reunion with a old friend

A few years ago this guy i met at my first masters house he was friends with my master he would pop in and my master would suck him once the other guy said i would really like to fuck u master said no sorry i only suck anyway you are to big to go in

My master had been fucking me four times a week for a couple of months when i got a message on a Saturday get over here for a session also there is a surprise for u

I got there knocked on door he opened it Go to lounge as i entered porn was on tv there was a guy sat on the couch
Master made introductions and we watched porn for a bit the young guy on tv was getting pounded hard
Master opened his robe and motioned me to tend to him so i rose and knelt between his knees and sucked him i was nit allowed to use my hands the new friend was watching
As masters cock was 6 inches i deep throated him easy new friend made mention of it Master said do not be rude strip and tend to our friend i got up stripped off and as i did new friend said turn around as i did he grabbed my ass mmmm
Kneel in middle of room slut master said
New friend removed his pants and out popped this hardening cock bigger than master's suck was the order do i did inch by inch i took it down i swallowed every inch new friend moaned and said he took it all u cant do that
How long u had him for he asked master two months master replied
Master got up and stood next to new friend two cocks together so I put both cock heads in my mouth as i did they were talking isn't it funny how sluts can do that
Is his ass tight
Very was the reply i will go first to loosen a little master said turn round he lubed up and pushed in

Here i was in my first threesome new friend after watching for bit pushed his cock in my mouth again i could not see either face but i did wonder what they were saying after a few mins of this master said switch
New friend lubed up put the head of his cock at my opening master held onto his cock and after the head dissappered in master came round looked at me and asked was i ok i nodded then new friend pushed deep every inch first stroke master said i wanted to see your face when he entered u
Now slut take it new friend settled into a steady rythum kf deep and shallow strokes fuck he is tight love this ass

Told u i would find a hole for u to fuck
That u did that u did after 20 mins new friend announced he was ready to blow dont pull out master said he is here for us
Fill the bitch
Master said u want him to dont u slut
I nodded he went to pull out again and master said fill his ass
A few more strokes and new friend was filling my well fucked hole as he pulled out master said he will suck u clean
As i did master moved in straight in balls deep he fucked so hard i was looser than normal and with a ass full of cum it made squissy noises soon master unloaded in me he pulled out cum ran down my leg i Sucked master clean then was told to scoop up what i could not hold then i was plugged
This was the first of many encounters with him and one other
One day i had all three of them seperate of course lol

I moved for work lost contact but recently i found new friend on here we have made plans to hook up
Only now my gf is going to watch me Suck and get fucked by eight inches of cock
She can not wait to see it

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