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“So let’s see just how raunchy you are”. Ah….. that submissive streak in you. In the day to day real work you are strong, assertive competent. But then there is that other side to you; the one that wants to be taken, ravished, made to do all the things you fantasize about; the ones that make you feel naughty, dirty and really wet.. That is the side I want to see.
“ Mmm my little sex toy, I wonder what your limits are”. Nervous and very excited, you wonder just what your limits are and how far will you go. Expectations sends shivers through your spine
I whisper in your ear; “you are safe and secure nothing will happen to you that you don’t want. I do have some very dirty plans for you tonight and we are going to see just how far you want to go”.
I pull out 5 leather straps with buckles; one longer than the other. Your pulse fluters "What are those?"
"You know what they are two for your wrists and two for your ankles"
"And the 5th?" I smirk "That is your collar".
Being tied up is one thing, but putting on a collar? That is crossing a line; it is so definite so dirty so kinky. "It's your choice what you put on”. You are on your knees, as I stand over you. First you put on the ankle straps then the wrist straps looking up into my eyes as you put them on. You can see my smirk as bit by bit you give yourself to me. Then the collar "it is such a definite statement when you put that on. You are saying you are mine to play with, it is such a submissive thing" you hold the collar in your hands looking into my eyes deciding.......
Click you put the collar around your neck. I knew you were going to do it. You look so sexual, so hot. I walk around behind you and with a click your two arms are locked together behind your back. It's scary it's sexy and you are getting very wet. Squatting down I whisper in your ear as I kiss it and nibble on it. "Open your mouth". I put a ball gag in your mouth and click it in place behind your head. Now you start to get nervous. This is a bit more than you counted on bringing you way out of your comfort zone.
Still kissing and nibbling on your ear 'don’t worry you are safe and secure nothing bad is going to happen to you. This is all about submission about feeling helpless, about being taken, about being free to feel dirty slutty, sexual......
When I walk back into your vision I am holding a riding crop. Holy shit what the fuck am I going to do with that. I run it all over your body the leather smooth against your skin. Over your breasts between your pussy lips between your bum cheeks. Every so often I flick it on you not hard but sharp, it sends shivers through your body. "Hm so many potentials I could invite couple of my friends over to share you. Imagine that; helpless and the centre of all that attention. I'm not even sure what your thoughts are on anal sex whether you like it or not….I guess I can play and find out. Or have you ever wondered what it would be like to be watched. I could set up a webcam and go on one of those live sex sites. Imagine guys all around the world wanking watching as I play with your naked body. They could even give me ideas"....
A coffee table with a pillow on it you are bent over it. Hands and feet tied to the legs so you are spread over it. Things are being moved out of you line of sight. As I am doing that I put porn on the big flat screen TV in front of you; all very dirty it just turns you on more. Suddenly there you are on the screen from behind. Fuck I wasn't kidding I am posting you on one of those live sex cams. Viewers are logging in from around the world.
I put a mask on you. It’s like a mask you would see in a Venice masquerade ball; beautiful sexy a work of art "You seem to be very popular but I will make sure no one can recognize you"
At the bottom of the screen you can see the comments. The things they are saying about you. In the top of the screen are some popups of people watching. There is one guy playing the thickest dick you have ever seen. As his hand stroke slowly it is thick shiny powerful he is rock hard because he is turned on by watching you it is hypnotic, erotic. You imagine what it would feel like in your pussy penetrating touching everywhere. My riding crop starts to explore again.....
Viewers are asking where I found my slut. You can see everything they are saying. One guy says I should fuck you with the riding crop and make you suck your juices off of it. Another guys wants me to fuck you up your ass. There is a woman named Ash who is local who wants to come over and 69 with you on the webcam. A couple want to come over and play. Men from all over the world are watching. The guy with the thick juicy cock is also in local. Ash types “tease her then take out her gag and make her beg for it so we can all hear”. “I like that idea”. I run the vibrator over your clit between your lips just outside the entrance and back. “Hmm we could have a party with all these people interested with you as the centre of attention. We could roster them one after another; each a separate experience…. We could start with Ash then the couple and finish you off with that big cock.

