A First Meet...

The following is an absolutely true story, based on my side...& their side (written by them). I've not mentioned their names to protect their privacy)

Leading up to this day we'd chatted, flirted, exchanged erotic scenarios, & also pics, & we really had developed a great connection. But today we were finally meeting, to chat over coffee. Of course I was nervous, but also very excited. And on the drive to Brisbane, I played out in my head how the day might go, & what i might say.

I arrived at their hotel late morning, & waited in the lobby for them. They'd gone out for a late breakfast, but were on their way back....so I looked out for their taxi, butterflies in my stomach. After about 10 minutes, a taxi pulled up, & a couple got out of the taxi, & entered the lobby. It was them! As she (I'll call her X ) approached me, my jaw practically dropped......she was even more gorgeous in person than in her photos!! I was stunned, & almost forgot what I was going to say! We hugged, & gave each other a little kiss, & then I grinned & told her to do a "models twirl" for me. It was a good ice breaker, as she gave me an embarrassed laugh & told me to shoooosh!

They needed to drop things off in their room, before we were going to head out for coffee & lunch, so invited me up. I'd thought they might ask me to wait in the lobby, but I didn't hesitate to go with them. I learnt later that on the way up in the lift, MrsX wanted to rip my clothes off there & then...& jump me! Once in their room, they sat on their bed, & I sat on a chair at the end of the bed, & we chatted. Mr X was relaxed, & had some funny comments, & I started to relax more & more. Talking to him also helped to drag my eyes away from MrsX! lol

I was starting to wonder when we might be going out for coffee, when MrX started to lightly massage MrsX, & then lifted the back of her dress to reveal her sexy panties.....asking me how they looked? I replied that they were very nice indeed.....then he proceeded to remove her dress & said I needed to see more clearly. She didn't protest, but I still looked at her to see if she was comfortable with how fast things were progressing. She didn't look at me (I guessed she might be a little surprised or nervous), but instead lay on her stomach with her feet hanging off the side of the bed, & MrX started to rub her shoulders & back.

Deciding that I should do something, I stood up & walked to her feet, & removed her shoes. Then I began to lightly kiss along her legs, up to her butt, & along her back....up to her neck, & ears. I could feel her quiver as my tongue touched the back of her ears, & I continued back down her body. As I got to the middle of her back, my hands reached under her to cup her breasts. She moaned, & I slid my hands under the fabric, to caress her nipples. MrX was stroking her head, then removed some of his clothes, until he was in his underwear. And I continued down her body...to the back of her panties...licking along the edging where the elastic touched her thighs. She was squirming, & I licked her softly through her panties, seeing the wet patch....from my tongue, & her excitement. Then lifting the elastic, I licked all along that area, again not touching her lips. After a while I gently removed the panties....to finally have my first glimpse of her pussy. Mmmmmm This was surreal....& Heaven!

I removed my shirt & trousers, then softly turning her over, I opened her thighs, & began licking up her legs again, pausing at her mound, to admire it, then lightly blew cool air on her moist lips, enjoying the reaction as she gasped. But not touching her....yet. Licking along her thighs again, downwards...& back up....this time she put her hands on my head & begged me to eat her. My breath on her pussy again, but this time I flicked my tongue out & licked her lips. She immediately gasped & moaned, & mashed my head into her, her pussy grinding at me. After only 15 seconds or so her breathing quickened, & I was pleasantly surprised to see her orgasm. Giving her a short time to recover, I leaned back down to lick & suck on her clit. Again, she grabbed my head & pulled it tight against her, & again she came within 20 seconds! While I was doing this, MrX was kissing her, & nibbling on her nipples.

Previous to our meeting MrsX had told me her record with MrX for orgasms was 30 in one go. And I'd jokingly said that we'd try to beat that. But as her orgasms mounted, I started to wonder if this might happen! As her orgasms mounted, & she began to cross her legs to "hide" from my tongue, I decided to let her suck on me. Removing my pants, I noticed already all the precum from the excitement of her delicious body! Moving up the bed, I approached her head & she grinned hungrily at me. She turned her body, & lowered her mouth over my hard cock, slowly lowering her mouth, taking me inside her, sucking eagerly. I'd never in my life come from a bj, but it was hot watching her suck on me! While she was doing this, MrX began licking her pussy, & fingering her. Again, her orgasms mounted....easily passing 20 by now. This woman was amazing.....I'd never experienced a woman cumming so often & so regularly....it turned me on incredibly!

Pulling away, I noticed how disheveled her hair was, from writhing on the bed earlier in pleasure. It was literally in knots! I kissed her again, then noticed MrX sucking on one of her nipples...so I decided to lick the other one. Sucking on those gorgeous perky nipples, she soon was moaning...her whole body attuned now to our every little touch. It wasn't long before she gasped & said "I'm cumming!"....a first for her, cumming from just nipple play. Then MrX & I leant her on her back, & just "looked" at her, no touching, licking our lips, & smiling at her...our breaths only touching her. She must have known what was inside our minds, because to my amazement, her body started twitching, her breath coming faster, her legs shaking as she started to cum uncontrollably....a mental orgasm! Wow....this was also a first.

