getting served

This happened many years ago a guy I knew was fucking me four times a week as i lived only 5 mins from him as he finished work he would message me u need a filling so i would clean out inside and head over he would of showered and was ready i would kneel and suck him hard then he would turn me round push head into pillow and slide in he liked my tightness and would pound away till he blew pull out and i would suck him clean.
One Saturday i got a message do u want two cocks to suck
Yes i replied well two here get here asap
I arrived and there was a much taller guy
I was introduced and was asked some questions then i was told to undress my friend dropped his pants and i sucked him as i was sucking him the other guy was watching he started stroking himself then i was told to suck our new friend
I went over he was bigger about eight inches i opened mouth and sucked him deep then the other cock was presented and i was sucking both cocks at once both heads in mouth at same time mmmm then there was one lube was pushed into me and in he went my first of many spitroast
After a few mins he said he ready for big cock they swapped ends and he pushed in slowly he was bigger it filled me
He started to push harder and harder the other cock was put back in mouth after a little while the bigger cock said he was getting close the guy with his cock in my mouth said fill him he our toy fuck him like a slut as i had my mouth and ass full what could i say so a load was dumped in my hole as he pulled out cum ran down my leg get him to suck it clean as the other cock was shoved in and soon after a few sloppy noises he blew as well
This was the start of a three way friendship and lots of cum being swallowed or accepted either being used solo by them or together

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