The Big Race...part 1

So, I get a message on this site from a straight guy called Kev that I'd sucked off a couple of times but hadn't heard from for quite a while. Nothing out of the ordinary I thought just the usual ' High how are you' beating around the bush. But the follow up message I didn't expect. It went along the lines of 'Hey I was drinking with a couple of mates the other night and got a bit messy and I told them about you sucking my dick and how good it was. Anyway they said that they didn't care, in fact they both said that they would be interested meeting you'.

'Who the fuck dose this guy think he is, my fucking pmip' I thought to my self. But who was I kidding my cock was rock hard. This was something I'd fantasized about for a long time. The thought of being on my knees with three cocks all demanding my attention was too much and I had to pull myself off ASAP.

So I message him back saying that I'd be interested and that he should let me know when they're getting together next to see if I'm available. He replies saying that they're getting together all day this Sunday at Kevs to watch Bathurst. I let him know that I should have some free time on Sunday and I'll drop in at some stage.

So Sunday rolls around and I head off to Kevs, horny as hell. Kev greets me at the door. He's got his team gear on and and two beers in his hands. 'Have a beer mate' he says as he thrusts one in my hand. 'Come on and I'll introduce you to the boys'. I follow Kev into the lounge room and I am introduced to Dave & Alex. They're also in team gear holding beers and seem too engrossed in the TV too make eye contact when we're introduced.

About 45 awkward minutes pass without much talking going on. Just beer and car racing on the TV. Kev goes outside to have a smoke so follow him out. 'I don't think this is really happening mate' I say to Kev. 'Yeh they're just a bit nervous or something you know' Kev replies. Realizing my fantasy is not going to happen I come up with an idea to salvage the situation. 'How about I grab a couple of beers and go sit in your bedroom with the curtains shut and the lights out and when anyone feels like having their dick sucked I'll be there waiting'. 'Sounds like a plan' Kev says.

I go in Kevs room and Im not waiting long before Kev comes in. He dosn't say anything just puts his beer on the bedside table and stands in front of me. I get on my knees and start rubbing his cock through his jeans 'suck it' he says. Kevs cock semi erect when I pull his jeans down so I put it all in my mouth and gently swirl my tongue around his knob. I can feel the blood as it pumps his cock up and when he's fully erect I release it from my mouth to admire it. Kevs about 6 inches, average thickness and cut. After briefly admiring his cock I start running my tongue along the length of his shaft giving his knob a bit of attention along the way. 'Suck it' he says so I do, slowly at first then faster & deeper. Kev grabs my head and starts thrusting into my mouth making me gag on his cock. I pull back and head to his balls and start licking his sack 'lower' he says. So I get down lower and start licking him behind his balls. 'Lower' he said, so I got his pants completely off and put one of his feet on the bed then got in behind him licked his hairy asshole. 'Your a filthy prick' he told me wich just made me lick it harder.
'Suck me' he said as he sat on the edge of the bed I kneeled between his legs and sucked him off. In no time he started to tense up and moan before filling my mouth with his warm cum. I milk every drop of cum from Kevs shrinking cock. 'Who's next?' I ask him. He just puts on his pants and leaves the room.

I'm sitting on the bed waiting for what seems like forever getting bored so I strip off and start playing with my own cock when the door opens. It's Alex 'Hey' he says 'I've never done anything like this before' I got off the bed and stood up, Alex seemed a little startled by my nakedness and maybe by my hard cock bouncing around. 'Relax buddy' I told him' why don't you just lay on the bed and I'll do all the work. Alex lay on the bed on his back so I got between his legs and pulled his pants completely off of him. Alex was cut but completely flaccid so I started licking around his cock tickling his pubes and his balls. Slowly he started to relax and slowly the blood started to flow to his cock. And what a nice cock it was, probably seven inches and quite thick. I started sucking him deep slow motions. It seemed like less than two minutes before Alex started mumbling 'Im cum I'm cuming'. And cum he did, pumping jet after jet of cum into my mouth faster than I could swallow it. I had to let some out of my mouth but still more came. When I had finally swallowed his load and licked up that I had missed all I wanted to was pull myself off while I still had the taste of Alex's massive load in my mouth. But I couldn't , I still at least one to go...

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