Laying on my back, I let her mount me in a 69....as soon as her pussy lowered onto my mouth, my hands went to her arse cheeks & pulled her close, my tongue delving inside her pussy. Almost immediately she came, & raised her pussy to rest. Then, after 10 or 20 seconds, she allowed me to lick again. This went on over & over, & as my tongue licked her, & thrust deep inside her, she rested less & less....collapsing onto my face, she came over & over again....continuous orgasms. But while she was doing this, her hand was pumping my cock, & her mouth sucking on me. The pleasure of this, plus of her cumming again & again on my mouth, was overloading my senses to the point where I felt closer to orgasm (from a bj) than at any other time in my life. I slowed my hip motion, & pulled back slightly.....I didn't want to cum yet....& not in her mouth.

MrsX climbed off of me, & lay on her back, tired, but not finished yet. So I climbed forward to kiss her deeply, letting her taste her delicious pussy juices on my tongue. MrX was laying on his side, stroking himself, admiring his gorgeous wife in her flushed look from cumming so much. Pulling away from her to look at her, she smiled up at me & said "Please fuck me!" This was a moment I'd been looking forward to for so many months. Kneeling between her open legs, I rubbed the head on her clit, teasing her...then entered a few centimetres. Then pulled out & rubbed the head again. She was writhing, & telling me to fuck her, so I slid deeper.....she grabbed my back, & pushed her hips up, arching her back....moaning in pleasure as I entered her fully. She gave a gasp, & made a large O from her mouth, as she looked at MrX, as if to say "Hunni, he's all the way inside me....". Thrusting in & out, I leaned close & kissed her again, then opened her legs & placed them around my waist, so she could hug me with them, & pull me tight against her. As she came again I could feel my own orgasm approaching, & told her. This excited her & she asked me to cum with her. "Ohhhhhh, I'm cumming!" I said......& she was too! Then, as I shot deep inside her, she came also. About that time, I glanced over, & saw that MrX had just cum too, from his stroking. A trifector! lol. Collapsing in her arms, my pumping slowed, & her hip movements lessened, as she drained every drop out of me.

Talking afterwards, I asked how many times she thought she'd cum. We weren't exactly sure, but MrX said it was easily over 50 times! All in the space of about 2 hours! Wow!!

On my drive home later, I reflected on the day, that was supposed to be only chat, & decided, this couple weren't just memorable....they were amazing! I felt such a warm connection with them as if we were life-long friends....& I hope we will be. Truly, a "first meet" to remember.

We had planned to meet just for a coffee to see how things would go. Although we had played with couples before, we had never played with a single guy. Little did we know how well they would go!

Meeting in the lobby, we needed to go up to our room to drop somethings off. Asa offered to wait in the lobby but we told him it was fine to come up. I was a little nervous, but his "Do a runway model twirl for me" comment eased that.
We just chatted in our room for a bit, and I was feeling very comfortable, and I was waiting to see if MrX felt the same. When he lifted my dress to show Asa my black and white g-string I guessed that he was!

After that, the afternoon was a blur....from Asa seeming to take hours to take my g-string off, with me squirming as he licked me through the black and white lace and satin, while MrX kissed and licked my neck and flicked my nipples. I was so turned on by the time Asa finally slid my g-string off he barely touched me and I came.
After that, it was a blur of orgasm after orgasm...it felt like every nerve was alive and on fire.

MrX and Asa were swapping and changing positions...moving me where they wanted me. One minute I was being fingered and licked by Asa as MrX licked my neck, & nibbled my ear. The next, I was being fingered and licked to orgasm after orgasm by MrX as I sucked and licked Asa's delicious cock...then Asa laid down so I could straddle him in a 69er. Cumming over and over as I devoured his cock....I could feel him getting closer and closer to cumming, but he didn't want to finish like that.
At one point I couldn't stop cumming and just collapsed my body on top of him, shuddering as wave after orgasmic wave hit me...& at another point all they did was look at me and I came...I even had a nipple orgasm....something which has never happened before (but have enjoyed a lot more of since then!!)

After a while MrX whispered in my ear and asked if I was ready to be fucked...Asa moved between my legs and I asked him to please fuck me. The combination of the look in MrX's face as he watched Asa's cock slide in me, and feeling Asa's cock slowly slide into my wet pussy, sent me over the edge and I came again....and again and again....until finally....as MrX came from pulling himself, Asa and I came too...

Finally....we all collapsed...drained...with the guys laughing...wondering what the record was for orgasms and them both being sure I had broken it....

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