sucking and swallowing

This is about the first time i was with a guy . I was looking through a contact mag saw add older guy looking guy younger.
I answered add and waited for contact a few days later he messaged we made small talk he only lived five mins away and asked if i wanted to visit so we made a time and i arrived
Nervous as he was washed and in a robe . Went into lounge and there was porn on tv we chatted and watched porn he told me to strip off and as i did he opened his robe and there was his cock hard and ready he then asked if i wanted to suck him i went over opened my mouth and sucked him mmmmm it was great he moaned and thrust in my mouth till i had it all in he was getting into it then he blew i swallowed I t all and continued to suck after he then wanted to rest so we watched more porn and he stayed hard then he said if i ever had been fucked no until today i had never sucked a cock but i will be doing that more, he asked if he could fuck me i said yes

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