Her fantasy foursome

It has been weeks since we have seen one another. I've made arrangements to meet you down in Sydney to stay overnight in your hotel and have some fun. The room has king size bed and a nice deep bath plenty of opportunities for hot sex... You are feeling really good Earlier today you spent a few hours at a day spa being pampered, had a massage and a facial. You feel glowing, you feel good,,,,,, sexy and HORNY..

Now sitting in the hotel room sipping champagne you look at the outfit I help you pick out for tonight, sexy, slightly slutty without looking cheap. The dress is clingy short and revealing with a low cut top. We also picked out some new lingerie and a new sex toy. The whole time we were out we flirted teased and played. Me sneaking into the change room while you were trying on dresses. Every time you took a dress off me would play with your pussy and your tits while you watched in the mirror. The way the staff looked at you as we left. Some with amusement and some looking at you like a slut. In the peep show booth of the sex shop where you bought your new toy. Bent over fucking my cock as you watched porn on the screen. The dirty leer on the shop keeps face as he looked you up and down when you bought your toy. In the toilet of the bar we stopped in for a drink on your knees sucking my cock. All tease no orgasms though. Now getting ready for our night of adventure.

I am out of the shower naked my cock slightly hard you still in your bathrobe. I walk over and push the bathrobe off you. My hands mouth and tongue roam all over your body. I whisper in your ear “are you ready for an adventure”. My finger slides in and out of your pussy rubbing against your clit. ”What type of adventure?” you murmur as I slowly finger fuck you. “Nothing definite just some different ideas depending,” you know what a dirty mind I have. “Depending on what?” “I laugh as I slide a second finger. Rubbing against your g-spot and your clit as I sensuously bite your neck and shoulder.” it depends just on how dirty and sluttish you feel”. That sends a shiver up your spine. You love how I bring that dirty slutty side of you out. . You lay back on the bed as I go down on you. Long slow licks bringing you closer and closer to an orgasm. Then just when you are about to cum,,,,,, I stop. “It’s too early for an orgasm and we have......an interesting night ahead of us. I help you get dressed my hands all over your body. Stockings lingerie sexy dress. Lipstick that is blowjob red but not too red that you look cheap, CFM boots. And finally a choker classy but just something suggestive about it.

You look at yourself in the mirror. You look hot. Horny and slightly slutty, but not cheap. Someone who wants to fuck. In the elevator we kiss. When people get on I stand behind you and run my hand up the inside of your thigh.

In front of the hotel we catch a cab. In the cab you slide your dress up so my fingers can slide up and down on that bit of bare flesh between the top of your stocking and your pussy, occasionally my hand brushes against you knickers lightly touching your pussy lips. As we kiss you play with my cock through my pants. My fly comes down and you have my cock out playing with it. Then your head in my lap giving me a nice deep head job in the back seat. At a traffic light a 4w drive full of guys pull up. They see what you are doing and start to cheer and honk their horn. You look up blow them a kiss and go back to sucking my cock.

You stop before I can cum. Looking at me with a smile “the night is still early”. As we get out of the cab you let you dress ride up a bit so anyone walking by can see that you are wearing stockings. You are feeling sexy, slutty and a bit dirty Come with me. We go around to a back alley way. Pushed against a wall skirt around waist tongues in mouths fingers deep in your pussy. I slide a little metal cylinder into a pocket in your knickers suddenly it starts to lightly vibrates against your clit. The feeling is intense, it builds and builds and stops “like my new toy for you’ I show you a little remote”, a remote controlled vibrator. I am going to have so much fun with this”. Inside the club the music is throbbing. It’s dark and sexy. The club is a real mix gay, lesbian, transsexual, straight. After ordering drinks we find a table to sit at. At the bar I keeping buzzing you with the vibrator just enough to keep you tuned on. “So” I look into your eyes “so” you mimic back to me “soooo how dirty do you want it to be tonight” You take a sip and play coy” you know what I mean we have talked about so many fantasies possibilities. How dirty do you want tonight to be”? Another sip from your drink. ”Oh you have a scale” ” Sort of; for example 1 is go back to the hotel. Level 2 is we fuck in the toilet that’s dirty; 3 is filthy, 4 is debauched and 5 is depraved” Your hand rubs my cock through my pants”with the way your filthy mind works I not sure I want to know what depraved is. . Let’s go dance. On the floor we

tease and touch. Nothing too overt, but enough that people around us realize, suddenly the vibrator between your legs vibrates. It starts to increase oh my god, it’s driving you crazy, and then it stops. I watch with a big grin.” You whisper in my ear “you are a bastard if you don’t make me cum soon……..” “Yeah ““you’ll see” Turning your back you start to rub your ass on my cock...

