servicing my master at work

My master of three years was fucking me one night at his house i was bent over bed legs spread wide and he was stood behind me slamming into me holding onto shoulders he was saying you are not slutty enough u bitch slam deep i recieved yes master how can i be better another two slams

You are to come to my office tommorrow after five and i will fuck your slutty ass on my desk u will suck me and u will leave with my cum running down your legs

He continued to fuck me hard and deep he stuffed my lacy panties into my mouth and turned me over pushed legs into chest and drove his cock deep he then blew deep swearing as he did

I was told to put plug in no panties he slapped his cock on my face and said suck it clean i out my pants on and left

I got home took a pic to show plug was still in and went to bed

I went to work the next day thinking about that night
I came home and cleaned up and shaved my hole again
I arrived at his office wearing my matching bra and pantie set as a surprise for him

I walked into his office and he swung his chair around his cocks was out and semi hard suck it bitch and do it well

I knelt and licked it from base to tip then swallowed the length

I bobed up and down and he held head guiding it at his speed stand up bend over a hand full of lube was pushed in and two fingers then in one push he was ball s deep in me and he was slamming away he pushed my head into desk and fucked me hard he reached into his draw and took out a dildo suck this so i did

You like two cocks dont u slut
Thats how i met u master remember
He fucked me till he blew i dressed and left

looking for a master or regular friend hope this helps

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