Hot DP

Always love this situation, a hot DP. First swinging experience for this lovely couple, hubby was very naive but went along with wife's request for some extra fun, he actually warned me before that wife is very shy and not so adventurous in bed, strange considering she has asked for an extra guy. As we get down and dirty she is far from shy, going along with everything, in fact he is a little hesitate. When I suggest my favorite position a good old fashioned DP he whispers that she doesn't do anal, when I showed him where my cock was already he fell silent, his shy lady was indeed enjoying anal. As I asked her to get on top of him for our new position he said no way I'm in first, something he has always wanted to do, after just a few pumps he went to get his camera and set it up on self timer giving himself just enough time for re-entry. It was great looking up at both their faces, he was in heaven and she was surprisingly silent as she took two men for the first time.
Really enjoyed it, a great experience for us all, lovely to meet a nice couple on the same page as me who enjoy nice slow adventurous sex. Just explore, see where it takes us.

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