Work party

Do you ever sit there and wonder how your life became the way it is

I do. It is definitely not how I had planned it. Don’t get me wrong I have a good life, good family, good job, good friends but some parts are not as they were supposed to be. I was not to be in a now sexless marriage. I was however supposed to be in a relationship with someone who enjoyed sex as much as I did. Where we had regular sex just because we enjoyed it, like dessert after a meal, you’re not hungry you just like the taste. Even like exercise, it may be a bit hard to get motivated to do it at the start but once you get into it you enjoy it and afterwards you are glad you did. I know there are some people like that out there because I read about them on sites like this one.

Tony and Jan were like that. I work with Jan a bit, she is an IT consultant to the company I work for so I spend some time with her on a regular basis at least fortnightly. She is a beautiful woman, tallish, about 6 feet. Blond hair usually cut in a bob, nice body, good size C/D boobs, nice curved arse and a cute smile. She is mid 40’s, nor skinny but also not overweight. My mother would say she has big bones, which is usually what I am left with when we work together. She wears mainly mid length well fitted summer dresses, straps over her shoulders, sweet heart neck line, tucked in around her waist and a nice light bouncy skirt section down to just above her knees. She has sensuous curves all in the right locations and a sexy confidence in how she holds herself. She has definitely been the focus of many of my wank sessions imagining what it would be like between those inviting thighs
So it was without hesitation that I accepted an invite to drinks at her place, yes she is married, to celebrate the end of the year. I gather it was drinks for a lot of the people she works for in the various companies she subcontracts too.
Their house was lovely and most of the night had gone all as usual, meeting new people and general conversation. By about 11 pm the numbers had dwindled down to about 4 couples and me sitting around their lounge room. My wife was away at the moment so I was in no need to go home early to an empty house.
As does when the numbers get smaller and the level of alcohol gets higher the general conversation had moved onto things of a sexual nature. I gathered those who were left, except me, were more close friends of Tony and Jan than work associates as the conversation quickly moved into the areas of the unusual places where they had sex, unusual people they had sex with and the unusually sex they had. I didn’t join into the conversation that much I was more of an observer. Over the next hour the numbers slowly dwindle until it was just me sitting opposite Tony making small talk while Jan showed the last couple out the door. On her return she plonked herself down alongside Tony on one of the 3 seater couches and snuggled up to his side. I mentioned that it was probably a good time for me to leave but Tony said don’t be silly, they were still ok for a couple of more hours and there was no need for me to hurry home.
Jan rested her head on Tony’s shoulder and held his arm while we continued to chat. She was looking gorgeous all night in a close fitting dark blue cocktail dress with a low cut neckline and splits up the side of the skirt section so every now and then you got a glimpse of her whole leg as it escaped, only to tease you and then slip back under the dress. While she sat there her left hand had rested on Tony’s leg and over the next few minutes it than slipped down to his inner thigh. I snuck glimpse down every few moments and could see her pinky finger was slowly rubbing the bulge in Tony’s pants, which also appeared to be growing moment by moment. Tony’s voice had also slowed down and he took his time to reply to my statements and questions and his breaths got deeper and deeper. Jan was no longer contributing to the conversation, she had her head resting on Tony’s shoulder and her eyes were closed, obviously in a world of her own as her pinky finger had brought tony to full hard on as it tried to burst out of his pants. Tony looked down on Jan, lent down and kissed her; it was then that I disappeared out of their immediate world.
As they kissed Jan’s full hand began to rub Tony’s swollen cock through his pants. His left hand slipped her dress strap over her shoulder and allowed her right breast to become free, his hand moved down and began to fondle her breast and nipple. Jan’s hand was now undoing the belt and the fly of Tony’s pants in a feverish attempt to release his cock. His head of his cock became free and he let out a deep sign as her hand wrapped around it and tugged it further free of his trousers. Once she had got his cock about hallway free she broke away from their kiss, bent down and took his cock into her mouth.
