He didn't know, I thought he knew

I went to a club in the city a few weeks ago for a hens night celebration. We have a lot of guys chatting us up and we were flirting with them. One guy named Blake was being friendly and kept on talking to all of us. His girlfriend was getting bitchy because he wasn't dancing with her and was showing more interest in the bridal party. When my friends decided to dance, I was left with chatting with him. I thought he noticed I was gay (although I could pass as a girl). He was kinda flirty and I was flirting back. He was a little drunk and because it was too loud in the club he kept on talking to my ear so I could hear him. There was a time when I turned my head around, not realising that he was facing me, that our mouth almost touched. We said sorry and laughed it off.

A few minutes later, he wanted to find a quiet place so we can chat some more. We went for a walk along the waters edge and when he found a quiet spot .The breeze was getting a bit cold so he took his jacket off and put around me He came a bit closer and held me tighter and asked me if I was warmer. I said " a little bit". He then started to blow warm breaths on my neck. He held my hand and started kissing it. He told me that will warm me up. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him. He grabbed my face and kissed me. When he finished kissing me, I told him we shouldn't be doing this as he has a girlfriend. Then he held my hand and pressed it against his pants and he told me that now its my turn to keep him warm. As i live close to the pub, I asked him if he wanted to come over my place. We walk to my apartment while we where holding hands and kissing. Upon arriving at my apartment, I unzip his pants and took out his engorged cock (about 8.5 inches) and I started to wank it. His cock is oozing pre cum. He asked me to suck it and so I went down on my knees and sucked his cock. I can feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. He was moaning so loudly and kept telling me that I was better at sucking his cock compared to his girlfriend. Several minutes later he gave a loud yell, “I’m gonna cum “and he squirted his massive load down my throat. 30 minutes later we started kissing again and this time he wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he was sure about it. He said he was. At this point, this guy thinks that he is making out with a real girl. I don't know how he would have reacted if he found out I was actually an effeminate gay.

I told him there is one thing he needs to know about me before we fuck. But before I could tell him he pulled my tight jeans and started touching my ass and then when he was moving his hand to the front, and to his surprise he felt my dick. I thought he would punched me or kick me. He looked at me with disappointment and grabbed my hand and said "i don't know if I could do this babe. Thought you were a girl. You look like a girl, you sound like a girl. To me you are a girl".

At this stage, I pulled up my pants back up and told him we better go back to the club. Then he did something I did not expect to happen at all. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him and kissed me. He pulled my pants down and laid me down on back and he shoved his massive cock inside my ass. He asked me if this is what I wanted. I said "yes". He kept with fucking me so hard and I kept squeezing my ass muscle to make my ass hold tight for his cock. He loved it. He kept telling me that he didn't think a tranny ass would feel better than fucking a girls pussy. He kept telling me how my "pussy" was tighter than his girlfriends. He asked me where he can cum I told him in my ass. He called me a naughty slut and squirted his load inside me. We fucked again 4 times that night. Blake still fucks me from time to time.

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