There is a meadow hidden deep in every woman. How to reach this destination varies enormously between each woman. In some women there are huge mountains to traverse and requires detailed navigational skills to succeed, in others you need to walk parched through dry deserts first while in others you could fall down the steps and still end up there.

The destination is the same. What needs to happen there is also the same. We can debate how many should be allowed to step onto this precious turf or what you should have to do to be allowed there. Yet once you are there the man must follow the same rules. The rules of fucking.

In this place there is no room for lack of desire, insecurity or even chit chat. You can look at her but not through her, you must want her. Your cock must be hard. You have to fuck her.

This meadow lies just as lush in good girls as much as sluts and I believe it is ingrained deep in the primal makeup of a woman. To be allowed onto this arena you must understand the normal rules of life and society do not apply. You can curse. You can call her highly sexualised names. You can be rougher to a far higher degree than normal.

A woman wants to be fucked.

Do not expect this to be explained to you. It sounds slutty. It probably is. That's why these meadows are hidden deep in a forest and can only be entered once no one else is around.

Some women do not even believe they have a place like this and it may take a lover to show them where it lies.

By the time you arrive technique is not even that important. Longevity is. It is not a place for poets. It is a place for conquerors and those who demand and passionately take.

It is the meadow of fucking. The fucking meadow.

I slid up her torso until I was on top of her on the King Size hotel bed. My face was just above her delicate and pretty face. I touched a ribbon of hair dangling over her eyes and placed it back behind her ear. My thoughts were strangely lucid and open.
"I love you" I said.

Slap. Angie hit me across the face. "Don't you bullshit me" she said angrily. "You tell me the truth right now or I am out of here!!"

The slap created a surge in adrenalin and I pinned her hands down like a wrestler and moved to sit on top of her.

"Fucking say it." She hissed looking up at me with eyes as fierce as a wild dog. "Say what you really want."

At first I was confused but then I realized I had actually reached the edge of the meadow. Here only the honest could survive. There was no need for metaphors or lofty descriptions. Seduction was defunct here. Love didn't even have a place.

This was where shit happened. Nothing else mattered.

I matched her aggressive stare with my own.
"I want to fuck you." I said the words like a threat of murder. The words felt good to say. She didn't flinch, she didn't say anything. Her eyes challenged me to.

I moved my hard cock between her legs and pushed it up her thighs looking for the entrance. I stretched her hands back spread eagled behind her. The moment of entry was a feeling that I loved. I could tell from the look on her face as the head of my penis split her open and her wetness invited me in that she loved this as well.

I pushed and pushed and the feeling of sliding into her pussy felt like I was running through a meadow of the softest grass from head to toe. My whole body felt brushed with the gentlest of bristles.

There was no need to talk. I couldn't. My body had become a machine. Once I felt her wetness I knew I had to fuck into her. So I did.

The slap had hurt my pride and anger was fueling a lot of my energy. 'Fuck you you fucking bitch' was being yelled inside my head. A few audible "fuck you" expressions fell out of my dirty mouth. I spun her over and she lifted her bum high in the air like an offering and I mounted her and continued the work in the doggy position. We were like animals. Furious and ferocious. Her arse was sexy and delicious and I found myself just banging my cock deep and hard into her. I wasn't sure if I was too rough or not until I heard her say with the same whorish tone "fuck me harder you soft cock prick".

Her taunt set me off because I was throbbing and hard and now wanted to split her in two. I lifted my intensity, pushing my cock in and out generating action faster and harder.

Angie's face had transformed from her delicate and innocent look. She felt like a whore and looked and sounded like one. Groans and breathy expletives made little sense she was deep into her own meadow. Her face scrunched in delight and angst and contorted between pleasure and pain.

Her mind disappeared into her meadowland. I ceased to exist and it would not have mattered if I were a millionaire, a poet, a vagrant, her husband or lover. Even the sapiosexuals became redundant. She just wanted my cock. She wanted my primal desire to fuck her and take her. And fuck her harder again.

Angie was unaware of her surroundings. Her mind had been taken past a conscious state to another world. She was in a hot spa. She had found a water jet that pummeled a stream of water hard into her vagina. It was the first time she had felt that bodily rush, as the jet set off a reaction she was not expecting, a feeling she didn't know of. It was so incredibly rich and if she had discovered a mystery in her body it was something she wasn't scared of.

No one knew she was in the spa. Everyone was doing their own thing leaving her to explore herself with curious intent. The jet pumped into her. These same feelings had returned now with my cock pumping into her hard. A rich and strong rush, that took her to another world.

She knew the moment, it was not far off. I was fucking her harder and harder and I only had moments left.

She closed her eyes to try and harness the feeling. She wasn't quite there but it was within seconds. The fucking stopped. I had pulled my cock out. All she could hear was panting. She panicked and cried "fuck, fuck, fuck." She had lost the art of composing sentences. My hand pushed her over. I changed positions and entered her again this time from the side, spooning her.

Starting up again and we were soon both back to a steady state. She was happy again. Something this good could not be rushed. The feeling was the most pleasurable sensation that humans knew. I loved it. She was making a curious stuttering sound like a monkey or some rare, tropical bird. Perhaps she was speaking in tongues.

Naked. Sweating. Groaning. Grunting. Pushing hard our bodies pounded against each other.

Angie's mind went back to her favorite place. The jet feeling continued. She imagined two bad boys in a dank motel room wanting to fuck a girl. Her. Forbidden. A good girl who who curious. A runaway who now felt those jet feelings back again bit from two young men. One man sucked on her breasts that had never been licked and another fucked her for the first time. New feelings. Familiar feelings.
She was back there in her secret place. No one was around. She had been left to herself. This is what she liked to do.

I could feel her reaching her climax. Her breathing was gasping and stuttering. I wanted her so badly. I was taking her. So powerful I had conquered her.

As she arched up her back to take the final thrust I grabbed the front of her throat with my hand and gently squeezed. The pressure points released more pleasurable endorphins and the fear of being crushed by her conqueror caused an almighty release. Her body tensed and everything was held back. All breath, all motion, all thoughts were suspended. That was the moment where everything stood still. While it was for the shortest time, the memories of this moment lasted an eternity.

Bang. Release! The flood of chemicals flew into the far reaches of her body. Muscles were released. Emotions were let go. Voices cried out to deities. A raft ride fast through the senses.

I gave a flurry of fast and hard fucks and ran my own raft off the waterfall and flew through the air into ecstasy with her.

We landed together panting back out way to reality into the hotel bed. Hearts that were beating at pace slowly started to calm. Out of the meadow and into each other's arms. She cuddled into me, tracing her finger across my face. "Wow. That was amazing.

"I love you." She said.

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