Tony’s was leaning as far back on the couch as he could, head back moaning softly as he thrust his hips upward freeing up more of his cock to be swallowed down by Jan. His hand had to leave Jan’s breast and was stroking the back of her head as she bounced down on his cock I just sat there and watched, not making a sound hoping I would not startle them and the would flee away stunned into the night. My cock was now rock hard now and trying to burst out of my pants but I dare not touch it in case I broke the spell. As Jan feverishly worked on Tony’s cock she slowly slid down off the lounge onto her knees and around to the front of him, thus allowed her better access. All the time her mouth never left his cock and Tony never stopped softly moaning. She placed her hands down each side of his hips and as he raised his hips in one swift movement she pulled both his pants and jocks down to his ankles. Now Tony opened his legs wide apart and caught his breath as Jan now took the fully length of his shaft into her mouth. I was sitting in front of them but slightly off to one side. I now had this perfect round arse, still in the tight blue cocktail dress, right in front of me and could easily see the full length of Tony’s gorgeous cock every time Jan came back up for air. I had the dilemma of what to do. Slide that dress over that perfect arse and slid my cock into that surely wet throbbing pussy or bend down beside Jan and help her devour that huge rock hard cock. Instead I sat there, cock pulsating and just continued to watch.
Ten minutes in and there was no sign of stopping. Tony now leaned forward and raised Jan’s head off his cock. He motioned her to stay on her knees but to turn around and face the other way. Once around he slid the back of her dress over her round arse, slipped her panties down, kneeled behind her and slid that long hard cock up her pussy. She squealed in excitement as his balls slapped the back of her arse and he began a slow steady rhythm of pumping her pussy. To start Jan’s head had been facing down but as they began to work she raised her head. The thrusting was making her hair sway forwards and backwards, covering her face every time she thrust backwards to then release her face every time Tony thrust deep in her pussy causing her to rock forward.
It was then that Jan’s and my eyes met, and once they met she stayed focused on me the whole time. With each deep thrust from Tony her smile would widen and she would softly coo. As Tony built up a faster and harder rhythm her eyes became more intense and piercing, they held me motionless and were so captivating that I could almost feel what she was feeling as Tony’s cock slid in and out of her pussy. Both of them had built up to fever stage now and with a long moan Tony unleashed his load, but as he stopped Jan took up the rhythm she starred me in the eye and rammed Tony’s now deflating cock till she came with a load scream.
As Tony rested back against the lounge and his cock slipped out of Jan’s pussy, Jan had caught her breath and she crawled over to me undid my pants and pulled them and my jocks down to my ankles. My cock was rock hard, throbbing and starting to hurt. Without hesitation she slid my cock all the way down her throat until I could feel her lips touching my balls. She tightened her lips around the shaft and began to suck really hard while she slid my cock in and out of her mouth. I had been on the edge before Jan had touched my cock, so it only took a half a dozen strokes before I had grabbed the back of her head, held it still while I was fully in her mouth down to my balls and blew my load down the back of her throat.
After a few moments to recover I look over and saw Tony looking directly at me with a huge smile on his face. I just smiled back.
