Date Mate

Anna's text arrived
I'm her date mate
Somebody who knows
Where you are
She'll text if
All's okay
Then tomorrow night
The best bit
How it all went
Tonight its
Ishaan 35 Indian
Athletic slim tall
7"-8" very thick
Another one off AMM
Anna blond 55
Snow white skin
Magic smile
The text comes
Will ring in 10
I strip naked
Rub on the lube
My mobile rings
Put it on speaker
I think Anna
Is also reliving
Last night
As her voice
Every so often

After drinks
Back to his place
He's as good
Looking as the photos
His light brown body
Naked shimmers
In the candle light
As he works
His lips all over me
I'm purring
Louder as
He's between
My thighs
As his tongue
Licks me
My juices are
Freely flowing
I want him
Deep inside me
I straddle him
He rubs his
Large knob
Through my
Wet lips
Covering it
With my juices
I slide
All the way
Down his shaft
It's all of the
I gasp
He lifts me up
So he can
Gather some speed
To get a steady
Rhythm going
He wants me
I gladly move
To the edge
Of the bed
He enters again
One hand
On my hip
The other
Rubbing my clit
This time
Deep and hard
Slaps my arse
Grabs my arse
Both hands
Hurting as he
Pulls me back
As he has
That final
Deep thrust
I scream
As we both
As Anna
Tells me this
I'm squirting
Like mad
Is she?
Are you?

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