first time being fucked

After sucking his cock i wanted to try anal after he asked
We were in his lounge watching porn the guy on TV was getting it hard he moved in behind and he lubed his cock then he pushed a lubed finger in It was weird feeling he asked if i was ok yes i said. He put lube in then he lined his cock up he pushed in a little it hurt but a good hurt then he was all in i felt full he stayed there letting me open up a little then he started pushing and pulling, It felt awesome his balls banging on mine he was speeding up as he was 6 inch it was a good one to have as first he was holding hips and pushing hard he was saying fuck u are tight well u are the first one in
He fucked till he blew he pulled out and i swallowed again

He fucked me three times a week for years, he shared me with his friends met some good people and had fun every time, the feeling of being filled is awesome

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