Back at the table my hand slides up your leg pushing your dress up showing off your stocking top. It’s one of those long tables and at the end of the table sits a tall good looking Afro-American guy sitting by himself. ‘I can see him watching out of the corner of his eye. ”I think he is from the American navy, one of their ships is in, poor bastard all those months at sea no sex he’s probably horny as a dingo. “MMMmmm and probably packing one of those big black cocks as well” I laugh “well you have hands on experience with that”. “So you still have given me a number yet”. I pull my hand away. “Mmm not sure yet need to have a few more drinks before I decide how fare I want to go”. I noticed you’ve rotated in your seat and spread your legs so you skirt has stayed up showing off you lace stocking tops. “You little tart you are teasing the poor guy”. “No I’m not just giving him a bit of a thrill letting him have a look” “you are not letting him have a look you are getting off on teasing him” suddenly the vibration between your legs start light gentle. “If you going to tease someone then you should know how it feels”. The buzz is slight, enough to stimulate without giving satisfaction. “If you don’t make me cum soon I am going to have to do something about it…….” “Like what?”” You don’t answer. I need another drink and yours look empty I’ll go to the bar and get another round and go to the toilet as well. As I go to the bar I turn the vibrator up another notch and watch you jump. The bar is packed as I wait I notice you and the lack guy making eye contact. “I can’t believe you are eye flirting with him. I turn up the vibrator more and watch you jump again. You look over but I pretend not to watch. I want to see how far you take this….

I decide to go to the toilet instead. I turn off the vibrator to give you a rest. It is one of those unisex toilet so I have to wait a while. When I get back to the bar I notice the two of you talking. The body language is suggestive. . I can see you dress is still pushed up. I get the drinks and walk back. “Here you go” You put your hand on his shoulder and leave it there for that extra second. “Chris this is Mike and you are right he is from the Navy”. We shake hands.

So we chat you flirt with the both of us. I can tell you are loving the attention. You know we both want you. Now you are paying me back for all the teasing. Mike offers to buy the next round. “You’ are a little tart” I laugh. “What do you mean”? “You are leading that poor black guy on

Mike comes back with the drinks and shots of tequila. “You get a cheeky smile on your face. “Let’s do body shots” Chris you are first. ‘Where do you want to lick the salt off me? You look into my eyes. Lick your finger and run it up your cleavage. I sprinkle the salt on your tits lick it off and throw back the shot, I put the lemon in your mouth and we French kiss around it. You look at Mike “your turn, do you have a favourite spot to lick”. You start to lower the salt shaker down to your legs.. Then change your mind. You tell Mike to kiss your neck and shoulder to make you nice and wet. Salt where he was kissing me he downs the shot then he takes the lemon out of your month with his. You smile” now it is my turn. So many male body parts an only one tongue.

This is Mike and you are right he is from the Navy”. Small talk he tells us he is meeting some friends here . He excuses himself and heads off to the bar. I smirk, you look slyly up from you drink. We are both thinking the same thing. You take another sip. “let’s see what the other guys are like”. Mike comes back with a drink along with his friends who he introduces as Joe and Matt. Both are in their early 30’s and very fit. Introductions go around. Lots of teasing flirting and drinks later I know you have made a decision. I catch your eye and you nod yes. Then you excuse yourself to go to the toilet. In the toilet, butterflies in the stomach. You know that right now I am organizing for 3 very fit good looking guys to fulfil your ultimate fantasy. You wonder how big their cocks are, you imagine all the things that can happen and find yourself very wet. As you walk out of the toilet you think” fuck it I want this and it is going to be amazing”. Back at the table you can tell things have changed the three friends look a bit uncomfortable…….and eager. I come back with shots of Tequila. “Here’s to a good night”. The shots go down. “While you were in the toilet the guys have told me about the amazing hotel suite they have rented. I think we should bring the party there”. “There is a bottle shop across the street why don’t you guys get a couple of bottles of champagne before you catch a cab and we will meet you at the hotel. We have to make a pit stop”. In the cab you

