My First 3-Way - Part 1

RE-POSTED with a few edits/improvements, was written with a previous account.

My interest in couples started spontaneously just over 7 years ago when I travelled to a friend’s 40th at a house party in Sydney and ended up going home with a couple. Being a close friend I arrived early to help set up and was in charge of music, well a play list. Once the party warmed up a bit I noticed a sexy lady, a few years older than me and I have always liked my lovers older. We kept trading glances and I asked my friend Chris who she was. He laughed and said she was his neighbour and definitely not an option as she was married and he pointed out her husband to me.

Anyway we kept looking at one another. When I went to the bathroom to get a drink from the bath filled with ice and booze she was in there. I introduced myself to Hannah and we started with flowing conversation that was normal but flirtatious - we spoke about ice on nipples and she almost gave me a demo. She asked me if I wanted to join her for a “J” in the back garden? I told her that I don’t smoke but would happily accompany her. We went outside and found a quiet corner and she lit up. She asked if she could blow some smoke into my mouth and I said yes not to come across too nerdy. It was a very sexy moment when she came closer and I opened my mouth to let her blow smoke in. There was a little bit of tongue action and she let her hand rest on my groin and was rubbing ever so slightly. I got hard straight away and placed my hand on her sexy inner thigh.

Just then her husband arrived and he didn’t seem concerned that we were sitting so closely and that her hand was on my groins and mine on her legs….but he was interested in the joint. She just kept rubbing my groin right there in front of him and he was watching eagerly. I started to get bolder and reached higher on her thigh and she didn’t stop me as I slipped a finger into her underwear and played with her clit and opening. Wow, she was wet and moved her pussy onto my fingers with such great rhythm.

A track she liked came on and she said lets dance and dragged me inside. We danced for ages and it got * real sexy*, she was rubbing her sexy ass against me and her husband, Michael, didn’t seem to mind - in fact he seemed to encourage it which at the time I thought was weird. I asked her about it and she said he likes to see her flirt with other men and push the boundaries - she said that they often fantasized about her with another man and were open to it happening with the right person. Hannah went to the bathroom and then I lost her for a while and chatted to Michael for a while. We were both in IT so we talked shop for a while and he seemed to be OK with what had happened with Hannah - he even mentioned how he liked to see her dance with somebody as he was not a dancer and he didn’t want to deny her that pleasure.

The party was starting to wind down and Hannah was in deep conversation with a large group so I thought that was the end of the flirt and decided to head back to my hotel which had a great bar with the hope to get lucky, Hannah had mad me really horny. Just as I was about to head out to get a cab, Hannah appeared and asked where I thought I was going? I mentioned that I had a room at the Hilton and that I might check out the Bar, Zeta. She said she had always wanted to go to Zeta and asked Michael if they join us for a drink there. He said yes but wanted to go to their place first to have another j. So off we went to their place 2 doors down. Hannah went upstairs and came back with a box to do the rolling, as she crossed her legs on the couch opposite me I noticed that she had no undies and I started pre-cumming right away. She knew that I had seen it and kept the flash going. I decided to make a move and offered her a shoulder massage if it was OK with Michael - he said of course and mentioned that she needed one. As I rubbed her shoulders from behind she started making nice groaning noises and I made sure that she felt my erection in the small of her back. They smoked the J inside their house and I noticed how much more relaxed she became almost straight away. I asked if I could slip her dress off her shoulders to go lower down and she replied by slipping the dress off her shoulders AND removing her bra - she was now almost naked.

OMG, she has really sexy small size B’s with great big nipples. This was almost to hot for me to handle but I kept my cool and kept massaging and she kept groaning. I became bolder and reached around and massaged the top of her breasts. When she didn’t object I moved south to the nipples and played with them, they were erect and it was so sexy playing with her titties! Soon I had a nipple in each hand and she was groaning. I looked over towards Michael to make sure it was Ok and he had unzipped and was playing with his cock which was hard but quite small..less than 5 inches.

I was literally dry humping her from behind as I played with her nipples and pre-cumming so much. I reached down between her legs and she was dripping wet and she pushed herself onto my fingers, fucking them whilst making nice animal like noises. At this point I realised that there we were past the point of no return and that I was going to have my first 3-way so I became bolder with my talk....telling Hannah that she was naughty and she seemed to respond to dirty talk. She asked Michael if he liked watching her being fingered by another man and he said he did.. She asked him if she could be a slut for the night and again he agreed.

Michael seemed to be happy letting us two play whilst he kept playing with his cock. Hannah turned around and we started kissing passionately and she unbuckled and unzipped me. She seemed happy with what she had in hand and told Michael how naughty she was being holding another big hard cock and that she was going to get herself a real good fucking soon. At this point Michael came all over his jeans and disappeared to clean up. Hannah guided me upstairs to their bedroom and just lay back on the bed and said "Fuck me Max!”. I didn’t need any encouragement and plunged right into and fucked her like an animal, she came a few times and I was really happy that she was multi-orgasmic as my last girlfriend was a cum once lover and once she had cum most of the times it was over… she was almost male like. Hannah on the other hand was very vocal and came so many times it was unbelievable. She also opened herself so wide so that I could go deep as possible. We fucked for well over 30 minutes before we heard Michael come into the room. He was hard again, but not very big, less than 5 inches. He walked over and slid underneath Hannah as I was taking her from behind so that they were in a 69 beneath me. She sucked his little cock whilst he licked her clit and my shaft as I fucked her. I was too drunk to care that another guy was licking my shaft as I pounded his wife pussy right there in front of him. There was lots of dirty talk and Hannah encouraged me to tell Michael how well I was fucking her. He mentioned that he enjoyed seeing her cum on another cock and fuck her for long (I later learned that he was a quick cummer, 5 minutes at most). Eventually I came and came so big inside her. Hannah pulled off my cock and sat on Michael’s face and asked him to lick her clean. I later learned that there was a term call Cream Pie which Michael was devouring, fresh cream pie.

I ended up spending the night with them and we had loads more fun which I can tell about later... but to keep your interest... we had another 2 good fucks before they had to go and pick up their kids from the grandparents, what a yummy mummy.. I got back to my hotel room just in time to checkout and paid for a room that I hadn’t even really used. Had the biggest smile on my face all day...since then I yearn for sexy time with couples.

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