Find our true nature.. True story!

Sorry it's long but telling you what happened will give you a better idea on why & what we are after...

My girlfriend had recent had a three some with another girl, it's started off very disappointing & vanilla.. Both myself & my girl are In to more dominant tongue kinda of play..

I can't help but take control as we were getting into it I couldn't stand how vanilla it was grabbing my g/f throat choking her firmly but as I walked her over to the bed as we starting having sex her friend watching before my girl friend walked over grabbing a handful of her hair while kissing her then kneeling her in front of me making her suck my cock while she played with played with her slapping her ass quite hard making her moan witch allowed my to slip into her throat.

My gf loved watching her as She was laying face down on the bed cute unprotected ass in the air as I grabbed ass & hips raising them Infront of me as I slapped her ass that hard she get out a little yelp of pain and enjoyment witch just got me hard instantly!! I noticed she was loving it as she was so wet !

I grabbed her hips pulling them back towards me sliding inside felt so good I didn't realise I ran my hand across her exposed Ass.. Up her lower back.. Leaning my hips forward going deeper down to my balls as my hand creeped up around her throat chocking her a little as I flicked my hips back & forward rocking inside her.. It was stupid fucking amazing as I couldn't think I could get any more turned on when my g/f who had been playing with herself In front of us walked up brushed her hand over mine around her throat and kissed her as I continued to fuck her harder from behind..
She kissed her then Looked at me as she kissed her cheek.. She then slapped her face rather hard.. It sunrises me and I went deep inside I bet she could feel my cock get even harder inside her as she just smiled at My girl biting her lip before gripping the sheets with her hands forcing herself back slapping her ass against my hips!

The rough theme that night just exploded changing a failed vanilla party into one we will never forget. We both came shortly after my girl she slapped her again.. As she choked her & kissed her while I just lent back grabbing her hips going crazy until I came stupidly hard lol :)

Ever since then I guess we're addicted to being rougher & would love to more!!

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