ask about the pit stop I tell you it’s a secret. “Stop here and wait” I tell the driver. Big kiss “I will be back in a few minutes relax and close your eyes and imagine what can happen. I switch the vibrator on when I leave. Nervous and horny images of cocks, mouths, muscly naked bodies, hands and tongues run through your head. Time passes quickly then I am back in the cab with a bag. “They are goodies” I tell you without any more explanations. In the elevator my hand runs up and down the inside of your legs the vibrator still throbbing. I whisper in your ear” this is your night it is all about you. You will be safe nothing will happen that you don’t want, but everything you ever wanted can happen. I told then you want to be fucked and to fuck. You want to be a total slut but to be respected. That if they behave like filthy minded gentlemen they will have a night to tell all their friends about. The idea of them bragging to their friends about fucking you makes you even wetter. Into the room low lights sexy music, fucking music. A glass of cold champagne. Everyone nervous not sure what to do next. “Mike since we met you first I think you should have the first dance. Strong hands around your waist you can feel his muscles under the shirt. The music, the alcohol and your adrenaline all blend together. You move into his body his hands start to roam. Kisses on your neck and shoulders. Hands on your bum sliding your dress up. You turn around so you face us. The lust on our faces makes you felt hot, wanted, and powerful. “Are you boys enjoying the show?” Hands from behind undo the buttons of your blouse Slide up your skirt. You turn back, lips brush tongues twirl. Hands on his cock. You can feel how big and thick it is. Zipper down hand slides under the elastic of his underwear. Your blouse and skirt fall to the floor. The vibrator comes out replaced by fingers. Suddenly there is another set of hands then a third. Your bra and panties come off. Your whole body is being touched kissed and licked. Mouths on your nipples fingers play with your bum, in your pussy, touching your clit. It’s too much you drop to your knees. The cocks come out. On your knees naked except for your boots stockings and garter belt sucking the cocks of three guys while they are dressed is so slutty and dirty and a complete turn on. As you play with two cocks you take a third in your mouth.

Your legs are spread one of the guys lays down and puts his head between them. He cups your arse cheeks and pulls your pussy to his mouth his tongue makes trails back and forth on your clit as his fingers slide back and forth against your g spot. A mouth on one nipple as he plays with the other. Hands behind your head as your mouth is slowly fucked. I whisper in your ear as I kiss and nibble it. “Tonight is your night. It is the night you always wanted. The only limits are the ones you set. Tonight anything can happen that you want. All those fantasies that you had; the secret ones, can happen tonight. All you have to do is ask. Tonight you can be a total slut do whatever you want, have all the things done to you that you have ever wanted……To be totally fucked”. As I whisper my finger slowly plays with you bum hole, softly just on the outside not quite entering light pressure.

“I know what you want to have that cock all the way down your throat and you want my finger up your arse” You are going to have to ask for it beg for it. Your try to push down on my finger but I pull away. The mouth on your pussy is driving you crazy. Your inhibitions let go. Playing with his cock you look into Mike’s eyes “Please fuck my mouth my throat, I want to feel your cock all the way down my throat. “Take my arse fuck me with your fingers I want it so bad I need it”. I take some lube out of the bag of tricks and lube my finger up. My finger slides in slow long deep. Mike is now holding your head with both hands as he rotates and slowly thrusts his hip forward to the music. He is truly fucking you face each stroke a bit deeper teasing seducing you to swallow a bit more. Matt continues to play with your tits as Joes mouth pleasures your pussy. A second finger up your arse slow and deep it hurts, but it feels good. Mike’s cock slips past your gag reflex. You relax your throat and let him take you, fuck you. You give yourself over to the pleasure of it all, the idea of it. Each thrust slides all the way down your throat. His pubic bone presses against your nose. I replace my fingers with a dildo from the bag of tricks as I kiss your neck and shoulders I slowly fuck your arse with the dildo. Your first orgasm builds and builds. You cum hard.

