The Walk

It was 5:15am something had woken him , then he realised he had cast the Duvet off him during the night and the temperature had dropped he was cold and he covered his naked body and felt the immediate warmth, yet it was not all and his erection stood proudly and somewhat painfully, he realised he needed to get up and after a minute he flung the covers aside again and sat up and then stood and walked to the bathroom, he drank water and wryfully grinned as his erection subsided enough to allow him to bend it in the direction of the bowl... ablution over he got back into bed and held himself - closing his eyes he went back in time and heard her stamping her boots on the deck outside as she returned from a short walk - camera in hand she walked through the door - cheeks flushed with the exercise and the wind - he stood and helped her off with her coat and she walked to the lounge where she placed her calf length leather booted leg on the coffee table and waited - he bent down and unzipped the boot and with both hands eased her stockinged foot out , he did the same with the other - her hand on his shoulder steadying herself and then she sat down - he placed the boots sided by side at the door and walked to the sidetable to pour a sherry - which wordlessly she accepted and sipped, he knelt at her side and reached up under her skirt feeling for the top of her stocking and began to roll it down, he was good at this and soon her legs were bare and she stretched them hard against his thigh - as they relaxed he slid onto the couch opposite her and took her foot in his hand - they smelt of leather and her and he relished it - he massaged her feet one buy one flexing each toe and the instep and the heel .... once each foot was done he lay them on his chest and worked on the other until he knew she was satisfied - they had been silent, she observing him through half closed satisfied eyes - it was a dance almost in that they partook and now he took his pleasure and one by one he drew her toes into his mouth - their eyes locked together ... as the first foot was done she pushed it under his shirt her toes found his erect nipple and they scratched it then they pincer like grabbed it between toes and squeezed and twisted - as the other foot was finished it too sought the other nipple - it was delicious pain and he closed his eyes in ecstasy until she twisted again and he opened them to continue their staring deep into each others soul - until with a half imperceptible nod he unzipped his jeans and withdrew his erection - it stood proud and hard and he pulled down to reveal the glans shining in the halflight - eyes locked to each other she observed out of her peripheral vision as he gripped the base hard and she intensified her twisting and pinching till with a gasp he erupted and a ticker tape stream of white spurted twice into the air and landed on her thigh, she allowed herself a smile - he would soon be on his knees tending to that ......

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