Special night

The night I planned on organising when my two special lovers would have me on the same night as both knew of each other but had never ever met I was taking some risk as if things didn't work out there was a chance of losing them altogether.
I had the day to get myself ready pick out a sexy outfit which was a nice short red skirt a black top with see through lacy white undies and matching bra my black stilletos after a while it was time to head off to a private place that was nice and quiet once we arrived we noticed that George had already arrived he gave me a nice sensual kiss as he went to get some drinks Adrian arrived he too gave me a nice sensual kiss.
When George returned I introduced him to Adrian they both shook hands George asked Adrian what he liked to drink and went to buy him a bourbon and Coke as we sat chatting the guys took turns at getting drinks soon the conversation became raunchy I felt more comfortable as the two guys seemed to be getting along very well as they commented on my sexual adventures with each one individually and how they enjoyed each and every encounter.
Then remarking on what the two of them would like to do to me later this was getting me very aroused as I felt myself getting a little wet George then came and sat next to me I felt his hand rub against my thigh his hand moved up to my lacy undies his fingers found my wet pussy he then told Adrian I think we have her nice and ready as she is nice and wet with excitement but they kept teasing me making me wait a bit longer but soon finished our drinks and I asked the both of them that I couldn't wait for them to do things to me so then we all left to go to my place.
Once we got inside Adrian grabbed me and gave me a long passionate kiss as felt his hard cock through his pants press against me as we kept kissing George began to remove his clothes as he moved close to me he lifted my skirt slightly I then felt his hard cock against my ass cheek then Adrain and I broke from our kiss he turned me to face George then we began to kiss as I held his cock in my hand stroking it slowly in the mean time Adrian began to undress once he was finished he joined in on the fun beginning to kiss the back of my neck as I felt his cock against the cheeks of my ass I then felt George's fingers move my undies aside then entering my pussy with his hard hot cock as the two guys began to remove my top and bra my breathing was getting heavier.
Adrian then lowered my knickers and my skirt as George began to kiss me he moved his cock out of me holding it in his hand and teased my clit with it as I felt myself getting wet he then slipped his cock back into me as he lifted me onto his hips moving me up and down slowly on his hard shaft then stopping suddenly he pulled out of me then Adrian bent me over sticking his cock in me as I took George's cock in my mouth tasting my juices all over it I sucked and licked it and the balls as I felt Adrian's cock bringing me to an orgasm then the guys swapped as I then tasted my juices on Adrian's cock it was not long before George had bought me to orgasm my legs weakened as I felt the juices flowing from my pussy.
It was now time to move to the bedroom as I held each guys hand leading to the place I have had them individually but tonight I was going to take them both my pussy was so wet I could feel it dripping as I walked then once in the room I got George to lay on the bed I then got on top his cock slipping into me very easily I then felt Adrian's cock rub against my ass as I leant forward to kiss George I felt Adrian's cock slowly penetrated my ass the two guys moved in and out of me nice and slowly and in rhythm I felt myself cumming and I moaned loudly after a while the guys wanted to swap places as they both fucked me a bit faster I could hear myself tell George to stick his cock into my pussy as I was wet enough to take the two of them I could feel my pussy stretching to its limits as I was so tight the two guys moaned with pleasure fucking me very slowly I could feel myself having a massive orgasm soon the two guys were both emptying there huge loads into my pussy.
We all collapsed onto the bed chatting away as we recovered from our hot session we then got up went into the kitchen all still naked we started having some more drinks as the guys complimented me on achieving my first double penertration with all that type of talk the three of us got quite horny again we then decided to head back to the bedroom I now lay on the bed as Adrian got on top of me his cock slipped deeply into me George gave me his cock to suck on then the two of them swapped positions both bringing me to orgasm easily then Adrian lay on the bed I got on top in the reverse cowgirl position his cock entered my ass then George knelt in front of me sticking his cock into my pussy the two guys fucked me in rhythm both making me climax the feeling of these two cocks in me at once was so enjoyable I never wanted it to end but soon Adrian was blowing his cum into my ass which then bought George to fill my pussy with his hot liquid.
I then lay in between the two guys as we all were worn out eventually dozing off falling asleep next to two guys was very fulfilling and satisfying after a great nights sleep I woke up noticing these two guys still sleeping but with fully erect penises I felt myself and touched a very wet pussy I then decided to move over to ride Adrian's cock as he slowly woke up with a big smile on his face I looked over to see George waking I then moved off Adrian's cock and onto George's then after sometime moving up and down I lifted myself off moving my mouth to it tasting my juice then climbing back onto Adrian's cock riding a few times then my mouth tasting my juices on his cock continuing this between the two guys till they couldn't take it anymore as they took control and taking turns fucking me bringing me to many orgasms now the two of them took me at once again as more and more juices flowed from my pussy as I reached my biggest climax the guys blew their cum into me.
We all took time to recover just laying in between these two guys feeling their hot muscular bodies against me I then felt their hands rubbing from my belly button down my waiting clit one began to flick my clit while the other stuck a couple of fingers into me as I lifted my hips they took turns swapping fingering me and I heard myself moaning louder as I climaxed they then got faster as I felt myself squirt juices which flowed from me continuously after making me climax so many times as I was recovering I assured the two guys that I would return the favour once I got my breath back I moved myself to lean over to begin to give George a complete blow job sucking on his cock till he blew his cum deep into my mouth as Adrian patiently waited his turn as I still had the taste of George's cum in my mouth I sucked on Adrian's cock till he blew his hot liquid down my throat once I got the last drop of cum from him I hopped up told them I was going to have a shower once I completed that I returned to the bedroom I saw my two men fast asleep I thought to myself how I just wore two younger guys out feeling very good about it I got dressed went into the kitchen to make us all some lunch letting my two studs rest up for more fun in the afternoon.
Once lunch was finished we headed out for a country drive as I sat alone in the back seat the guys talked about the night before and the early morning fun we had which was getting me very horny and wet Adrian then told me to take off my g string as I slowly did this George moved the mirror to get a good view lifting my skirt slightly as Adrian requested for me to play with my clit I began to rub a finger on my wet pussy soon George had turned off onto a secluded road bringing the car to a stop as continued playing with my clit getting myself very close to a climax when the two guys told me to stop we then all got out of the car I kissed them both very passionately as each one touched my clit then George lowered himself to lick my pussy as Adrian kissed me again I took his hard cock out from his pants as again I was very close to having an orgasm George stopped stood up as I took hold of his cock Adrian broke from our kissing and began to finger me as I turned to George we began to kiss it was now becoming obvious the guys were bringing me close to orgasm and stopping just before I did which made me very wet but frustrated at the same time.
Then getting in the backseat of the car firstly with Adrian as George waited patiently I straddled on Adrain's cock I quickly was bought to orgasm after a while Adrian blew his hot load into me then it was George's turn as his cock slipped into me easily I was having another orgasm then George too was blowing his load deep in me we all then got dressed as we drove up to a country market as we walked around I could feel the cum dripping from my pussy we then went for dinner at the local pub once finishing our dinner we drove back home all the way talking about the events we all shared that few days then the two guys gave me a lovely kiss goodbye I thanked them both as they did to me.
During the week I heard from both of them asking when our next meet would be I too was looking forward to it and every time I thought about my special night with my two very special lovers I would get very wet and excited and this could happen during the day at work or anytime really but now looking forward to the next time.

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