternate medicine and drinking one's own urine first thing in the morning was seen as having health benefits.

I subsequently met a guy on this web site who enjoyed the same and we had a couple of sessions drinking each others golden nectar, sometimes direct from the spout and sometimes from a glass, enjoyable either way although by the glass gives more time to savour the subtle flavours of a well hydrated urine.

I decided to place an ad in the personals of an online website.

I first posted my ad on the 24th Feb looking for a young slender guy to come to my place and piss in my mouth and then let me give them a blow job . I made a few edits and reposted on the 1st March

Whilst I had a few responses, none of them followed through with a visit.

With one exception however, a young man I shall call Ken (not his real name)
Ken replied to my ad with a great pic of his cock and advised that as he was straight he had no interest in blowing me or anything else but was happy to come around and piss in my mouth and see if I could blow him, he had doubts that this would succeed but was happy for me to try.

We tick tacked by SMS a few times and made a suitable time, late on Saturday night.

I was quite looking forward to his visit and waited patiently for his arrival At a little before 11 on Saturday night he knocked and the door and I went to great him

Boy was I pleasantly surprised, he was a little older than the age range I preferred but at around 30 he was in great shape.

I invited him in and took him to my bedroom where we both disrobed.
He was magnificent, slender but athletic and good looking too.

He was obviously a little turned on at the prospect as he had a semi hard on.

I led him to the shower where we bathed him together, cleaning all his nooks and crannies. I turned off the shower and changed places. I squatted in front of him, took his penis in my mouth and said go for it.

He had a little 'performance anxiety' and could only piss in spurts, stopping each time I closed my lips around his shaft to swallow.

Deciding that this would take forever I asked him to piss into a pint glass sitting on the hand basin, which he did rapidly and without difficulty.

When he had finished I took the glass held it up to the light and admired the light straw colour, a sign of a well hydrated man.

I lifted it to my lips and downed it, not in one gulp but taking my time and enjoying the pleasant distinctive flavour. He advised that he had had a sports drink earlier in the evening and it gave his man champagne a pleasant extra flavour.

I then led him back to the bedroom, laid him down on my waterbed and positioned myself between his legs and took his now hardening cock in my mouth where it promptly sprang to full attention. I took the shaft fully into my mouth, moved my head up and down the shaft flittered the head with my tongue and regularly moved to his balls and taint both of which I licked and caressed with my tongue, taking each ball into my mouth and gently sucking them.

After a short while he started tensing and it became obvious he would soon blow, I slowed down a bit to prolong his pleasure and then when the inevitable was close, sped up and took his full load in my mouth, savouring every last drop.

When he had blown his load I asked him to turn over and spread his cheeks and kissed and licked his arse, moving down to his taint and back to his anus, pushing at the hole with my tongue, licking and sucking all the time.

After about 5 minutes I rolled him over and started on his cock again whilst at the same time caressing and fingering his arse.

Eventually I slipped my finger into his anus and we just lay there, with me sucking his cock and my finger deep inside his arse massaging his passage, moving in and out and enjoying the feel of the smooth lining of his arse.

After a long period of sucking and fingering he needed another piss so I stopped what I was doing and took him back to the shower and repeated the earlier experience. The glass was just as full, just as pale, and tasted just as good.

After another shower we dressed chatted briefly and he went on his way, about an hour and a half after he had arrived.

I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did and that he makes a return visit or three.

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