Mike cums and shoots his load right down your throat. You have no choice but to swallow long and deep. Buttery legs we help you stand up. “I think she needs a bit of a rub down. The massage oil comes out of the bag of tricks. Warm oiled hands all over your body erotic sensual.. Suddenly you

are picked up and carried over to the bed. Next out of the bag is a blindfold and four leather cuffs. Tied spread eagled to the bed blindfolded. Light fingertips trace patterns explore tease. You squirm you want. Light kisses on the lips flips of tongues. Hungry longing you want it again. Kisses feet and ankles. Lights wisps of fabric slip up and down between your legs just touching your lips, Then something else, what is it, short firm…… a riding crop! It slides explores, menacing yet so erotic. Every so often a smack it doesn’t really hurt it just kind of shocks you wakes you up. Between your pussy lips inside of you. Being fucked with it. Then to your mouth ‘Suck your juices off of it”. You play with it with your tongue suck on it taste it. Cocks rubbed all over your body. Just on the outside of your pussy lips your face your mouth. You open your mouth to take them all the way in, the head of the cock is rubbed along your lips. Frustration need hunger wanting, “Please fuck me. Take me, use me”, “Fuck me like a slut fuck my mouth my pussy my arse”..

On your knees riding a thick hard cock deep in your in your pussy Two cocks in your face sucking one then the other; back and forth. Your nipples lightly bitten a sense of danger but oh so erotic . The head of the last cock rubs against your bum hole. This is what you’ve always wanted; to be full of cock. The head slides in, it hurts your muscles convulse. The owner of the cock pulls out giving your bum a chance to relax. You realize he’s done this before, you are in good hands. The cock slides in a bit deeper, than out again. He does this a few times them he slides all the way in. As he does this the cock in your mouth slides down your throat. Filled with cock that is what you always wanted. You whimper but the cock down your throat cuts you off. Down your throat a bit more till it is farther down your throat than anyone has ever been. The cock in your pussy and ass start sliding in and out slow long deep penetrations. The cock in your ass slides all the way out then all the way back in; taking owning violating. Your grind yourself on the cock in your pussy your clit rubs against his pubic bone. The cocks in your mouth alternate one down your throat then another. As they thrust forward you move your head back and forth fucking them with your mouth. Over and over the cocks go all the way down your throat. The rhythm builds and builds. The cock in your mouth pussy and ass slide in and out at the same time; deep and hard unstoppable. Your orgasm hits hard your body shakes and you cum and cum and cum. The cock in your mouth pulls out your face is covered in hot cum. The other slides down your throat you can feel his cock starting to pulsate in your throat, before he pulls out. Cum on your face cum in your hair.

The guy fucking you up the ass is pounding you. ”Fuck me fuck me harder use me like a dirty little slut, violate me make me feel dirty” your grunting moaning like an animal in heat. You can’t believe the things you are saying. He suddenly pulls out covering your back covered in hot cum. The guy in your pussy rolls you on your back. One guy grabs each ankle and spread you nice and wide. Strong hand grab your wrists over your head and hold you down. The guy between your legs fucks you hard deep primal. “FUCK me Fuck ME as you cum again you are held down making your orgasm that much more intense. He pulls out covering your stomach and chest with cum

Exhausted strong hands all over your body warm oil and warm cum rubbed in to your skin. The blindfold if off naked male bodies shiny with oil, mmmmm. Your hands explore roam enjoy. Cocks getting hard excitement starts to build again slowly. You roll around so your head hangs over the bed. Mouth ready to be fucked. Your legs are spread mouth lips tongue work their way up the inside of your thighs

Mouths on your breasts neck, ears and shoulders. Licks bites and kisses. Lips on your lips; an upside down kiss. Twirling tongues tips flick. The mouth is replaced by another. This one teases, lips brush then pull away tongue run around you lips little nips. It leaves you hungry wanting more. You reach around my head pulling me close; deep sensual kiss. Fingers slide into you pussy as your clit is lightly licked. Neck and shoulders kissed and bitten. Hands roam, breasts belly; up and down the inside of your form arms. Our kiss goes on deep hungry my fingers run through your hair.

A well-oiled body lays down next to you. You roll over sitting on a nice hard cock. Oiled body against oiled body he grabs your ass and pulls you as tight to him as he can, his hard cock deep inside. Leaning forward for a long deep kiss you feel movement between your legs expecting a cock up your ass you are surprised when a second cock slides into you pussy filling you stretching you. The rhythm varies one cock slides in as the other slides out both slide in at the same time. The feeling is amazing the whole inside of your pussy is stimulated. This orgasm builds quickly ”oh fuck, oh fuck”.

You start biting the shoulder of the guy you are riding you dig your fingernails into the bed. Suddenly one cock cums then the other, totally filling your pussy with cum. Your orgasm rolls over you, turning your whole body to jelly. All you can do is whimper and collapse in a heap on the guy below you. He wraps his arms around you and holds you warm safe secure.

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