what a lady wanted

This happened a couple years ago i had a friend that i use to suck and then he would slide into my man hole . One night he asked me if he could bang me infront of a female friend of his sure i said no probs this made him fuck me harder and he blew a huge load .

A couple days later he sent a message be here tomorrow night for the show
I cleaned out inside and shaved
I arrived and knocked on the door as i entered she was there she had a drink and they were watching porn we were introduced and then he started he told me to kneel i started to suck him deep and slow strokes she was commenting and was into it .
He told me to undress and get on bed on my back she moved for a better view he entered me and pushed legs back
Fuck him harder she said and sat on bed fingering herself then she put her fingers in my mouth mmmmmmm
He turned me over i licked her as he pounded me then we both sucked him at same time by now she was wet very wet he said to her get next him on her knees in her pussy he went fucked her hard then out and in my ass pound hard out of me in her again he blew in and over her i licked her clean then she blew me was a great night

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