I love my job!

My latest mission on the site was to meet a lady for a little fun as I am currently attached. My partner has the 'what he doesn't know, doesn't bother him' attitude he works more than he is ever home. To amuse myself, I freely browse profiles, until one occasionally stands out more than another, and catches my attention.

It was a guy. He had the most amazing penis that I had seen online in a long time, and he was a great age, and good looking... I couldn't help myself. I didn't see any real harm in an afternoon of fun as long as it didn't go any further,

The email trail started, the sexy picture gallery opened, the mobile exchange, the telephones calls... It all happened pretty quickly. We planned to meet earlier this week.

The weather was perfect. My diary was clear, and the plan was to have a glass of wine by the bay. He didn't turn up. He didn't answer his messages, and ignored my call, so ?? I enjoyed my own glass of wine in the sunshine.

Like a spoilt brat, I blocked his profile, deleted his number, and pulled down my profile (again) feeling a little disheartened, as one typically does when they are stood up.

Back on track yesterday, I had 4 massages booked. 2 regulars and 2 new clients. My third client, a new one, arrives, and in walks a tall sexy guy. He looked too familiar, but I didn't say anything. He was the guy that stood me up, but as he was yet to see my 'professional' face (only my body). So I guessed he didn't recognize me. My room is dimly candle lit anyway, and has a nice sultry mood to it, so rather than put a dampener on a nice session, I chose to save the conversation until the end.

I left him to shower and get comfortable, and returned. As I asked, he was face down on the massage table, naked, showing off a well toned back, long torso and round cheeks. My mind went in every direction. I knew soon enough, I'd have him on his back, with the greatest hard on ever!

I relaxed him with soft stokes and lots of warm oil using various techniques. I took pleasure in rubbing my arms up and down his body in soft sensual strokes knowing it was driving him wild, gliding my hands through his inner thighs, massaging his perineum. I could see his cock getting harder between his legs and could feel his hips lifting as I stroked him. I let a little more hot oil slide between his cheeks, dripping over his scrotum to his throbbing head.

When I turned him over, his cock already had precum dripping. I covered his body with more oil, and watched him watching me in the mirrors. I paraded perhaps a little more than usual, just to make him really hard, brushing my hands across and around his crutch but not grabbing him.

As we neared the end of the massage, he looked at me. I could see him pleading for me to grab and stroke him. I took his hand and placed it on his cock.
He took a deep breath and started stroking himself, as his other hand went around me. I leaned over the table a little more, and he groaned and hit me with the biggest spurt of cum I have had the pleasure of in a long time.

Amazing!! The best part is when I told him it was me (that he stood up), he said he knew as he has seen my professional ad for massage and wondered if the session was going to go as he hoped it would... Well, it did!

I love my job, particularly more when I get surprised with an exceptionally fun afternoon of voyeuristic pleasure.

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