We all just sat there not saying a word and recovering for about 10 minutes. Eventually Tony got up took off his shirt so he was completely naked now and disappeared into the dining room only to return shortly with a dinning chair. He placed it in front of me in the middle of the lounge room, sat on it, looked at me and started to play with his cock. When it started to get hard he said to me “I noticed you staring at my cock before, do you like it”. “Yes “I replied. Tony responded “While Jan was sucking it before I closed my eyes and imagined it was actually sliding in and out your arse, would you like that”. I replied that I thought that would be nice. Tony said “well how about coming over here and sitting on it”. I got up kicked my pants and jocks away and stood in front of Tony. He leaned forward grabbed my cock said “you have a pretty nice cock yourself” and slid it in his mouth. He just played with the head of my cock in his mouth while his other hand worked on his own cock until his was nice and hard. By now my cock was also well on the way to being hard again. He grabbed me by the hips and swung me around so I was facing away from him. The push my back, indicating me to bend over a bit while his hand reached down between my legs pushing them apart as his wet fingers reached and slid in my arse making sure it was well lubed up. When he was happy with one hand on my waste he motioned me to lower myself onto him. I stopped once I felt the head of his cock at my opening and he manoeuvred his cock into positioned. Once I felt his cock was positioned right at my arse opening I slowly lowered myself onto his lap, engulfing his hard cock. There is still no greater a feeling than having a rock hard cock slowly slid up your arse. It takes my breath away as I feel my arse muscles clamp around the shaft and the feel of the head cock pushing its way up my arse. Once fully in I released the weight off my legs and sank down into Tony’s lap. I wriggle my arse from side to side a bit, almost like trying to get that cock to slide further inside. While I did this Tony had reached around with one hand, grabbed my cock and began to slowly fondle its head. I raised my head and looked down on Jan, lying there on the floor, facing me, still in her blue cocktail dress but with one leg up on the lounge, the dress hitched up to her waist and two of her fingers playing with her clit. Our eyes met and she just smiled and thrust her hips towards her fingers.
Once I was settle I slowly started to lift myself up and down enjoying ever sensation of that cock sliding in and out of my arse, Tony’s hand had got me hard again and by now Jan was fully fucking her fingers. I stared at Jan as I built up speed, moaning softly each time I impaled my arse on the rock hard cock. Tony was moaning loudly now and Jan was working herself up into bit of a frenzy. As I continue to ride Tony’s cock Jan got up from the floor and let her dress slip off her shoulders, finally revealing her smooth voluptuous body and round firm boobs. She walked over stood in front of me and reached down and grabbed my cock. She then moved forward straddling over me and crouched down over my lap, positioned the head of my cock between her pussy’s lips, as I had slid Tony’s cock up my arse, and then lowered herself so my cock slid into her pussy. She released the weight off her legs sandwiching me with Tony’s hard cock fully up my arse and my cock fully buried up Jan’s pussy.
It took us a while to get the rhythm right, Jan hovered above me. I had my hands on the sides of the chair , beside Tony’s legs, I raised my hips up to bury my cock in Jan’s pussy to then lower my arse back down onto Tony’s cock. Tony held onto either side of my arse to help lift me up and to keep it all inline so nothing slipped out the wrong way. I Very quickly built up a reasonable speed and the sensation of fucking and being fucked at the same time more than doubled the ecstasy and got me to blow point very quickly. I had to stop at some points to stop me blowing and to give Jan a chance to rest her legs. After a while Tony started to lose control and instead of holding me up had moved his hands around to the sides of my hips and was pulling me down onto him harder and harder as he trust his hips up higher and higher . This made me slam into Jan’s pussy harder and harder. By now I had also moved my arms around Jan and was fingering the opening of her arse. Tony finally let go, his body stiffened up and he thrust his cock up into me as far as he could while pulled me down hard onto his cock. I could feel his warm cum filling my arse and oozing down around his cock. The thought and feeling of this pushed me over the edge and I grab Jan’s arse and rammed my cock as far up her pussy as I could as I emptied my load into her. By now Jan was screaming and while Tony and myself were motionless she just kept bouncing up and down on my cock. This kept me and Tony going for another few minutes until Jan finally slowed down to a stop. We all got up and flopped down on the lounge to recover.
It must have been quite a while before I raised my head up. Jan obviously was not finished she had Tony lying flat on the floor while she kneeled over him and was sliding up and down on his cock. I had no energy left so I just watched from the back as Jan’s round arse lifted up and down sliding along the long hard shaft of Tony’s cock. I thought of hopping up and sliding my cock up Jan’s arse but nothing was going to get too hard now so I just watched as Jan brought herself to a multiple orgasm then collapsed on the floor beside Tony.
I finally got up dressed myself thanked them for the party and the company and made my way to the front door. Jan, still naked, followed me to the door. As I was leaving she reached down and cupped my cock and balls on the outside of my pants and said that she hoped you could have more interesting work meetings from now on.

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