After a hard night drinking with my rugby team mates myself and another 18 year old club mate. Steve a year younger than myself, but he was aprox 6ft.2 and solid .Im around 5.8 with a chiseled body from sport. We crawled back to my parents place around three or so . They had a caravan at the back of there acre section , and every sat this is where a few if not the whole team ended up crashing out.
I had a very sexy girlfriend at the time and this guy Steve was her year and known as a big mouth. He started telling me how him and other guys in there class hit on my girlfriend all the time but shes deadicated to me he said.
He drunkinly went on to tell me how he wanted to fuck her and then announced if my cocks longer than yours will you let me fuck her. Thats up to her and who said you got a bigger cock.
With that we lay down sharing the only bed in the old caravan I turned my back to him and started to spin.

Evidently so did Steve Im gonna chuck he said and scrambled to climb over me to get to the door. It was a false alarm and he cimbed back over me he pausedas he stradled my face with his crotch above me only boxers on.

Now Ive never had an inclination towards other males in my life so I was somewhat embarrassed at the fact another male had his huge fat cut cock mere centremetres from my face . And the way in which he didnt move when he sensed my embarrassment. Get your dick outta my face ya faggot I said but realised that when I went to move him off me I was pinned to the mattress by his two powerful knees on my shoulders. He saw this then almost joking;y he fists his cock and shakes it in my face brushing my lips and cheek. Fuck off I told him , angrily this time .

He got off and ten minutes later I was just about asleep when I became aware that I was erect and was getting a hand job from my girlfriend then it dawned .I was in bed with another guy I showed no sighs of waking I looked down and saw my fully erect cock getting expertly wanked by another guy...what a fucking turn on .I started to moan louder as his strokes got faster. After a while he was in a friendzy masturbating my cock in a blur.
I could not come due to the alcohol but he bought me to the brink several times.
I suddenly had a moment of clarity and went to get out of bed when Steve placed my hand on his cock I was transfixed . It was perfect 9 inches but as thick as my wrist . I slowly fisted it then he had it in my mouth. The next thing I know Im choking on his massive tool . He got me into it and after awhile he grabbed the back of my head and exploded in my throat.

I ended sodomising him next and having an immense orgasm in his arse and we both loved it...

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