bottom boi learning

As i was a new bottom guy learning the ropes my master was keen to instruct me on the points of being a bottom . He would either message me saying get here or turn up on my door you ready for a lesson.

He would have me suck him hard and i always deepthroated him this would happen three or four times a week i loved being on my knees and him behind pushing into me deep and hard
He loved fucking my tight hole he would pull my cock as he was in me and if i was ready to cum we would roll me onto my shoulders and aim my cock at face sometimes it would hit my open mouth or splatter my face

A few times he would say he knew someone and every time i would say sure fine
i would suck one cock as one was in my ass they would share holes and blow in mouth
being used by two guys was fun spitroasted for a couple hours
learning to suck a cock and pleasing a guy has been a great experience being fucked in front of a woman was the best she really got into it and even encouraged him to fuck me harder as a reward she sucked me at the end as a thank u for the show

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