With the riding crop in your pussy I slowly lightly touch your ass with my finger. I run my finger around the outside slowly teasing I know you want it. "make the bitch beg for it". "she is hanging to be fucked take the gag out ". I take the gag out Grab you firmly by the hair and make you look into the camera “ tell them all what you are tonight’.
“I am you slut”.
“I am your Slut use me while all these people watch”
MY hands on both sides of you head. I slowly start fucking your face each stroke deeper harder faster.
“make the bitch gag”
“fuck her for me”
“get the guy with the huge cock to come over and make her deep throat so we can watch.”
Even the woman is telling me to fuck the shit out of your face. Out of the corner of your eyes you can see two of the guys who have been wanking cum. Long jets of cum shoot out of their cocks.
“bet she wishes they were cumming in her mouth”.
I pull my cock out.”I bet you would like that a bunch of guys come over so you can eat their cum. cum all over your body”
Your tongue slowly spirals around my asshole. “they want to know if your tongue is nice and deep.  Ash wants me to grab your head and push you deepr”
My hand slides behind your head pushing you deeper into my ass.  Your tongue is up as far as it will go. “Ash wants to come over and get you to do that to her”.  I start laughing and you can hear me typing.  “yes her tongue is all the way up my ass,  I can’t believe what a dirty bitch she is either. 
Ash is only 15 minutes away.  I step away and move behind you.  My hands roam tits pussy, asshole.  Kisses and bits shoulders and neck.  Whispers in your ear “\Fuck that’s hot”.  Ash is showing us the outfit she would wear to fuck you.  Long leather gloves a leather outfit with a short tight skirt and a zipper down the front.  Stockings and over the knee leather boots.   After she puts those in a bag she grabs a big strap on various toys and a cat o nine tails.  “I’ll be there soon”.
I chuckle “looks like you’ll be licking some pussy tonight”  The couple types “what about us”. The guy with the fat dick types” I want to pound the bitch”.  All of a sudden popups appear asking to come over and fuck you.
“Man I could pimp you out tonight.  Imagine that, turn you into a whore charging for it,  I bet I could make heaps.” I stand up and pull my cock out.  “ But first you need to suck some cock.  I rub my cock all over your face.  On the screen the messages; filthy dirty they say the most disgusting things about you call you rude names.  It all turns you on your pussy is dripping.
“ Stick your tongue out”.  I run my finger lightly up and down on it.  It is so erotic tactile. “Beg you want my cock in your mouth”.  “please I want your cock I need your cock. fuck the back of my throat”ImageImage
My hands on either side of you head . I slowly slide my cock in your mouth cm by cm rotating my hips as I do it.  I am truly fucking your mouth.  Each stroke deeper and deeper.  My pubic bone pressed into your nose little thrusts trying to get my cock as far down your throat as possible.
“that’s right fuck the bitch”

“make her gag “

“choke on that cock”

The messages from the men watching are dirty filthy they talk about you like a piece of meat.  A knock on the door. Pull my cock out put on my pants and go answer the door.  Now you get to see the screen there are men from all around the world old young circumcised, uncircumcised, some couples and even a few shemales.  You can see in the chat rooms what they are saying about you what they would do to you.  Guys playing with their hard-ons cumming all wanting you. It turns you on by making you feel powerful dirty slutty sexy.

I come back “fuck she is hot and man does she have a bag of toys”. She is going to do things to you. Make you do things to her.  I type in is everyone ready on some girl on mistress action.  The messages come fast and furious.
“She needs some time to get ready”. I untie you from the coffee table and give you a chance to stretch. Now on your knees hands back behind your back. I light a burner with some essential oils she has given me. Musky sensual. The music I a combination of Porteshead, Massive Attack, Tricky and others al darkly sexual. I rub an oil on your skin making it tingle. I dim the lights a bit. The whole atmosphere is dark sexual animal and primal.
Ash walks out tall lithe muscular in a female way. Sleek classy leather clad. She pushes a chair close to you. She looks at you like a piece of meat. Her dark red lips in a slight smile. Leaning forward she attaches a lead with a click. He lips press into yours tongues twirl long deep sensual kiss. “MM this one is nice and oral” She leans back. “ Look at the condition of my boots fuck they need a clean. Slut clean them with your tongue. Starting at the tip”. You lean forward using your tongue you start to lick. The chat room is going bananas. I free your hands so you can get on your hands and knees. “suck on the heels’. You start giving the heels of her boots a mock blow job. “Stick your ass up and spread your legs nice and wide like a waiting slut” You push your bum in the air and spread your legs nice and wide exposing your pussy and your bum hole. I slide a nice thick dildo into your pussy slowly cm by cm. It fills you up stretching you touching everywhere. It starts to vibrate pulsing deep inside of you. She rubs the riding crop against your clit. I slide a thick butt plug up your ass and that starts to pulsate. Oh my god how did you end up like this it is so depraves so kinky and sooo fucking hot. I play with your tits and nipples.
The orgasm builds and builds. It’s like it can’t find a way out. Then wave after wave hits . As you cum Ash starts to kiss you. “you look so hot as you cum”. “What a dirty slut you are letting all these men watch you cum” I start fucking you hard with the dildo and slide the butt plug in and out. All this extra attention extends your orgasm makes it go longer till you collapse on the floor.
A you lay there we tie your arms to the leg of the lounge and your feet to the legs of the table. We rub more oil over your body the oil and Ashs’s leather gloves feel fantastic on your skin. Bit by bit you are becoming aroused again. I need my pussy and ass eaten out” Her pussy is warm and musky as you slowly lick it. It is like eating warm mango, “mmm you are good. Now my ass and I want to feel you tongue all the way up my ass. You thrust your tongue as far up her ass as it will go slowly you star to tongue fuck her ass. “fuck this dirty little slut has a talented tongue” I run the cat o nine tails all over your body. Ash puts her pussy back in your face leans forward so she can eat your pussy. I walk around and fuck Ash as you lick her clit. Ash lifts up so you can watch close up as my cock slides in and out. She puts her clit in back into your mouth and you lick her clit as well as my cock shiny with her juices. Her being a woman she knows all the places to lick. Soon you can feel another orgasm building. As your orgasm comes crashing down I pull my cock out of your mouth and cum all over your face

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