In Bloom - Chapter 9

In Bloom - Erotic literature by Jimmy Blue
Chapter 9
Lucy Vale hadn't had a regular play buddy for a while, but Jason seemed to be turning into one. She began to learn how to touch him to get him hard, which part of his ear to nibble, and which direction to run her hand over his shaft. And likewise, he began to learn how hard to press his teeth into her skin, where exactly to dip his tongue beneath the folds of her pussy, and at exactly which angle to raise her hips when he fucked her. He began to sleep over, and they would wake up together, naked, and fuck before breakfast. They would eat each other before they ate their toast.
One morning, Lucy had woken to Jason’s hands around her waist, and his cock resting against the small of her back. She had reached behind and stroked it until it grew long and thick in her palm, Jason moaning in his sleep. She guided the cock up inside her moistening slit, a gasp escaping her lips as it slid easily inside, and slowly began to grind herself against it, fucking Jason while he slept. His own hips moving subconsciously against her, he had woken slowly, a hand coming around to nestle in between Lucy’s breasts, a finger teasing her hardening nipple. They fucked slowly like this, sideways, his grip around her waist tightening before he came deeply, with Lucy’s own orgasm rising through her hotly, the visceral feeling of flesh against flesh amplified in the early morning hours. They were both audibly restrained when they climaxed, but something about that made it all the more delicious. Then Jason had kissed the back of her neck, his cock softening inside her, and they had fallen back asleep, content to lie in the aftermath, their sex a tangible and glorious mess. It was intense, and Lucy was happy.
The awkward part was going to work together. Now that Lucy had been hired, they had to figure out a way to still work together, without making it too obvious that they were fucking. Jason didn't seem too concerned, but Lucy insisted it probably wouldn't be a great way to start her career. What if someone found out the new girl was already banging one of her fellow salesman? Hell, what if Jen discovered it?
In the car now, on the way in with Jason, Lucy’s thoughts turned to her new boss. There was no denying it, Lucy was attracted to her. This was definitely a first. She had never been with an older woman before. Sure, she had experimented in college – everybody did, right? She knew what pussy tasted like. But young, college pussy. Not older, sophisticated, work-orientated pussy. The thought of it turned Lucy on, and she shifted slightly in her seat. She could feel the heat between her legs again. A red light, and distracted, Lucy almost ran it. She braked abruptly and the tires squealed alarmingly. Jason, in the passenger seat, turned in bemusement.
‘You serious, babe?’
‘Sorry.. I’m a bit distracted..’ Lucy turned to him and smiled. His eyes flicked down to her legs, and he smiled back.
‘Ohh.. still thinking about this morning?’ he said, leaning over and nuzzling her neck.
No, Lucy thought. I'm thinking about my boss’s pussy.
But she didn't say that. ‘Sure.. it was fun’. Jason’s tongue was out and made a scintillating trail up to her ear. ‘Mmm, me too.. we fucked good..’
Jason’s hand was on Lucy’s thigh and it slid up beneath her skirt as the light went green. Lucy was conflicted as she hit the gas – she was horny, but not so much for Jason. Still, the tongue in her ear felt goood…
‘Mmm, babe.. stop... I’m driving..’
But Jason’s fingers found the sticky crease in Lucy’s panties and they pressed against the fabric. ‘Fuck, you make me hard. Look how wet you are…’
Jason slid a finger beneath the elastic and it traced up the inside of Lucy’s slit. She moaned, trying to keep her eyes on the road. Lucy took one hand off the steering wheel and slipped it beneath the top of Jason’s work pants, finding the outline of his cock through the Gorgio Armani’s.
‘I wanna fuck you right now babe… I’m getting hard for you..’ Jason whispered in Lucy’s ear, his tongue teasing the skin just below her earlobe.
‘Fuck, baby..’ Lucy unzipped Jason’s pants and pulled his cock out, which sprang like a Jack-in-the-box, large and inviting. She hazarded a glance towards it, and bit her lip. She wanted to sit on it. She felt Jason’s finger sinking deeper within her pussy and it began arch and dance inside her, in and out, her pussy walls contracting with each movement. Lucy’s thighs widened and she felt an orgasm building. She glanced out the car window, her mouth open with a moan, steaming up the glass. The driver in the next lane over glanced back for a moment, his eyebrows raised, before accelerating ahead.
Lucy turned back to the road, her hips grinding against Jason's fingers, her hand massaging Jason’s cock, thumbing over the top and finding precum. Suddenly, a red light.
She hit the brakes hard, and again the tired squeeled, but this time, there was a giant crunch from behind and the sound of metal on metal. The car lurched, Lucy's head snapped forward, and her forehead hit the steering wheel.
‘Fuck!’ Jason yelled, ‘That fucker hit us!’ Breathing heavily, he glanced towards the back window, which was fogged up, then turned towards her. ‘And your head is bleeding! Shit. You ok?’ His fingers, sticky from Lucy’s pussy, brushed at the hair across her forehead.
'I'm ok.. I can't believe you made me crash!'
'Me?', Jason protested. 'You're the one jerking me off...'
It was then that Lucy realised her hand was still wrapped around Jason's hard cock. She looked down at it, and then at Jason, a small smile of mischief creeping across her lips. From outside, the sound of car doors opening, and voices. Jason looked back at Lucy, his face full of panic. ‘Babe.. the other driver is coming..’
‘Hmm.. before they ‘come’.. what about you?’
Jason’s eyes widened. ‘Shit, baby… I mean.. fuck..’
Satisfied with the answer, Lucy’s bent across, and took Jason’s cock in her mouth, rolling her tongue over the top, her hand massaging the shaft.
‘No.. people are coming... oh fuck.. that feels.. amazing…’
Jason put a hand on the back of Lucy’s head, pushing her deeper, seemingly forgetting about the impending visitor. She fucked him steadily with her mouth, as the voices outside got louder.
‘Shit, they are close babe.. keep going though.. fuck.. I’m close too..’
Lucy took Jason’s cock as deep as she could, feeling it sliding down the top of her throat, gagging slightly, a trail of saliva hanging like a spider-web when she came up again. She worked the shaft faster with her palm, feeling the blood pumping beneath her hand. She looked up at Jason as her tongue danced across the tip of his cock, her eyes speaking with his.
Cum for me baby. Cum for me..
The voices outside where only a few metres away now. Jason’s head rolled back, a low moan emanating from his throat.
‘Fuckkk baby I’m cumming… I’m cummmming…’
Just as the voice reached the driver side window, Jason came, his cock a throbbing spasm, sending thick streams of hot white liquid squirting out and lacing Lucy’s fingers. Lucy massaged Jason's balls as the last ooze of liquid drippled down and collected on the seat beneath him.
‘Mmm nice baby… so hot..’
Jason threw his head back and laughed. 'Shit babe... right on time..'
Lucy felt eyes on her from the right and she turned to see a slightly horrified middle aged Chinese woman staring at her through the window, mouth wide open, car keys in one hand, mobile phone in the other. Lucy smiled at her, waved, took her sticky fingers, and sucked them dry one by one.
‘I wonder… I wonder if she has insurance?’ Jason said.

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