Impromptu swinging fun 3xTS + 2 guys.

Friday afternoons seem to be the time to let loose for me and find some fun. This time I was in Melbourne again, and a TS friend whom I had met several years prior messaged me with no uncertain terms telling me she wanted me to fuck her at her place now.

I got myself ready, made myself nice, and jumped in the car. 30 minutes later I was parked in heading to her front door in the Melbourne CBD.
When I knocked on the door she had a concerned look on her face, she asks "Do you mind if I invited some friends over?". I didn't mind, we were by no means exclusive but this girl is great in the sack. ;)

I'm invited in, and she takes me to the spare room where she asks me to strip down and put a towel on instead. I'm more than happy to make my cock accessible especially where this girl loves the cock.

We head into the lounge room where there is another tgirl in a short dress, and another guy wearing a towel. We are introduced to one another and I am offered a seat. I take a seat and the other tgirl comes over and gives me a peck on the cheek and a grope of my cock... she loves it.

There is another knock on the door, and another tgirl comes into the apartment, again stunning, leggy and with a tight ass.
We are introduced and she does this light grind with her ass against my crotch.... WOW!

We all head off to the spare bedroom again, this time my friend and the first girl want me to fuck their other male friend before they take their turns on him... wow!
But first, we are both treated to a double blowjob from the first two girls, while the third watches on from the sidelines. Except she didn't stay there for long, and joins in on the cocksucking fun.

Now that i'm nice and hard, my friend slips on the rubber expertly with her mouth while the other guy is having his ass licked out by her friend. She gets him lubed up and works a few fingers in while the mouth on my cock keeps working me up.

I'm guided by my cock to the gaping hole that is has asshole, and am slid deep into his ass and once he has adjusted a start a very slow and deep pistoning of his ass. One of the tgirls slips under him and starts sucking on his cock while i'm sliding my cock in and out of his ass... already this is exceeding expectations and dreams.

I slide my cock from his ass just as my tgirl friend slips on a condom and readies herself to continue where I left off. I slide out in a smooth single motion, and she slides in without missing a beat and begins continuing the efforts on his ass.

Her friend slips my condom off and pops my cock into her mouth and works on my cock some more. The other friend who was waiting on the sidelines is watching on stroking her cock while watching on. The other guy is bent over doggystyle, and she takes this opportunity to fill his mouth with her hard cock.

My tgirl friend slips her cock out of the guy, while her friend gets herself ready... she really wants to take this guy to town now, and my friend wants me to do the same to her too.

We switch over and right after her friend slips into the guy's ass, my friend tells me to fuck her now and hard.

Who am I to deny a lovely girl like this a real fucking in her tight hole.

So together with her friend, we fuck our respective asses long and hard with all the slapping and moans accompanying them. After several minutes of hard fucking the guy is moaning louder and harder, I glance over and he is getting a handjob from the third girl while getting his ass reamed hard. He starts blowing his load all over the carpet, while the cock in his ass starts cumming too (by the sounds of the owner of that cock).

My friend and I keep going at it, and I tell her I am going to blow an enormous load inside of her, and she tells me to "fuck me harder!". I grab her hips tighter and start pummelling her ass harder and deeper as I start blowing a huge load in her.

Tell me what you think... This is a legit one ;)

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