Our local playmate

We had been chatting to a guy on here for a few days and decided to meet up. We arrived at his place feeling a little nervous, he greeted us at the door and as soon as we walked in he stripped naked revealing his gorgeous cock. Mrs butterflies wasted no time in grabbing his cock while I kissed her. Her and I then stripped and our playmate and I started sucking her tits while she pulled both of our cocks. I reached behind and started fingering her while he played with her clit while kissing her.

I could tell she was dying to suck cock so I told her to get on her knees. She wasted no time in getting our playmates cock in her mouth sucking it fast, slow and deep. Then she switched to my cock doing the same. After a while of swapping between cocks she pulled our cocks together and put them both in her mouth at once. She was loving it but it was too much for her to fit them both in.

I told her to get up and move to the lounge. She laid on her back and I pushed my cock inside her very wet pussy while getting a great view of her sucking his cock. Occasionally she would stop and slap her face with his cock before going back down on it. She was loving it.

After a while we switched and he went down on her before slipping his cock in. He fucked her while I rubbed her clit occasionally running my fingers over his cock as it slid in and out. Meanwhile she was sucking my cock like a woman possessed!

We switched back again and I told her deep throat him. I grabbed her head and pushed it down on his cock. I could tell by how wet she was that she was loving being used like this. After about 5 minutes of this, I came inside her and simultaneously he blew his load straight down her throat. She swallowed every drop.

There will definitely be more stories to come from this playmate!

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