Dream foreplay

We have been organising to meet for a while after chatting on AMM and text msg's. Finally its here, the chance we have wanted. I arrive, nervous but excited. I knock on the door. You open it, wearing a tight red dress. All I can see is a little bit of a black lace bra you have worn to excite me. My favourite. You ask me to sit down on your leather couch, followed by "do you want a drink with me". I ablige and you head into the kitchen to the fridge. Your dress teases me. Not only how short and tight it is ,but I can see the marking or your g-string. You come back, sit next to me and we chat over a glass of wine. The conversation turns to sex. You bite your bottom lip, a sign I can tell your enjoying the conversation. We both want it, but theres no hurry. Lets build it up. I put my hand on your thigh, moving it up a bit. We cant wait. I lean toward you and we kiss. That schiver comes at the first touch of lips. We start soft, then slowly tongues get deeper and I run my hand from your chin down to the top of your dress. Passion is out of control. I stop and pull away. I would love to see and play with your breast. Your top is too tight to pull it out, but enough to expose your nipple. It is a little hard, but not enough. I tease it, softly flicking the tip of it. Theres a little moan. If I take it all, you might enjoy it. I open my mouth wide, lean down and take it all in my mouth. Sucking like a vacume, Im also flicking it with my tongue. It is growing, hard and long, just the way I love it. By now your attacking my zip, trying to pull it down. You get it down but its not enough. My belt must come off. There it is. Exposed. You tell me you "cant wait to feel it", skin to skin. By now I am hard. You start to pull up and down. I tell you "not yet", so you lick your fingers, get them wet and grab my cock again, teasing my knob. The most sensative part of my body. I shudder. I love it so much. Im at no return. I need your pussy to lick. I stand up, you go to move but I tell you to "sit there". Dont take your dress off, but lift it above your hips and spread your legs. You do. I can see it is a bit moist. I want you saturated though. I get down on my knees, while your sitting with your legs apart. Your pussy is exposed. Here is my joy, a ready and willing pussy to eat. I flick your clit, you put your head up and say "oh yes". I then swirl my tongue a bit harder. You start to shiver. I stop, move down a bit and plunge my tongue inside your pussy. My finger is now inserted at the same time. Your legs are shaking. I know you are horny as hell and my nose and chin is covered in your pussy juice. I can smell and feel the musky moisture. I cant help myself, my hand is now wrapped around my cock as much as possible, Im as hard and thick as I can be. Your legs move in and becone stiff. My head is like its in a vice. It cant move and I am struggling to breath. I dont care, I want you as wet as possible. You are now moaning. I know your ready to coat me with cum. Its far to early in the session for this. I grab your hips and pull my head out. You are sitting there nearly passed out from pleasure. I can tell your frustrated I stopped you from an orgasm. I stand, grab your hand and pull you up. I tell you "there must be a bed waiting for us". You lead me to your bedroom. There is a king bed, a 4 post bed. Mmmm my imagination runs wild. Those posts could come in handy. I lay on the bed, soft pink silk sheets teasing my back. I love silk. You demand to suck my cock, but I want my knob teased. Your tongue touches. It swirls then you do your best to take it all. "Swallow me all the way to my balls". My head goes back. I tell you" I love your wet, warm mouth". I grab your head and softly move it up and down. I can tell its starting to gag you so I stop and pull you off me. I demand you ride my face. I say "I love eating pussy and having my cock sucked". Lets do both at the same time. You jump on my face. A bit too hard but thats ok. You start moving back and forth, grinding your clit on my chin. I use all my strength to lift you up. I do and say "lean forward and suck my hard cock at the same time". You say you would "love to suck my cock while fucking my face". You lean down and we are into it. We are both in so much pleasure. I want to cum, you want to cum. I can feel and orgasm cumming. I push you off as hard as I can. Only hole I want to explode in is your pussy. We get off the bed, stand up and undress, totally naked. We kiss, hugging eachother so we have as much skin touching eachother as possible. We are ready! I tell you "my cock is all yours, fuck it how you want to". I cant wait to hear what you will tell me. You tell me you want to ?????????
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