hot pool party

after such good response from the story i posted the other day i was urged to write more i should begin with that all my stories are true and i dont write fiction
so get comfy as this one will have more detail to set the scene for u, so here goes....

I have a mate who i have had a crush on since the 8th grade and he was my mate and i had never did anything with him until last year when he came out to me as being bisexual (after 20 plus yrs i was not impressed lol i couldve had him before hand!) but i digress i got mny chance to play with him several times since but im saving that for another story.Now Mike is very mascline footballers build with tatts down both arms and he is a mechanic by trade he decided to drop by one evening with a married mate of his Dwayne who was blonde mascline with a body of a greek god and tatts down both arms and chest mmmm yummy! who also brought along his wife (whos name escapes me at the moment) but she had shoulder length dark hair and a alright bod so i being a social host broke the drinks out on the deck and proceeded to make my guests feel comfortable - i just didnt know just how comfortable.

Little did i know that my buddie Mike had played with this married cpl several times and had told them about me and how good i was in the sack (bless him!) and he had planned a night of fun for all four of as the drinks flowed dwayne had announced that he needed to pee and as i directed him to the loo he asked" if he could pee off the deck" so i told him to "knock himself out" to which he did as he finished i noticed he stuffed his cock back into his boardies and didnt do them up to which i commented" arent uyou going to do those up??" to which he responded " why??, im just going to have to undo them again".. so as the conversation went on im sitting next to my buddie who i have a crush on and his mate who has a body of a greek god with his pants undone with half a mongrel and im trying to keep my kool as i didnt wish to say or do anything as i didnt know thier deal and didnt want to offend - if i only knew..... so as the drinks flowed the conversation naturally got to sex as it does and the argument came about betwen the two boys who sucks Dywaynes cock better the mrs or mike?? and thats when my ears pricked up and im like oh really!!..., my next thought well this could be interesting as the wife seemed kool with the conversation.

S o i chimmed in with " well i can settle this, you havenbt had me yet..." with that without missing a heartbeat Dwayne gets up walks around the table whips out his cock and says "suck this bitch!" at first i was like OMG! but the moment that cock hit my tounge i was like hell yeah!!i soon had him rock hard and my buddie Mike suggested we move to the pool to which we did.
we get to the pool and the clothes come off and all four of us jump in nude with in a minuete Dywayne swims up to me and throws his arms and legs around me and kisses me passionately and proceededs to guide my cock into his sweet hole - i look over and my buddie mike has Dwaynes mrs on the pool edge with her legs wide open while he is giving her box a good tounge lashing.

i flip Dwayne around and have him raise his legs on the pool steps as i fuck him doggie style while his wife is getting eaten by my buddie and watches on, then mike and the mrs moves closer as he proceededs to fuck Dwaynes mrs and starts to kiss me while im fucking her husband we then swap and and Mike starts fucking Dwayne as Dwaynes mrs starts sucking my cock then i move in and break it up and Dwayne and myself start fucking Mike - my first DP! while the mrs watches and fingers herself to cumming as it turns her on watching her hubby with another guy let alone two. W e stop briefly to get a drink and move inside to a fold down sofa i have where Mike proceeded to eat Dwaynes mrs again and i start to fuck her hubby then mike moves in to fuck Dwayne as he sucks my cock til mike blows in Dwayne.

Then i lay on my back while Dwaynes mrs jumps on to ride my cock as Dwayne stands over and while the mrs sucks his cock i give his arse a good licking and begs to be filled again as he pushs his wife off and rides me until he blows all over my chest all the while Mike is fucking his wife we then wrap up by Mike and i unloading in and on the mrs box then Dwayne goes down and licks up the mess like a cat licking up cream and then leads in and kisses his wife and both us boys. I have played a few times since and it always gets better....

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